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“My young friends, Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. I began my course of sin by playing on the Sabbath day, and I warn you not to do as I have done. You see the dreadful end to which I have come, and if you would avoid it, Remember the Sabbath day.

And now we will repeat another hymn about going to the Sunday School.

“I love to have the Sabbath come,
For then I rise and quit my home,
And haste to school with cheerful air,
To meet my dearest teachers there.

" And then I'm always taught to pray,
That God would bless me day by day,
And safely guide and guard me still,
And help me to obey his will.

“It's there I sing a Saviour's love,
That brought him from his throne above,
And made him suffer, bleed, and die,
For sinful creatures such as I.

“From all the lessons I obtain,
May I a store of knowledge gain;
And early seek my Saviour's face,
And gain from him supplies of grace."



HE Fifth Commandment is Honour thy father

and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

This is called the first commandment with promise. It contains a promise of long life to those who keep it.

Now it would be very wrong to say, that all those children who obey their parents will live to old age, for we know that many good children die when they are young

But it is true that disobedience of parents is one of the vices that bring children to an untimely death. If children will not obey their parents when they are in the family, they will not be likely to keep the laws of the land when they grow up.

And they ought to bear in mind how much they owe to their parents. Who took care of you

when you were a helpless infant ? Who gives you food and clothing now? Who has provided for you

in sickness, and watched over you, year after year?

Your parents have done more for you than any earthly friend; and if you are thankful to them for what they have done, you ought to try to make them happy.

Children can make their parents happy by doing as they are told. And if you know what your parents wish, you ought to do it just as readily as if they had given you a command.

There was Charles Lemon, who was out in the country one day some distance from home, with a large number of boys, and they proposed to go into the water to swim.

Charles at first said that he thought he would not

go in.

Why not?” said Peter Wells.

Why, my father would not like it, if he knew I was going into the water.”

Peter asked him, “ Has he told you that you must not?"

“Why no, not exactly. But I know he would rather I would not, when he is not with me.

“But,” said Peter, “if he has not told you not to go in, you can go in just as well as not: and stay out when he says so.”

Charles did not feel right about it. He knew that he ought not to do what his father would not like to have him, but the boys laughed at him, and finally they coaxed him to strip off his clothes and plunge in.

He did, and he never came up again. taken with the cramp, and sank beyond the sight and the reach of his young friends; and they could not find him.

They ran home as fast as they could and gave the alarm. The father of Charles and all the neighbours came, and they found the dead body of the boy in the bottom of the pond, with his hands holding fast to the weeds.

He was

He was carried to his father's house, and there was sorrow, such as was never known in that home before.

Charles did not honour his parents. He knew that they would not like to have him going into the water when there was no one to take care of him, but he ventured to do


and was drowned.


I must not tease my mother,

For she is very kind;
And every thing she says to me,

I must directly mind.
For when I was a baby,

And could not speak or walk,
She let me in her bosom sleep,

And taught me how to talk.

I must not tease my mother;

And when she likes to read,
Or has the headache, I must step

Most silently indeed.
I will not choose a noisy play,

Or trifling troubles tell,
But sit down quiet by her side,

And try to make her well.

I must not tease my mother;

She loves me all the day,
And she has patience with my faults,

And teaches me to pray.
How much I'll strive to please her,

She every hour shall see,
For should she go away, or die,

What would become of me?


THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT. THE Sixth Commandment is, “ Thou shalt not

kill.In England, a few years ago, a boy fourteen years old was hung for killing another boy thirteen years of age.

And there are many other cases of murder committed by children of very tender age.

But if none who read this, become so wicked as to take the life of another, the Bible has said, “He that hateth his brother is a murderer."

The meaning of this is, that your heart may be just as wicked as the heart of the murderer, although you may not shed the blood of your brother.

Joseph Dillon went to school with a boy by the name of William Rogers. They were great friends, and it was very pleasant to see that they were always trying to do that which they supposed would make each other happy.

One bright summer morning, as Joseph was on his way to school, he called at the home of his friend William, to ask him to go with him. They were in the habit of going together.

William was very much engaged playing with some cousins who had come from a distance to spend a few days with him.

It would have been very proper for William to ask his friend Joseph to come in and join in the sport

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