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for relief. O relieve their distresses, support them under them, and if it please thee, grant them an early and a full deliverance from all these their afflictions. But, O God, especially do we beseech thee on their behalf, that thou wouldst make their distresses and afflictions to become to them the means in thy hand of spiritual and eternal blessings. May those of them who know thy grace, glorify thee in thy Son Jesus Christ, by bringing forth much fruit, in patience and resignation, in humility, and holiness, in this their day of trial and distress. And may those of them who have not yet fled to Jesus Christ for refuge and salvation, now flee to him and be saved.-0 most gracious Father, hear us indeed, we beseech thee, and answer our supplications, and fully, for all these individuals in their afflictions of various kinds, and regard them all in great compassion and mercy and love, and may they be truly, abundantly, and everlastingly blessed in our Lord Jesus Christ.

All.-O Lord our God, most graciously support, relieve, deliver, and bless, all those afflicted persons whom we now commend to thy compassion.

Conductor.-Almighty and all gracious Father, we now bring before thee, for thy blessing, all our Relatives, our Friends, and our Acquaitances. O bless them, we beseech thee, in the gospel of thy Son Jesus Christ. Enable them all to seek the Kingdom of God, to enter it, and to abide in it; and do thou be pleased, O Lord, to add unto them such of this world's things as they stand in need of, even those which may be truly good for them in the present life, and conducive to their everlasting welfare.-Grant unto us, o our Father, that we may so live in the presence of all those who are connected with us in various ways, that we may glorify thy name before them, and prove a blessing unto them.--Hear these our prayers, O God, for all our friends, and hear all the prayers which they offer up to thee on our behalf, and may we truly prove blessings unto each other,

All.-All gracious Father, bestow abundant blessings, we beseech thee, on all who stand connected with us, and let us prove mutual blessings to each other.

Conductor:-Almighty God, bless, we pray thee, this town and neighbourhood in which we dwell. May all thy people here grow in grace, and in love to one another. May all thy servants who minister in holy things among us be faithful and diligent in holding forth the true and only way of salvation through the atonement made by Jesus Christ, and may many be turned by them from darkness to light, and may they build up, and comfort, and strengthen all thy flocks under their charge.-0 have mercy on all in this place who are living ignorant of the way of salvation, or who are walking counter to it. O Lord our God, let them see their danger, and lead them to flee from the wrath to come.—Most Blessed Father, O enable us thy unworthy servants, to shine and give light in this place, with all knowledge, wisdom, and humility. Keep us from dishonouring thy name in any way, or letting the light which is in us be darkness. Bless us richly, O our Father, with thy Spirit, and thy grace, and make us blessings on every hand to all around us.

All.-Bless, O Lord, all the inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood, and make us to prove a blessing unto them all.

Conductor.—Most Gracious Father, bless, we entreat thee, all thy people scattered up and down through the wide world. O bestow upon them all, thy Holy Spirit, and enable them to glorify thy name greatly, by abiding in Christ, and bringing forth much fruit. Unite all thy children, O our Father, into one flock. Destroy, we pray thee, every prejudice and bias; and enlighten us all that we may see eye to eye, and may with unity of heart, and with one mind and one mouth glorify thy name, and shew ourselves to the world as the children of one and the same Father, and having all one spirit, and following after the same eternal objects.—And, O Thou All Glorious Head, hear the prayers of thy Body for us poor unworthy members of the same.

All.0 our God, bless, and unite into one, all thy people, throughout the whole world ; and hear the prayers of all thy church for us.

Conductor.- O God Most Holy, shower down, we beseech thee, thy blessings on all the Ministers of the Gospel of Christ in every place throughout all the world. O Lord, give to all thy Servants a large portion of thy Spirit, that they may save themselves, and those committed to their charge. O enable them truly to feed and establish all thy people, and earnestly may they endeavour to present every one under them perfect in Christ Jesus. May they also very faithfully and fully, and clearly point out the way of life in Jesus Christ to those who are without, and from week to week may they bring many into thy fold. May all thy ministers, O Lord, be clothed with righteousness, and be patterns to their flocks in all holiness and godliness. Gracious Father, may thy ministers partake largely of the joys of thy salvation, here below, and in due time take them to the everlasting mansions above, and make them to shine as the stars for ever and


All -- Most Gracious Father, shower down thy blessings, we beseech thee, on all the Ministers of the Gospel in every place.

Conductor.-Blessed Father, pour out thy Spirit abundantly on the Congregations to which we respectively belong, and on the Ministers of these flocks. O may true religion greatly flourish among us, and may each flock be like a city set on a hill which cannot be hid. O our Father, make us individually true members of these thy flocks, and may we employ all the little talents and means which thou hast given us, whether of a private or public nature, for the good, and edification, and prosperity of our brethren. May we rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those that weep, and may we all respectively be of one heart and of one soul in the Lord.

All.O Lord, bless the flocks and their ministers with which we are respectively connected, and may great grace be upon them all.

Conductor.-0 Lord God of the whole Earth, have mercy, we beseech thee, on the whole world. O send forth thy light, thy Holy Word, unto all nations, and in all languages: O may the Scriptures have free course, and be glorified in every land. -And send forth, O Lord, thy Messengers to evangelize the world, by declaring aloud thy salvation to all mankind every where.- We adore thee, O Lord God, for what has already been done, in these our days; and to thy name alone be all the glory. Oprosper thy work, we beseech thee, more and more, and may the Gospel speedily be published for a witness among all nations, that the way of the Lord may be prepared. O may thy kingdom come, and may thy will be done in all the earth, as it is in heaven.

All.-0 Lord, send forth the Holy Scriptures, and thy Messengers, to evangelize all nations, and may thy name be glorified over all the earth.

Conductor.-0 Lord our God and our heavenly Father, we have now made our supplications before thee, for our families, for all our friends, for the church of God, for the whole world ; and we now again turn to our poor selves, and again we do urge and beseech thee, to give to each of us in this Praying Band, large and precious blessings in all heavenly things in thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. o let us be filled with the Holy Ghost, let us pass our time in this world as strangers and pilgrims, and let us rejoice in Jesus Christ with joy unspeakable and full of glory; and, O let us all be presented at last before thy presence with

exceeding joy and everlasting triumph, through our Blessed Redeemer,

All.-0 our Father, bless thy poor unworthy servants here assembled, and crown us at length with glory in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Conductor.-Lord God Almighty, wash us now from all the sin that hath cleaved to us in these our services, and from all our guilt of every kind, in the precious atoning blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour, and cause the light of thy countenance to shine upon us greatly, both now and for ever and ever: amen.

All.Lord God Almighty, wash us now from all the sin that hath cleaved to us in these our services, and from all our guilt of every kind, in the precious atoning blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour, and cause the light of thy countenance to shine upon us greatly, both now and for ever and ever : amen, and amen.

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