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Almighty, thou art Merciful, as well as Holy and Just, and thy Mercy thou hast gloriously manifested to this guilty world in the gift of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Through Him, O Lord God, through Him alone, we come unto thee, and through his blessed name we implore thee to have mercy upon us. Lord have mercy upon us all now here before thee in this family, have mercy upon us all, through Jesus Christ our only Saviour.

Family.-0 Lord God, we are all sinners, and guilty, and comdemned before thee : Have mercy upon us, we beseech thee, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Father.-O God of mercy and salvation, we praise and we adore thy glorious name, for the Forgiveness of sins through the atonement made for us in the sufferings and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. O Lord, we adore thee for offering to us individually, this Forgiveness, this Remission, and this Absolution from our sins, our guilt, and condemnation, through the all precious and atoning blood of thy Beloved Son, the Saviour of sinners. In that atoning blood, o Lord God, we believe, and in all its blessed effects according to thy faithful word of grace and of promise. Forgive us then, 0 our God, all our sin, and wash us clean from all our guilt, and make us stand before thee, pure and holy, through this most precious and atoning blood.

Family.O God of mercy, wash us from all our guilt, and make us clean and pure before thee, through the all precious and atoning blood of Jesus Christ.

Father.-0 Lord our God, pour out thy Spirit on us in Jesus Christ our Saviour: pour out thy Spirit richly upon us on this thy Holy Day. O God, wę bless thee for this Sacred Day, on which thou hast placed thine own Most Holy Name : we thank thee for its weekly return: and we praise thee that thou hast spared us and preserved us through the week that is past, and hast favoured us again to see the light of thy day of holiness.

O may the sacred day be wholly thine, and be entirely devoted unto thee.

Family.-O Lord, we praise thee for this sacred day, O may it be wholly devoted unto thee.

Father.-0 Lord, enable us to arrange all our concerns on this day, in such a manner that we may reap the greatest advantage from it in spiritual and eternal things.

Family.-0 Lord, grant us this grace, we beseech thee.

Father.–O God our Father, we bless thy name, for the private leisure and opportunities which we have individually enjoyed this morning for waiting on thee in prayer, in reading, and meditation. O Lord, give us thy blessing through these exercises in which we have been engaged in our retirement before thee, and let gracious answers be given to our prayers and our supplications.

Family.0 God, we thank thee for the opportunities we have had individually this morning for waiting on thee. Graciously answer our prayers and our supplications.

Father.- Father of mercies, we bless and praise thy most gracious and merciful name, for not only give ing us these private opportunities of waiting upon thee, but for giving us also, this present opportunity of waiting on thee together, and of raising our united family voice in thanksgivings unto thee, and of making our common supplication at thy throne of grace. To two or three, and to every company of thy people gathered together, and worshipping thee with one heart and voice, thou hast been pleased to give an especial promise of thy favour. Thou, O Lord Jesus, our Saviour, and our God, thou hast promised to be thyself present in such a company. O now fulfil thy gracious promise unto us, our Saviour: be thou with us indeed, and may we each of us know that thou art here, and taste that thou art gracious.

Family:—Lord Jesus, thou hast graciously promised to be with a few assembled in thy name : 0 be with us now, and bless us richly with thy grace.

Father.-O God our Father, thou art


abundant in mercy and goodness, thou hast not only granted us private and family opportunities of waiting on thee, but thou hast also in thy loving kindness given us opportunities of assembling with the great congregation of thy people on thy day. O Blessed Father, may it be our delight to go up unto the House of God, and to join ourselves to thy flock. O prepare our thoughts and our hearts for waiting on thee in Public on this thy day. When we go up to thy house of prayer,

and when we join with thy flock, save us, we beseech thee, from the distractions to which we are exposed, and concentrate all our thoughts feelings and affections in thee, O our God, that we may truly and acceptably worship thee, and glorify thy great and adorable

Family.Blessed Father, we adore thee for the privileges of private, family, and public worship. 0 be thou with us, and pour out richly thy blessing upon us, in thy house of prayer, on this thy day.


Father.—Almighty Father, bless, we beseech thee, thy flock with which we assemble from week to week upon thy day. May all who are united to this flock be true and faithful disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: may they rest all their hopes of forgiveness on the atoning blood of the Lamb: and may

all their life be devoted in love to the obedience and service of him who died for them and redeemed them with his own most precious blood.

Family.—Bless, O Lord, all the flock with which we assemble, and may we all glorify thy name in the atonement and service of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ.

O give

Father.-Almighty and Everlasting God, pour out thy blessings abundantly, we earnestly entreat thee, upon thy Servant [Servants] whom thou hast appointed to feed this flock, and to rule over it. him (them), we implore thee, thy Holy Spirit in rich measure, that he may glorify thy name in that important and responsible station in which he is placed. 0

may his own soul be saved, and the souls of them that hear him: may he have at length an abundant entrance into thy kingdom and glory: and may he have many souls, saved by his instrumentality, for a crown of joy to him in the day of Christ.

Family:-O God, greatly bless, we pray thee, him whom thou hast placed to feed us and lead us in thy way in thy kingdom : save him, O God, and all his flock.

Father.-0 Lord our God, graciously look on all thy people in their assemblies on this thy day throughout our own land, and throughout the whole world. Bless the Pastors, and bless the Flocks; and may all grow in grace, and in knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May they all honour and glorify thee in personal holiness, and by shining and giving light in the world.

Family.-0 Lord, give thy blessing unto all the churches of the saints, in our own land, and throughout all the world,

Father.—Ever Blessed and Most Gracious God, send thy Gospel, we beseech thee, over all the earth. May all the nations hear the glad sound of mercy, and at an early period. Lord, send thy Word speedily into every country, and in all the languages of men. And send, O God, we entreat thee, thy Messengers of Salvation to the North, and the South, and the East, and the West, and into every country, nation, and kingdom throughout this dark and evil world. O stir up all thy people to pray, and to make great and zealous exertions to bring about this blessed

object. And stir up us, O Lord our God, in this family, to do what in us lies, collectively and individually, to forward thy kingdom and salvation in all the earth. Great are the privileges and blessings which we have received and enjoy. O let us endeavour to communicate these unto others according to the means and opportunities which thou hast given us. May our constant prayer be, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven;' and may our doings herein correspond with our petitions before thee.

Family.-0 Lord, send forth light and thy salvation unto all the earth. O God, stir up all thy people, and stir up each one of us, to glorify thy name in spreading abroad the glorious gospel of Christ.

Father.-Most Blessed Father, condescend, we beseech thee, to hear these our prayers and supplications which we have now offered up before thee in the name of our Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. O Lord, answer us, on behalf of our Brethren and our Pastor, with whom we are to meet this day; hear us in favour of all thy people, and hear them on our behalf; hear us on behalf of the whole earth; and hear our petitions, O our Father, for ourselves as a family and individually. O may we all be thine in every sense, and in time and in eternity.

Family.-Lord God, hear all our prayers for others, and for our poor unworthy selves: and thine, O Lord, may we truly be, in every sense, and in time and in eternity.

Father.-And now, O God of Peace, who broughtest again from the dead, the Lord Jesus the great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,- make us perfect in every good work to do thy will, working in us that which is pleasing in thy sight, through Jesus Christ : to whom be glory for ever and ever : amen.

Family.Amen, and amen.

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