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thority the Kingdom was conferr'd upon him. For Pope Gelasius says thus, Cap. 15. Queft. 6. " ----- A Roman Pope, viz. Zacharias, deposed “ the King of the Franks, not so much because “ of his evil Actions, as because he was stupid,

and unfit for the exercise of so great a Trust; Cand in his ftead, substituted Pipin, Father of

Charles the Emperor : Abfolving all the “ Franks from their Oath of Allegiance to


And there is scarce an Author, who does not acquiesce in this Testimony of one Pope, concerning the Power of another: Thus Ado, Lambertus, Rbegino, Sigibertus, Aimoinus, Laudula phus, nay, even Venericus Vercellenfis, ( in the Book which we formerly quoted) cites these Words out of the Epistle of Pope Gregory the VIIth. to Herman Bishop of Metz ; viz. “A “ certain Pope of Rome deposed the King of the “ Franks from his Kingdom, nor so much for “ his Wickedness, as his being unfit for so great “ a Power; and after having abfolved all the “ Franks from the Oath of Fidelity they had “ sworn to him, placed Pipin in his room. ----“ Which Otto Frisingius, lib. Chron. s. cap. 23. “and Godfrey, Chron. Part. 17. laying pre• fently hold of, break out into this Exclama

tion----- From this Action, the Popes of “ Rome derive an Authority of changing and c deposing Princes, buc.

But pray let us enquire whether the Truth of this Story, as to the Matter of Fact, be fufficiently proved and attested. For in the first place, 'ris manifest, That not one of all that great Number of Kings of the Franks, which we have instanced to have been Elected or Abdicated, was either created or abdicated by the


Pope's Authority. On the contrary, we have irrefragably prov'd, that the whole Right, both of making and deposing their Kings, was lodg’d in the yearly great Council of the Nation, so that it seems incredible the Franks shou'd neglect or forgo their Right, in this single Instance of Pipin. But to make few Words of this Matter, Venericus Vercellenfis gives us the Testimony of an ancient Historian, who has written' of all the Francogallican Affairs ; whereby that whole Story of the Pope, is prov'd to be a Lye: And 'tis clearly demonstrated, that both Chile derick was deposed, and Pipin chosen in his room, according to the usual Custom of the Franks, and the Institutions of our Ancestors': That is to say, by a solemn General Council of the Nation; in whose Power only it was, to tranfact a Matter of so great weight and moment ; as we have before made it appear. The Words of that Historian are these. ----- “ That by the “ Counsel, and with the Consent of all the “ Franks, (a Relation of this Affair being sent to the Apostolick See, and its Advice had ) " the most noble Pipin was advanced to the " Throne of the Kingdom, By the Election of

the whole Nation, the Homage of the Nobili“ty, with the Consecration of the Bishops, &c. From which Words, ’tis, most apparent that Pipin was not appointed King by the Pope, but by the People themselves, and the States of the Realm. And Venericus explains this Matter out of the same Historian. " Pipin, Mayor of the " Palace (says he) having all along had the Administration of the Regal Power in his Hands, was the first that was appointed and “elected to be King, from being Mayor of the " Palace ; the Opinion of Pope Zachary being

"I first

first known, because the Consent and Coun* tenance of a Pope of Rome, was thought ne

ceffary in an Affair of this Nature. ---- And “ presently after he tells us ; “ The Pope find“sing that what the Ambassadors had deposed “ was just and profitable, agreed to it; and Pipin was made King by the unanimous Suf“ frages and Votes of the Nobility, & C.---- To the very fame purpose writes Ado of Vienna, Ætat. 6. Sub Anno 727. ----“ Ambassadors (says “he) were sent to Pope Zacharias, to propose “this Question to him ; Whether or no the

Kings of the Franks, who had scarce any Power in their hands, but contented themselves with the bare Title, were fit to conti

nue to be Kings? To which Zacharias re“ turn’d this Answer, ---- That he thought the Person who governed the Commonwealth, “ought rather to have also the Title of King : “ Whereupon the Franks, after the return of "the Ambassadors, cast out Childeric, who “ then had the Title of King; and by the Ada vice of the Ambassadors, and of Pope Zacharias, Elected Pipin, and made him King.

Besides the above Proofs,' we have Aimoinnis's Testimony to the fame purpose, lib. 4. cap. 61. where he concludes thus. ---- “ This Year Pipin "got the Appellation of King of the Franks, “ and according to their ancient Customs, was .“ elevated to the Royal Throne in the City of :“ Soissons, &c. Nay, even Godfrey of Viterbo himself, Chron. part. 17. cap. 4. "Pipin ( says “he) was made King by Pope, (ex "ele&tione Francorum ) through the Election of " the Franks, Hilderic their llothful King be“ing, by the Franks, thrust into a Monastery.


In like manner Sigebertus, sub Anno 752.---The Authors of the Miscellany History, lib. 22. ---- Otto Frising. lib. 5. cap. 21, 22, 23. And the Auchor of the Book'intituled Fasciculus tema porum, do all clearly agree in the Account given of this Transaction. From which we may easily gather, that altho' the Franks did consult the Pope before they created Pipin King, yet it cannot, therefore be any ways inferr'd from thence, that he was made King by the Pope's Authority ; for 'tis one thing to make a King, and another to give Advice touching the making him: 'Tis one thing to have a Right of Creation, and another that of only giving Advice ; nay, no Man has a Right of so much as giving Advice in Matters of this nature, but he whose Advice is first ask'd.

Lastly, no Man has more clearly explain'd this whole Matter, than Marfilius Patavinus; who during the Reign of Lewis of Bavaria, writ a Book ---- de transatione imperii, in which, Cap. 6. he has these Words. " Pipin, a ve“ ry valiant Man, and Son of Charles Martel,

was ( as we read) raised to the Dignity of being King of the Franks, by Pope Zacharias. But Aimoinus more truly informs us, in his

History of the Franks, that Pipin was legally elected King by the Franks themselves, and “ by the Nobility of the Kingdom was placed “ in the Throne. At the same time Childeric, “ a dissolute Prince, who contenting himself

with the bare Title of a King, wasted both

his time and body in Wantonness, was by “ them shaven for a Monk : So that Zacharias “ had no hand in the deposing him, but con“ sented ( as some say ) to those that did. For “ such dopoling of a King for juit Causes,

. and

and electing of another, does not belong to any Bishop or Ecclesiastick, nor to any College of Clergymen; but to the whole_Body

of Citizens [ ad universitatem civium ] in“ habiting that Region, and to the Nobles of « it, or to the majority of them both. Therefore those pretences of the Popes, to a Power of creating or abdicating Kings, are apparently false to every body. But besides this fabulous Device, which is a sufficient Instance of their wickedness and malice, I think it worth my while to add a remarkable Letter of Pope Stepben, adapted to the foregoing Fable; by which we may make a Judgment of the madness and folly of that old crafty Knave. This Letter is extant in Rhegino, a Benedictine Monk, and Abbot of - * an irrefragable Testimony in " Abbas an Affair of this nature ; 'tis in Chron. anni 753. Pruniacen. - “ Stephen the Bishop, Servant of the Ser- lisa “ vants of God, dc. As no Man ought to “ boast of his Merits, so neither ought the " wonderful Works of God which are wrought

upon his Saints without their defert, to be buried in filence, but published abroad as the

Angel admonished Tobias. I being con“ strained thro’ the Oppression of the holy “ Church, by that most wicked, blafphemous, " and not worthy to be named Wretch, Aistola

phus, to fly for Refuge to that excellent and
faithful Votary of St. Peter, Lord Pipin, the

most Christian King, took my Journey into
France ; where I fell into a mortal Diftem-
“ per, and remained some time in the District
“ of Paris, in the venerable Monastery of St.
Denis the Martyr. And being now past
“.. hopes of Recovery, methought I was one
“ day at Prayers in the Church of the fame

- blessed

ci boast of hido, ec. As Servant of the 38 3. Pruniacen.

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