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CHA P. III. The State of Gaył, after it pas reduced

ids the form ofá Province by the Romans.

? CH A P. IVALO Of the Original of the Franks, who ham

ving pollessd themselves of Gallia, changed its Name into that of Fran

cia, or Francogallia.


****CH A P. V. Iof the Name of the Franks, and their

fundry Excursions; and what time they first began to establish a Kingdom in Gallia. al 29

СНАР. CH A P. VI. Whether the Kingdom of Francogallia

was Hereditary or Electives and the · Manner of making its Kings. p. 38

CH A P. VII. Whet Rule was observed concerning the

Inheritance of the Deceased King, when he left-moré. Children than


. CHA P. VIIITM Of the Salick, Law, and what Right

Women had in the Kings, their Father's Inheritance. H y 9301954

TOP 50,9009 • C H A P. IX: 5: of the Right of Wearing a large Head

of Hair peculiar to the Royal Fa* mily.

58 СНАР.

The Form and Constitution of the

Francogallican Government. p. 63

C H A P. XI.
Of the Sacred Authority of the Publick

Council. a. lar 7 7
ab CHA P. XII.
Of the Kingly Officers, commonly called

Mayors of the Palace.. 85.

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Whether Pipin was created King by the

Pope, or by the Authority of the Fran

cogallican Council. 1 : 90 I'CHA P. XIV. Of the Constable and Peers of France.


| CH A P.

CHAP XV of the continued Authority and Power : of the Sacred Council, during the

Reign of the Carlovingian Family.

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of the Capevingian Race, and the

Manner of its obtaining the Kingdom of Francogallia.. .

c H A P. XVII. Of the uninterrupted Authority of the

Publick Council, during the Cae pevingian Line. ..-- 444

CH A P. XVIII. of the Remarkable Authority of the Council against Lewis the Eleventh.

118 СНАР. C'H A P. XIX, Whether Women are not as much dea

barrd by the Francogallican Lamp from the Administration, as from the Inheritance of the Kingdom.

7 2 p. 125 LCH A P. XX. Of the Juridical Parliaments in France.

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