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this wonderful and glorious plan of displaying thy Justice and thy Mercy.

Minister.—O Lord God Almighty, God of Justice, and Mercy, through this one and full atonement, through this one offering of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ; through this blood that was shed for sinners, —we come unto thee, and lift up our heads in hope of thy mercy, thy pardon, and peace. O Lord wash away all our sins in the blood of Christ.

Congregation.-Lord God, wash away all our sins in the blood of Christ.

Minister. O Lord our God, in this same, this all precious and atoning blood, we do indeed put all our trust. -Some of us have been long resting on this atonement, and shorter has been the time with some others of us. But, O Lord, on this atonement, on this blood, on this sacrifice, on the Cross of Christ, has been all our hope. All our hope we still place there, and there alone: and all our hope we ever shall, through thy grace, rest upon the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

Congregation O Lord our God, all our hope we have rested, do rest, and through thy grace, ever shall rest, on the precious Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

Minister.-But, O Lord our God, although we have rested our hopes in thee through the atoning blood of Christ,-we lament, ye we deeply lament before thee, the little influence that the love of God, and the love of Christ, have had upon us. This we confess before thee, O our God, and for this we sorrow and sigh on this present occasion.

Congregation. Lord God, we sorrow and sigh before thee, that thy love, and the love of Christ, have had so little effect upon our hearts and upon our lives.

Minister. O Lord, forgive us, we pray thee, for

give us, we beseech thee, all our past transgressions, and all our ungodliness; forgive us all our slothfulness, and all our forgetfulness, and all our coldness, and all our lukewarmness, in thy service, and in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. O our Father, forgive us, for the sake of our Blessed Redeemer

Congregation.-Lord, forgive us all our past sins, and ungodliness, and our indifference in thy service; forgive us, O our Father, for the sake of our Blessed Redeemer.

Minister. And now, O God, our Father, look compassionately upon us, O look very compassionately upon us. Remember, O Lord, that we are dust; and as a Father pitieth his children, so do thou pity us. O restore us to thy favour, and let the light of thy countenance shine upon us, for the sake of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ, our Advocate and Saviour.

Congregation-O our God, as a father pitieth his children, so do thou most graciously pity us now sighing and crying before thee, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our only Advocate and Saviour.

Minister.-O Lord our God, we now see, more than ever we have seen, what need we have of thy Spirit to dwell within us. We adore thee, O our God, for letting us see this our need. And now, we beseech thee, we most earnestly beseech thee, to grant unto us, a very gracious and abundant measure of thy Spirit, that we may live upon thee in Christ, and live unto thee in every thing, and wholly and entirely.

Congregation.-Lord God, grant unto us a large measure of thy Holy Spirit, that we may, through Christ, live in thee, and to thee, in every thing, and wholly and entirely.

Minister. O Lord our God, thou knowest all our trials, our temptations, our snares and our dangers; thou knowest our pride, and our vanity, and our

ignorance, our waywardness, and our weakness. O God, have mercy and compassion upon us, and do thou thyself strengthen us that we may stand.

Congregation.-Lord, we are very sinful and weak, but do thou strengthen us, and we shall stand.

Minister.-O Most Gracious God, give unto us all, a spirit of true, of deep, and constant humility in thy holy sight. May we humble ourselves under thy mighty hand, because of our sins, and our guiltiness, and our corruptions, and because of our pride, and our vanity, and our ignorance, and our weakness. O may our hearts be ever broken before thee, and may we live in constant self abasement and contrition of soul. Nevertheless, O our God, may we ever possess a sweet hope and joy, in the midst of our sorrow, through the all and ever precious blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Congregation.-O Lord, may we live in constant contrition and self abasement before thee, yet also in hope and joy in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister.-O Lord our God, may this constant contrition of soul, produce on all our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions, a most holy and blessed effect. May we be led thereby to sympathise with others, and to pity and compassionate them in all their ways; and may we act towards all in the spirit of lowliness and meekness, and in all gentleness, tenderness, and love.

Congregation.-O Lord, enable us in all contrition before thee, to walk towards all our fellow men, in the spirit of lowliness, tenderness, and love.

Minister. O Lord God our Father, we would remember the trials and temptations, and sufferings of our Great High Priest, the Author and Finisher of our Salvation. O Lord, we are taught in thy word, that it was befitting that the captain of our salvation should go through all those sorrows and afflictions


which he endured, that he might bring many sons unto glory. We are taught, O God, that it was needful that our Great Redeemer should be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people and we are graciously assured from thee, that inasmuch as he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour his people when thy are tempted. O God our Father, we rejoice in these thy divine arrangements, and for the great consolation which thou hast thereby given to us poor sinners under all our trials and temptations.

Congregation. O God our Father, we rejoice in these thy divine arrangements, and bless thee for the great consolation which thou hast thereby given unto us poor sinners in all our afflictions and temptations.

Minister. O Lord Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, be near unto us, and succour us, and deliver us, in all our temptations, afflictions, and distresses.

Congregation.-O Lord Jesus, be near unto us, and deliver us in all our distresses.

Minister. O Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, take away all our sins, and wash us and make us clean, pure, and white, in thine own all precious and atoning blood.

Congregation.-O Lamb of God, wash us, and make us clean, in thy precious atoning blood.

Minister. O Lord Jesus our Redeemer, thou didst endure the cross and despise the shame, and art now seated at the right hand of God: enable us, O Lord our Saviour, in humble imitation of thy glorious example, enable us to take up our cross and follow thee: and let not the sufferings of thy cross, nor the troubles and shame it may draw upon us, be too great for us; but may we be strong in thy grace, and gladly and

cheerfully take up the cross, and follow thee through evil report and good report. May our eyes be fixed on thy glory at the right hand of God, and may we fight and overcome, and be at length set down with thee upon thy throne in glory.

Congregation.-Lord Jesus, enable us to take up thy cross and follow thee in all things, and may we at last obtain that glory which thou hast promised to those who love thee.

Minister.-Lord Jesus, enable us to think and meditate on thy sufferings here below on our account. O keep us from being weary and faint in our minds under our trials. O Lord, grant us grace, grant us strength, grant us peace and joy under them all, that thy Blessed Name may be magnified in us.

Congregation.-Lord Jesus, grant us thy grace and peace, under all our trials, that we may glorify thy


Minister.-Lord Jesus, Blessed Saviour, thou wentest through afflictions that thou mightest know them for our good, and mightest know how to feel for us under all our distresses,-assure us, we beseech thee, of thy feeling and love for us, O our Saviour,-assure us, that all our afflictions are known to thee, and felt by thee, and assure us, that thou wilt not suffer us to fall under them, nor allow them to go beyond what is truly for our good. Assure us, Dear Saviour, that thou art the same yesterday, to day, and for ever, and that there dwelleth in thy breast now the same love that brought thee down from heaven for our salvation, -the same love that made thee take our infirmities and bear our sorrows,-the same love that made thee humble thyself and become obedient unto death, even the death of the cross on our behalf; assure us, Dear Saviour, of all this thy love towards us, and grant us thy grace, not only to bear our trials and afflictions, but to glory in them as the divine means of making

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