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of Wrath, and of the just Judgment of God, v.7. when he will give Glory, and Honour, and Immortality to the Righteous, and at laf Tribulation and Anguish to the Unrighteous. Thus he describes the Beginning of the Millennium, by the Judgment, and the Rewards of the Righteous ; and the End of it, by the Punishment of the Wicked. But the Millenary Reign was not fully reveald, till St. John wrote his Revelations.

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CHAP. III. and IV. ,

Efdras disputes with the Angel

, why the Jews Juffer under the Babylonians, and when their Deliverance will be ; the Tokens of which are delivered in Ch. 5. and the Rule of Cyrus in that Countrey, and the Beginning of the Persian Empire after the Destruction of Babylon.

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"Sdras was in Babylon the thirtieth Year after the Ruin of

the City of Jerusalem, which happen'd by Nebuchadnezzar, before Christ 588 ; 30 Years after was 558, and then great Preparations were niade by the Mides and Babylo. nians for War against each other; and this was in the Reign of Neriglisar, who was flain by Cyrus, the General of the Medes and Persians, not long after.

Esdras reflects on the Desolation of Sion, and the Prosperity of Babylon ; God's sparing them much perplex'd Eldras, seeing Israel had God's Covenant, and kept his Law: And all this Argument may be read in Chapt. 3. and in Chapt. 4. is the Acgel Uriel's Answer, that Esdras could not comprehend the Way of the Moft High, wben he judges the World. He corrects Esdras, by bidding him weigh the Fire, measure the Blaft of Wind, or call again the Day that is paft, to tell how many Springs there are in the Beginning of the Deep, or about the Firmament, or which are the Our-goings of Paradile : They that are in the Earth, underftand what is in the Earth; but he thar dwelleth above che Heavens only, can understand such things : The World bafteth to pass away, and cannot comprehend the things that are promised to the Righteous in time to come : By Measure he hath measur'd the Times, and by Number hath he num. bred them ; and he doth not move or fir them, until the laid Measure be fulfiled,

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Esdras defir'd to know, whether there was more time to come thao was paft. The Angel cold bim, the Quantity paft does exceed, as Fire does Smoke, and Raiú does the Drops which fall after it.

Esdras asked, whether he should live to that time, and wbar Token should happen in those Days? The Angel replies, he did not know whether Esdras would live lo long; but he would tell him part of the Tokens. The Wars lasted between the Medes and Babylonians about 20 Years; for Babylon was taken by Cyrus 539, and the Jews were not set at liberty will the First of Cyrus, 536; and concerning this time Efdras was concern'd to enquire, which was 22 Years.

Ch. 5. The firft Token was, they which dwell on the Earth shall be taken Captive in great Numbers ; the Way of Truth shall be hidden, and the Land shall be barren of Faith.

555. Cyrus being General of the Medes and Persians, under Cyaxares, Days Neriglissar in Barcel; Laborofoarchod succeeds and is Nain ; Belpazzar succeeds 555, in the 52d Year of the Captivity ; Belshazzar goes into Asia the Lesser, and hires a great Army against Cyrus, of which Cræsus takes the Command ; 549, Cyrus vanquisheth Crasus at the River Halys, and pursues him to Sardis, and takes him, and that City; 548, Cyrus brings all the Leser Asia under bis Dominion ; 544, Cyrus lubdues Syria, Palestine and Arabia ; 541, Cyrus returns into Allyria, and lays Siege to Babylon.

The want of Faith may respect the Armenians, who revolred from the Medes, and Cyrus surpriz'd them 557; 556, Neriglilar was llain, and his Army routed ; Laboroso archod, his Son, was given to all manner of Wickedness, Cruelty and Injustice; but his own People conspired againit him, and flew him. Cyrus having ravag'd the Countrey, Mew'd himself twice before ibe Walls of Babylon, to provoke the Enemy to Batrel: But he went into Ahia, till he had conquer'd that, and then rerurned to beliege Belshazzar in Babylon, who was the Grandíon of Nebuchadnezzar.

an impious Prince, and was overthrown in Barrel after Cræsus was conquer'd, and then besieg'd in Babylon.

? The second Token is ; Iniquity shall be increas'd in the Babylonian Kings mention'd; and the Land chou seeft now to bave roor, shalt thou see wafted (by Cyrus.)

He was

3. The third Token, after the third Trompet, that is, after the War with Neriglifsar, after that with Cræjus, after the Battle with Belshazzar, the Sun shall suddenly thine in the Night; some Meteor, like a Ball of Fire, shall then appear by Night, and some falle Appearance of the Moon thrice in the Day; and the Moon might be a Symbol of Babylon, which could not be taken in the Day, after two Years Siege ; and the Babylonians derided Cyrus for all his Actempus ; but ar laft he took it in the Night ; which is represented by the Sun appearing in the Night.

4. Blood shall drop out of Wood, the Inhabitants Thall be lain in their Houses. (This is either a Prodigy or a Symbol of a Slaughter.) And the Stone shall give its Voice, and the People shall be troubled. (This is the Hand writing on the Wall, mention'd by Daniel ; which was a Prodigy, and terrify'd Belpazzar and his Nobles at their drunken Feast ; or else, a Note of their Injustice, as Habakkuk 2d, 0. II, The Stone shall cry out of the Wall, and the Timber an. {wer it.)

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5. He shall rule whom they looked not for, that dwell on the Earth ; (This is Darius Medus,) and the Fowls fall take away their Flight cogerber. (Cyrus released all those Jews. in the firft Year of bis Reigo, who would return into their Countrey, 536 Years before Chrift.)

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6. And the Sodomitils Sea shall caft out her Fish, and make a noise in the Night which many bave not known ; but they shall all bear the Voice thereof. Cyrus in the Night cut the Dam of the River Euphrates, and let the Water run thro' a Canal into the great Lake, and he entred the City by the Channel of the River, and slevo Belfhazzar. Thus Cyrus concluded his Conquefts, after 21 Years ; of which this is a Prophecy. Babylon, or the great Lake by it, is the Sodomitish Sea; the Fish are its Citizens carried inro Media; they ac Babylon hear the Noise of the Waters in the Nighr.

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The Prophecy of Isaiah, Ch. 13. calls the Deftruction of 'Babylon, the Day of the Lord to lay the Land defolate, and to deftroy the Sinners out of it. V. 10. be mentions these Prodigies; the Stars of Heaven, and the Constellations shereof, shall not give their Light; the Sun Mall be dark


ned, and the Moon shall not cause her Light to shine. I will shake the Heavens, and the Earth shall remove out of ber Place. By the Heavens, the Government is altered ; and by the Earth, the People removed ; and Babylon was never the Seat of that Empire afterwards. Every Mao shall turn to his People, and flee into his own Land, as Efdras's Birds do.

Ch. 14. God would ser Ifrael in their own Land, v.1. and the rest of that Chapter is a Satyr on the fall of Ba. bylon. V. 23. I will make it a Poffeffion for the Biccera, and Pools of Warer ; which could never be dried up; Gince Cyrus let the Water out of Eupbrates, that Countrey has ever been a boggy Ground.

7. There shall be Confusion in many Places, and the Fire shall be oft flaked. These are Cyrus's Conquefts, and Cambyses's, and at last the Second Siege of Babylon, on its Revolt 516, Darius took it,

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8. The wild Beasts shall change their Places, (this may relate to the Empire palling first in Media, then Perfia, and the Government of Alexander,) and the menftruous Women shall bring forth Monsters. (This may relate to the Birth of Cyrus, who was call'd a Mule by the Oracle; or else Monsters are a Punisment of Incontinence, mention'd v. 1o. or the Dreams of Alyages about Mandanoe, that She lould inundate all Asia, or be a Vine to cover Afia.)

Isaiah, Ch. 13.v.21. says, the wild Beasts of the Defart shall lie there, and Satyrs dance, and the wild Beasts of the Illands shall cry in their delolare Houses, and Dragons in their Palaces, to there and the Birterns. Efdras relaces when the Beasts will change their Places, and come to the Lakes of Water.

9. In the lake mention'd, Salt Waters shall be found in the Sweet ; (or, this is a Mixure of different Narions, or Cambyses's Expedition into Egypt, which he conquer'd ; tho Cyrus married an Egyptian, of whom Cambyses was born. Thus Friends destroyed one another. Then Wir will hide it leif, and Underftanding will withdraw it self into his secreţ Chambers, (This rela:es to the Succession of the


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