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Monthly Abstract of NET RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS to the end

of October, 1867.
1.-GENERAL FUND, at the disposal of the Society.

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* In addition to this sum of 69,6931. the bills accepted, but not then paid, amount to 5,6601.

II.-APPROPRIATED FUNDS, administered by the Society.

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III.-SPECIAL FUNDS, not administered by the Society, but transmitted

direct to the persons named by the Donors.






Comparative Amount of (I.) SUBSCRIPTIONS, &c. (II.) LEGACIES,

and (III.) DIVIDENDS, &c. on the GENERAL FUND, to the end of October in each of the following years.

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I.-SUBSCRIPTIONS, COLLECTIONS, &c. £20,602 £21,946 £21,818 £20,885 £24,077 II.-LEGACIES .........................

4,535 13,029 5,808 5,133 8,334 III.-DIVIDENDS, &c.

4,404 4,524 4,547 4,509 3,589 TOTALS.............

£29,541 £39,499 £32, 173 £30,527 £36,000

3. The Secretary reported that during the recess the Standing Committee, by virtue of the permission accorded to them at the last Meeting, had voted-(i.) To the Rev.J.M. Strachan, Missionary from Madras, who had returned to study Medicine in order to serve as a Medical Missionary in India, the amount of his fees, 401., and deputation allowance at the rate of 1001. per annum for such services as he may be able to render, in addition to the ordinary furlough allowance of 1001. per annum; (ii.) 501. being half of a donation appropriated for Canada after a sermon by the Bishop of Montreal in Curzon Chapel on September 22d, to the Mission of GATINEAU, in the Diocese of Montreal; and (iii.) 221. to BISHOP TWELLS, being the amount of expenses incurred in a Visitation of the Society's Missions in Natal, made at the request of the Bishop of Capetown.

4. Resolved that the officers of Bishop's College, Calcutta, be henceforth styled Principal, Vice-Principal, and Tutors, instead of Principal and Professors; and that a furlough of one year on halfpay, together with a passage home, be granted to the Rev. F. R. Vallings, Calcutta Secretary.

5. Resolved that the thanks of the Society be offered to General Tremenheere, on his arrival in England, for his cordial co-operation vith the Society in its Missionary work in Bombay, and for having conducted the correspondence with the Missionaries and with the Society as Acting Honorary Secretary.

6. On the recommendation of the Standing Committee, Shapingé Edalgé was appointed to an Oriental Exhibition at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury.

7. Mr. J. H. Saturley, an Oriental Exhibitioner of St. Augustine's College, was released from his obligation to devote himself to Missionary work in India on his repaying the amount which he had received.

8. Resolved to sanction the appropriation from the Natal Grant for 1868, of the sum of 501. to Dean Green for travelling expenses, and 1001. as a gratuity; to add 201. to the salary of Rev. T. Taylor for 1868, and to grant 1001. to Ven. Archdeacon Fearne for the year 1868; to approve of the Rev. S. T. Tozer being attached to Dr. Callaway's Mission for the purpose of acquiring the native language; and to grant the sum of 271. 108. to Rev. W. A. Elder, to make up a deficiency in the sum which he had expected to receive from the Society.

9. The Bishop of Capetown having made a statement with reference to the spiritual needs of Alfredia, a newly-formed county in Independent Kaffraria, it was resolved to refer the subject to the Standing Committee.

10. The case of Austin, a student of the Kafir College at Capetown, was referred to the Standing Committee.


11. The sum of 201. was granted as an allowance for one year to Mrs. Franklin, widow of the Rev. C. G. Franklin who recently died of fever in Mauritius.

12. Sick allowance at the rate of 701. per annum for six months was granted to Rev. W. H. Taylor, who has served for many years in Rupertsland.

13. Resolved, on the proposal of Canon Hawkins, seconded by Rev. 0. B. Dalton

" That the Society desires to record its deep sense of the loss

which is felt in the death of the Lord Bishop of Lichfield by the Church in general, and especially by this Society, which has enjoyed for the long period of forty-five years the benefit of his Lordship's liberal support, and his personal exertions in its favour by frequent public advocacy and by prudent and kindly counsels. Bishop Lonsdale became an Incorporated Member of the Society in 1822, was one of the first members of the Candidates Committee, was an active member of the Standing Committee, was elected a Vice-President in 1843, and preached the Anniversary

Sermon at St. Paul's in 1849." 14. Passage and outfit were granted to Mr. John Perham, of St. Augustine's College, accepted by the Bishop of Labuan for work in that diocese.

15. Resolved to accept in trust the sum of $1,000 U. S. Bonds given by Mr. Isbister, the interest to be spent in school prizes in Rupertsland, to be awarded by Examiners from St. John's College.

16. The seal of the Society was ordered to be affixed to a power of attorney, constituting Messrs. Keller and Son, Bankers, of Stuttgardt, attorneys of the Society for the purpose of executing the conveyance of the church at Stuttgardt to the Society.

'19. The Rev. W. W. Malet (an Incorporated Member) gave an account of his recent tour to Jerusalem and the East.

18. The Rev. Dr. Biber gave notice that at the next meeting he would call the attention of the Society to the need of creating new Episcopal Sees in India, in Heligoland, and other places.

19. The Rev. F. Y. St. Leger, a Missionary returned from Grahanstown, gave an interesting statement of his work.

20. Twenty-six new miembers were incorporated.

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