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This number of the Bulletin contains a list of the titles of the official publications of the Confederate States government found in the Virginia State Library and the Confederate Museum, Richmond, Va. The latter items have

been included in order that there might be brought together in one pamphlet the titles of this class of publications still preserved in Richmond outside of private libraries. The titles were copied by Miss Susie B. Harrison, Assistant House-Regent of the Confederate Museum, who has kindly furnished them for inclusion here.

There was published by the Confederate Museum in 1908 "A Calendar of Confederate Papers, with a Bibliography of some Confederate Publications" (edited by Dr. D. S. Freeman), which contains titles of the more important official Confederate publications at that time to be found in the Museum. It does not contain, however, titles of bills introduced in the Confederate Congress, committee reports (with one exception), and resolutions of various kinds including resolutions received by the Confederate Congress from different organizations and ordered to be printed, whereas the list furnished by Miss Harrison is made up of the titles of publications of this characterboth those in the Museum at the time of the preparation of the Calendar and those added later. Hence, since the titles of the items in the Calendar have also been reprinted here, this Bulletin includes titles of all the official Confederate publications in the Museum and of all those in the Virginia State Library. On December 30, 1908, a meeting of the Bibliographical Society of America, devoted almost entirely to the discussion of Confederate official documents, was held in the office of the Librarian of the Virginia State Library, and as an outcome of the meeting there was published in volume 3 of the Proceedings and Papers of the society (1908) "A Bibliography of the Official Publications of the Confederate States of America", by Hugh A. Morrison, of the Library of Congress. The Bibliography consists of titles of all Confederate publications which at that time were known to be contained in the collections of the Howard Memorial Library, The Library of Congress, The Virginia State Library, and the Wisconsin State Historical Society Library. Since Mr. Morrison's list was printed, however, so much Confederate material has been discovered in this Library in the process of cataloguing now going on-especially bills, resolutions, and committee reports-that the present publication has been rendered advisable. The complete contents of the Library have by this time been so thoroughly examined as to make it unlikely that there are now in the Library Confederate items whose titles are not here included.

As an appendix to this Bulletin are reprinted four reports made by the Superintendent of Public Printing of the Confederacy. They are the only ones which it has been possible to procure and may be the only ones which were issued. Almost certainly they are the only ones issued by the Superintendent under the permanent government of the Confederacy, for the first report here reprinted begins, "I have the honor to report the transactions of

this Bureau from February 22nd to December 31st, 1862”, the 22nd being the date of the inauguration of the permanent government, and the last report is dated October 26, 1864. It is very probable, considering the difficulties of the times standing in the way of expeditious work, that this report was not actually printed much before the fall of Richmond, which occurred April 2, 1865. It is possible, however, though by no means certain, that a report was made while the provisional government of the Confederacy was still in existence. The law creating the office of Superintendent of Public Printing was passed February 27, 1861 (see Statutes at Large of the Confederate States of America, p. 41), and the name of George E. W. Nelson, of Georgia, was sent in to Congress for confirmation by President Davis on the fourth of May, 1861 (see Journal of Congress of the Confederate States, Vol. 1, p. 185), it being stated in the accompanying communication that the appointment of Mr. Nelson had been made during the recess of Congress which had just come to a close-it extended from March 16 to April 29—and the law called for annual reports at least. But Mr. Nelson seems not to have been confirmed till April 11, 1862, and it is probable that for the time he held office under the provisional government he made no report. At any rate, such a report is not listed in Morrison's Bibliography referred to above or in Sabin's Dictionary of Books relating to America; nor is it to be found either in the catalogue of the Boston Athenaeum Library or in that of the Leiter Library, two libraries especially rich in Confederate items.

The second, third, and fourth reports here reprinted are found in the Virginia State Library. For a copy of the first, recourse had to be had to the Library of Congress, and to the Librarian of Congress thanks are hereby extended for the loan of the copy for purposes of transcription. The reports are of the very greatest interest and historical value. Not only do they indicate in a general way the amount of printing done for the Confederate government, but they shed a flood of light on the difficulties met with by the Bureau of Printing of the Confederacy on account of the scarcity of paper, the scarcity of men, and the inflation of the currency.


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A list of the Official Publications of the Confederate States Govern-
ment in the Virginia State Library and the Library of
the Confederate Memorial Literary Society.

The abbreviation Va. S. L. (Virginia State Library), or Conf. Mus. (Confed-
erate Museum) is used after each title for the purpose of indicating in
which library the publication may be found.


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1861. Laws for the army and navy
of the Confederate States. Rich-
mond: Printed by Ritchie & Dunn-
avant, 1861. 96 p. Conf. Mus. 5

Acts and resolutions of
the third session of the Provisional
Congress of the Confederate States,
held at Richmond, Va. Enquirer
book and job press, By Tyler, Wise
& Allegre, 1861. 94 p. Va. S. L.
Conf. Mus.
1861. The constitution of the Con-
federate States of America, adopt-
ed March 11, 1861. 16 p. Conf.

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