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Care be taken in time, it may be preserved', has, induced me to Translate and send Abroad this small Treatife. And if it either opens the Eyes, or confirms the Honourable Resolutions' of any of my Worthy Countrymen, I have gained a Glorious End; and done that in my Study, which I would have promoted any other way, if I had been called to it. I hope to dye with the Comfort of Believing, that Old England will continue to be a free Country, and know its self to be such; that my friends, Relations, and. Children, with their Posterity, will inherit their share of this inestimable Blessing, and that I have contributed my part to it.

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s. I have often with’d, in regard to my Author, that he had omitted his Nineteenth Chapter, wherein he discovers a great A version to Female-Governments; having nothing to say in Excuse of him, but that being a Lawyer and a Frenchman, he was Vindi. cating the Constitution of his Country: Certain it is (how lita tle favourable soever fuch Governments have proved to France) other Nations have never flourish'd more, in good Laws, Wealth and Conquests, than under the Administration of Women : There are not brighter Characters in Antiquity, than of Semiramis, Thaleftris, Thomiris, Zenobia, and many Ochers. I am sure our Iland in


particular has never been able to boast of fo much Felicity as under the Dominion of Queens; never been more enriched by Commerce, improved by juft Laws, adorned with more excellent Examples of Virtue, or more free from all those Struggles between Prerogative and Liberty, which have stained the Characters of our 0therwise most Glorious Kings. But Providence by yet more extraordinary Dispensations, has endeared them to us, by chusing them to be its Instruments of pulling down or bridling the proudest Empires, which threatned Universal Ruin.' Our Ancestors under Boadicia made that noble Effort for Liberty, which shook the


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Old Roman Dominion amongst us.

Queen Elizabeth freed us from the 'double Tyranny of New Rome and

Spain :And the Destruction of the present Grand Oppreffor of Eu rope seems reserved byHeaven to Reward the Piety and Virtue of our Excellent Queen m akini

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c H A P. 1. HE State of Gaul before it was

reduced into the form of a Roman Province. Page 1

- CHA P. IL Probable Conjetures concerning the Ancient Language of the Gauls. 8


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