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and if the other children did not choose to do as she wished, she was vexed with them. And as her way was rarely the best way, she was often made to feel that others knew better how to be happy than she did.

When she had made up her mind to do any thing, it was very hard to convince her that she ought not to do it.

So she was never pleased with herself nor with those who tried to teach her the way to be happy.



MARY was the cousin of Fanny, and had a mother

who taught her two things while she was yet very young The first was, that she should always do what was in the sight of God. When she awoke in the

she would kneel by her bed and thank God that he had kept her safely through the night. She would then pray to be kept from sin and all evil through the day.

The second thing that Mary was taught was this, that her parents knew what was good for her, better than she did herself. She was in the habit of asking their advice at all times, and instead of feeling angry when they told her it was best that she must do what she did not wish to do, she felt that they were wiser than she was, and she would do as they thought best.

Such a girl as Mary will have the esteem and love of her parents; her brothers and sisters will be pleased to make her happy, and she will have more comfort in yielding to the wishes of others, than Fanny will ever have in trying to do as she likes. Our own way


We often led astray by our own evil hearts, that we ought to be willing to learn of others who are wiser and better than we.

The word of God, as it is given in the Holy Bible, is the guide of our lives, and if we do as we are there taught, and learn the fear of the Lord, we shall find that the best way to be happy is to be good.

This was the lesson that little Mary learned when she was very young, and when she grew up she found that peace of mind which those only know who are the friends of God.

is often a very

are so


“ I love to do as I am bid,

I love to please mamma,
I love to get my lesson too,

And spell to my papa.


“ When children want my pretty toys,

Or little picture book,
I dearly love to give them up,

And see how pleased they look.


“ I love to please the Saviour, too,

And mind the rule he's given,
For then I think that I shall go

To live with him in heaven."



F the scholars who are now learning to read, will

study the lessons that we are to give them in the future pages of this book, they will learn some truths that will do them good as long as they live.

It is not enough that children learn in school to read and spell. They may become very good readers and learn all the studies of the school, and be as wise as their teachers, but this is not enough.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Without this all the learning in the world will be of little use; but with it, they may be wise for this life, and for that which is to come.

The Ten Commandments were written by the great God who made heaven and earth.

He wrote them on two tables of stone, and gave them to Moses, his servant, on the top of a mountain. Those commandments are the Laws of God, and they are to be learned and obeyed by all his creatures.

We ought to study them, and know what they mean, that we may please God by doing what he has commanded.

In a few lessons that follow, we will study these commandments, and if the children will commit them to memory, so that they can repeat them when they come to recite, it will be very useful. All who have the fear of God before their eyes, feel that these laws are God's laws, and that we must know and obey them.

“ Be thankful, children, that you may

Read this good Bible every day;
'Tis God's own word, which he has given
To show our souls the way to heaven.”



THE First Commandment is, Thou shalt have no

other gods before me.There are hundreds and thousands and millions of children in the world who do not know there is a God who made them and all things.

And as they do not know the true God, they have false gods, which they worship, and they pray to these false gods more than many children in Christian lands pray to the God who made them.

If any one of you loves your playthings or yourself more than you love God, you break this commandment. I knew a little boy once who had a robin which he had caught when it was very young.

It could fly all about the room, and would come and ·light on his hand to pick up crumbs which the boy held out for him to eat.

It was a very pretty bird, and was loved by all the family so much that they would let it hop on the table where they were eating, and each one wanted to let it eat out of his plate.

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But Charles called it his robin, and he loved it more than


of the rest. As soon as he came into the room it would fly to him and light on his shoulder, or on his head, and this pleased him very much, and made him love the bird still more.

The boy thought so much of the bird, that he was always afraid it would be hurt if any one else took

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