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And again, after the Death of one of the Brothers--- “ But Charles, after his Brother's decease, “ was constituted King by the consent of all the so Franks. Also, towards the end of his History of Charles the Great, he says, “The Nobility of so the Franks being solemnly assembled from “ all parts of the Kingdom ; he, in their pre“ fence, called forth to him Lewis King of " Aquitain, (the only one of Heldegardis's Sons

then living ) and by the advice and consent of

them all, constituted him his Associate in the “ whole Kingdom, and Heir of the Imperial Se Dignity. Thus much out of Aimoinus..

Many Testimonies of the like nature we find in Gregorius Turon. whereof we shall cite only these few following, lib. 2. cap. 12. “The Franks (says he) having expelled Childeric, unanimously elected Eudo for their King. Also lib. 4. cap. 51.--" Then the Franks (who

once look'd towards Childebert the Elder) sent. San Embassy to Sigebert, inviting him to leave * Chilperic and come to them, that they by

their own authority might make him King.--And a little after. “ The whole Army was « drawn up before him; and having set him

upon a Shield, they appointed him to be their King. And in another place--- " Sigibert agreeing to the Franks Proposals, was placed upon a Shield, according to the custom of

that Nation, and proclaimed King ; and so got the Kingdom from his Brother Chilperic-And presently after--- " The Burgundians and

and Auftrafians concluded a Peace with the “ Franks, and made Clotharius King over them " in all the three Kingdoms. Which particular the Abbot of Ursperg confirms. " The Bur* gundians (says he) and Australians having


ftruck up a Peace with the Franks, advanced Clotharius to be King and fole Ruler of the

whole Kingdom. And in another place-“ The Franks appointed one of his Brothers, “called Hilderic, who was already King of the “ Austrasians, to be also their King. .

To this matter belongs what Luitprandus Ticinenfis writes, lib. 1. cap. 6. “And when he “ was about to enter into that Francia which " is called Roman, (after having cross'd the

Countries of the Burgundians ) several Am

bassadors of the Franks met him, acquaint"ing him that they were returning home a'gain; because being tired with long expecta" tion of his coming, and not able any longer

to be without a King, they had unanimously

Chosen Odo or Wido, tho’’tis reported the “ Franks did not take Wido upon this occasion “ for their King, buc.

But concerning this Odo, the Story is memorable which Sigibert relates; from whence we may more clearly be inform’d of the manner of their reje&ting their King's Son, and setting up another in his stead. For (sub anno 890.) he says thus “ But the Franks neglecting “ Charles the Son of Lewis the Stammerer, a Boy “ scarce ten years old ;, Elected Odo for their “ King, who was Son of Duke Robert, slain by the Normans. Also Otto Frinsing. Chronic, lib. 6. cap. 10. " The Western. Franks (says he) with “ the consent of Arnolphus, chose for their King “ Odo a valiant Man, and Son of Robert.-- Allo in the Appendix to Gregory of Tours, lib. 15. cap.30. %. After the Death of Dagobert, Clodoveus his “ Son obtain'd his Father's Kingdom, being " at that time very young, and all his Leudes * (that is, Subjects) raisd him to the Throne, in Villa Masolano---. Allo Sigebert. in chronic. anno 987. ---- “ Lewis King of the Franks being “ dead, the Franks had a mind to transfer the c Kingdom to Charles the Brother of Lotharius; “ but whilft he spent too much time, delibe" rating with his Council concerning that Af“ fair, Hugo acquires the Kingdom of the “ Franks, &c. There are many Testimonies of the same kind in Ado, viz. anno 686. ---Clos doveus the King dying, the Franks elect Clo6 tarius his Son for their King. And again, « --- Clotarius having reigned four Years, died; « in whose stead the Franks elected Theodorick “ his Brother---. Again, anno 669. The Franks establish'd in the Kingdom a certain « Clerk, called Daniel, having caused him to « quit his Tonsure and Orders, and name him « Chilperic. And again, ---- The Franks ap« point, as King over them, Theodoric the Son of of Dagobert ---. Also Otto Frising. chron. 6. cap. 13. ---- “ Otto (says he ) King of the “ Franks being dead, Charles was created King « by unanimous Confent--- The Appendix to Greg. Tiron. lib. II. cap. 101. says thus, " When Theodorick was dead, the Franks elected « Clodoveus his Son, who was very young, to € be their King. And cap. 1o6. But the Franks “ appoint one Chilperick to be their King. Al

Godfrey of Viterbo, chron. part. 17. cap. 4.

---But Pipin in being elected by the Franks, « was declared King by Pope Zacharias, they having thrust their cowardly King Hilderic into a ç a Monastery.

From these. Proofs, and very many others like them, I think’tis most plain, that the Kings of Francogallia were made fuch, rather by the Suffrages and Favour of the People, than by any


by Acclam. lib. 2. Weation, ū these things and

Hereditary Right. Of which a farther Argument may be the Forms and Ceremonies used by our Ancestors, at the Inauguration of their Kings. For we observe, the very same Custom was continued at the Ele&tion of our Kings, which we told you before out of Cornelius Tacitus, was formerly practised by the Caninefates, ( the Frånks own Countrymen) viz. that they set their Elected King upon a Shield, and carried him on high on Men's Shoulders. So did we; for whoever was chosen by the Votes of the People, was set upon a Shield, and carried thrice round the place of publick Meeting for Election, or round about the Army on Men's Shoulders, all the People expressing their Joy by Acclamations, and clapping of Hands. Greg. Turon. lib. 2. where he makes mention of King Clodoveus's Election, ---" But they (says

he) as soon as they heard these things, ap“ plauding him both with their Hands and Tongues, and hoisting him on a Shield, ap" pointed him to be their King---. Also lib. 7. cap. 10. where he speaks of Gondebaldus, ---“And os there ( says he ) placing their King upon a " Shield, they lifted him up; but ’tis reported,

that as they were carrying him round the " third time, he fell down; so that he was “ scarcely kept from tumbling to the very C Ground by those that stood about him. OF which Accident Aimoinus, lib. 3. cap. 6. gives us this Account, -- " They called forth Gon" debaldus, and according to the Custom of the " ancient Franks, proclaimed him their King,

and hoisted him on a Shield; but as they

were carrying him the third time'round the “ whole Army, of a sudden they fell down with him, and cou'd scarce get him up again


“ from the Ground---. The like says Ado.Vien. Ætat. 6. ---- “ Sigebertus consenting to the Franks, was placed upon a Shield, according to the Custom of that Nation, and proclaimed “ King: And peradventure from hence arose that Form among those Writers, who treat of the Creation of a King; ---In Kegem elevatus eft.

But now we come to the third part of this Controversy, in order to understand, how great the Right and Power of the People was, both in making and continuing their Kings. And I think it is plainly proved from all our Annals, that the highest Power of abdicating their Kings, was lodged in the People. The very first that was created King of Francogallia, is a remarkable Instance of this Power. For when the People had found him out to be a profligate lewd Person, wasting his time in Adulteries and Whoredoms, they removed him from his Dignity by universal Consent, and constrain'd him to depart out of the Territories of France: and this was done, as our Annals testify, in the Year of Christ 469. Nay, even Eudo, whom they had placed in his stead, abusing his Power thro'excessive Pride and Cruelty, was with the like Severity turned out. Which Fact we find attested by Gregory of Tours, lib. 2. cap. 12. Aimoinus, lib. 1. cap. 7. Godfrey of Viterbo, part. 17. cap. 1. Sigibertus, sub annis 461, & 459. --- “ Childeric (says Gregorius) being dis“ folved in Luxury, when he was King of the “ Franks, and beginning to deflower their

Daughters, was by his Subjects cast out of the
Throne with Indignation; whereupon he find-

ing they had a Design to kill him, Hed into « Thoringia. But the Abbot of Ursperg says, to the People were unwilling to kill him, but

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