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I. & II. Illustrative of Prof. Barton and Miss Browning's Paper on Variably-Coupled Vibrations: II. Unequal Masses or Periods.

III. Illustrative of Mr. N. Basu's Paper on the Diffraction of Light by

Cylinders of Large Radius.

IV. Illustrative of Prof. S. Banerji's Paper on Aerial Waves generated

by Impact.

V. Illustrative of Mr. S. K. Mitra's Paper on the Asymmetry of the Illumination-Curves in Oblique Diffraction. VI.-VIII. Illustrative of Prof. R. W. Wood's Paper on Resonance

Spectra of Iodine.

IX. Illustrative of Dr. G. W. Todd's Paper on General Curves for the Velocity of Complete Homogeneous Reactions between Two Substances at Constant Volume.

X. Illustrative of Mr. G. W. Walker's Paper on Relativity and Electrodynamics.

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