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V. 10. And I will take my beautiful Rod, and cut it a: funder. (That Gignifics the breaking God's Covenant, which he made with all the People, and it was broken in that Day ;) so the Poor of the Flock that waited on me, knew that it was the Word of the Lord.

This is a Description of the Chriftians, who knew Chrift's Prophecy of the Deftruction of the City and Temple. This Rod represented their beautiful Buildings. The Canaanites were the Original inhabitants of Fuded; and by them, who were poor, as the Chriftians were, it would be observed, that God had broken his Covenant with the Jews, which he made with Abraham, That bis Seed should inherit that Land ; and in their fead the Chriftians pofsel, fed ir.

V. 12. And I said, Give më my Price, if you think good ; (or, Give me my Reward ;) if not, forbear : So they weighed for my Price (or Reward) Thirty Pieces of Silver. And the Lord said unto me, Caft it unto the Pote ter, or put it into the Furnace: A goodly Price that I was prised at of them, (and I will see whether it is valuable, in the same manner as I was tried for them ;) and i took the Thirty Pieces of Silver, and caft them to the Potter in the House of the Lord, to the Furnace.

Zachary here represents the Shepherd of the Flock, which is Christ, who fed the Jews by his Preaching; and for their Neglect of his Advice, they are designed for Slaugh. ter; and therefore he cut the Rod which represented his Covenant with Abrabam : And they are supposed to hire this Shepherd, or give him a Reward of Thirty Pieces of Sil. ver.

This Money is to be tried, as the Shepherd is tried, by the Jews ; and the Money was cast into the House of the Lord, for the Porter. This obscurely intimates, that the Shepherd was ill used, and his Price cast into the Temple for the Potter. This Text is plainly corrupted by the Jews, as arpears in Matth. 27.


Ver. 14. And I caft away my second Staff-Bonds; for Line to measure Land,) to scatter the Poffeffion made by Folkua, berwixt Judah and Israel

. : That is, the Roa mans Thall carry them from their Land, wbich was mea: sured, and divided amongf the Twelve Tribes,

Ezek. 27. Fofeph babet duplicem funiculum : Therea fore the Bonds represent the Lands divided by Measure; and the breaking this Staff, is their being carried into Captivity out of thar Land, in which there was a Brotherhood berwixt Judab and Ifrael.

V. Iš. The Lord said, Take to theë thë inftrument of a foolish Shepherd. (Zachary had represented Chrift as a True Shepherd, as abused by the Flock and fold; but now Zachary muft represent a Foolih Shepherd, who will turn his Flock into an Army, and there is called a Foolish Shepherd,) whom God will raise in the Land, who shall not visit those that be cut off (by the Deftruetion of Jerusalem,) neither feed the Young, nor heal that which is broken, nor feed that that ftandeth Gill; but he fall eat the Flesh of the Fat, and tear their Claws in pieces. This is a Description of the

Description of the Mischiefs the Foolisli Shepherd will do to his Flock. The Words in the Septuagint differ ; but they are to the same mischievous Ef. fedts.

V. 17. Woë to the idol-Shepherd, (who feeds them with Vanities, and leaveth the Flock,) the Sword shall be upon his Arm, and on his right Eye: His Arm fhall be dried up, and his right Eye darken’d.

This Foolish Shepherd is Barcbochebas, who drew the Jews into a Rebellion in Adrian's. Reign. He professed himself to be the Melliah; he led the Jews eighteen Years; and he was at laft dain, with Five hundred Thou, fand Jews.

This War happened Sixty four Years after the Deftru. âion of Jerusalem. This Falle Messiah used great Ty:



ranny and Cruelty to all that refused to join with him. The right Arm fignifies his Forces ; his right Eye, bis Po. licy, by which he deluded the Vulgar, pretending to be Jacob's Star, which should rise. His Name, Benchochab, fig. nifies, the Son of the Stars.



The Conquest of Gog, at bis First Invasion

of Judea, and Siege of Jerusalem, after the Two Tribes are returned. Then Christ appears, and the Jews mourn for bim, and are converted,



HE Word of the Lord received concerning Ifrael,

(called the Burden,) who ftreccbeth forth the Hea, vens, and layeth the Foundation of the Earth, and formed che Spirit of Man in him ; who faith, I will place, I will place Jerusalem as a Porch Ihaken by all People round abour; and in Judea there shall be a Siege of Ferufalem, (the vul. gar Translation says, Jerusalem shall be a Cup of Trembling, when they shall be in the Siege of Judah and Jerusalem.) Jerusalem is here compared to a Part of a Building our of the House, which is expoled to the Sbaking by any Person; and this Siege has not yet happened since the Romans dcftroya ed it : But the Jews, with their Two Tribes, will return, and then it will happen.

V. 3. And in that Day will I make Ferufslom a burthen some Stone for all People that burthen themselves with it, tho' all the people of the Earth gacher chemselves against it.

Nole, This Prophecy of the treading down of the Gentiles

is intimated Rev. it. The holy Ciry shall be trod down 42 Months ; char is, as in the Gospel, ir shall be trod down, till the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled. Since the Romans, the Saracens and Turks have pod At it : But in time, God will bring back to it the Tribes on its Borders, according to Esdras; and then it wiil

be belieged by Gog and Magog; as Ezekiel gives a larger Account of this War, and of the several Nati. ons who will besiege it, Ch.38. and 39. viz. It shall be in the latter Days; and then there Ihall be an Earıbquake, every Man's Sword againf his Brother. V. 22: There shall be a Peñilence, Rain, Hailftones, Fire and Brimftone to deftroy, him. And this shall be done to make God's Name known in many Nations. Ezek. 39. God promises to bring back the whole House of Israel, v. 35. which will hårpen after this Deliverance. And Esdras 13. has the same Description of the Jews double Return : Thole in the Borders shall at this time inhabii Jerusalem ; and after the Defear of Gog, (Ę/dras's Malitude) thc Ten Tribes will return.

V.4. In that Day, saith the Lord, I will Atrike every Horse with Aftonishment, and his Rider with Madness, and smite every Horse with Blindness : (The Thunder and Lightening mentioned by Ezekiel, will make tÞe Horses afraid and blind)

V. 5. The Commanders in Fudab shall say in their Hearts, The Inbabitants of Jerusalem înall be my Strength in the Lord of Hofts, their God.

V.6. The Governors of Fudab shall be as a Brand a mongst the Wood, and as a Lamp in the Straw; and they fhall devour on the right and left, all People round them, and Jerusalem shall be inhabited in her own Place' in Jerufas tom.

V. 7. And the Lord small save the Tents of Fudab firt, that the Glory of the House of David, and the Glory of the Jähabitants of Jerufalem do not magnifie themselves againīt Fudah. This fignifies the Valour of the whole Tribe of FH dab, who shall defend their Countrey as much as Jerusalem will. Then God will defend the Inbabitants of Jerusalem ; and he that is infirm, shall be as David, and the House of David as God, as the Angel of the Lord before them. Then all the Nations who come againt Jerusalem, Ahall be de: ftroyed.

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