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1847.] List of Portraits in Dr. Williams's Library. 585 eleven years, he is said to have had "a copious invention, a penetrating judgment, a faithful memory, and vigorous affections." His discourses and treatises extend to six volumes octavo. He bequeathed most of his large estate to a variety of useful and benevolent objects. The great bequest of his will was for the establishment of a public library in London. For this purpose he had bought Dr. Bates's valuable collection of books as an addition to his own, at a cost of between £500 and £600. He authorized his trustees to erect a suitable building, the site for which was purchased by them in 1727, in Red-Cross street; and the library was opened in 1729. The terms on which it may be used are very liberal, all persons being admitted on application to one of the trustees. Since the library was established, very considerable additions have been made by legacies as well as by contributions in money and books. It has an annual income of £100 for the increase of the books. The number of volumes amounts to 30,000. In 1841, a new catalogue was made, in two volumes. Among the books and curiosities are the works of Graevius and Gronovius, Rymer's Foedera, the early editions of Milton's Works, with the first edition of the Paradise Lost, etc.

Dr. Williams's library will be particularly memorable as the scene of preparation for many of those struggles for the rights of conscience whose results have greatly promoted the interests of the Dissenters. Here, for example, those efforts were planned which brought about the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts. The large room or chamber in which these deliberations were carried on is adorned with a magnificent collection of the portraits of the Nonconformist fathers, and of their more immediate successors.

At our request the worthy librarian, Dr. Cogan, prepared a catalogue of these portraits, which we here subjoin, adding some biographical notices. A few of the portraits are found in other parts of the house. Those with a cross prefixed are prints.

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Alsop, Vincent, d. 1703, pastor at Westminster, the opponent of

Sherlock. Amory, Thomas, D. D., b. 1701, tutor of the academy, Taunton,

pastor of Pres. Ch. Old Jewry, London, colleague with Dr. Price

of Newington Green, d. 1774. Annesley, Samuel, D. D., b. 1619. “ Goods distrained in 1682 for

Son of the author of the treatise on the Passione.

latent convictions, i. e. on oaths of persons he had never seen,"

d. 1696. Avery, Benjamin, D. D., d. 1764. Baker, Rev. Samuel, pastor at Bridport 1687-1727, d. 1748, “an

excellent evangelical minister.” Barkstead, Francis. He and the two following were relatives of

Dr. Williams's second wife. Barkstead, Francis, jun. Barkstead, Col. John, d. 1662. Barrow, Isaac, D. D., b. 1630, d. 1677, the well-known preacher

and mathematician. Bates, William, D. D., b. Nov. 1628, pastor of St. Dunstan's-in-the

west, and of Hackney, London, d. July 14, 1699. Baxter, Rev. Richard, b. 1615, d. 1691, the distinguished preacher

and author, one of Cromwell's chaplains, etc. Bayes, Rev. Joshua, b. 1671, pastor of a church, Hatton garden,

London, d. 1746. Bellarmine, Rev. Robert, b. 1542, d. 1621. Belsham, Rev. Thomas, b. 1750, d. 1829. Benson, George, D. D., b. 1699, commentator, colleague of Dr.

Lardner, London, d. 1762. Bradbury, Rev. Thomas, b. 1677, pastor at Fetter-lane and Ca.

rey St., London, d. 1759. Burgess, Rev. Daniel, b. 1645, pastor Brydges St., Covent gar

den, London, d. 1713. Burroughs, Rev. Joseph, b. 1685, “a learned and judicious divine,"

minister of a general Bap. Cong., Barbican, London, d. 1761. Byfield, Rev. Nicholas, b. 1580, commentator on Colossians and

Peter, pastor in Chester and Isleworth, d. 1620. Cartwright, Rev. Thomas, Lady Margaret's professor of divinity,

Cambridge, preacher at Antwerp, opponent of Whitgift, etc. d.

1603. Caryl, Rev. Joseph, b. 1601, preacher at Lincoln's Inn, member

of Westminster Assembly, ejected from church of St. Magnus,

London-bridge, commentator on Job, d. 1673. Case, Rev. Thomas, one of the assembly of divines, ejected from

St. Mary Magdalene, Milk St. London, styled by Baxter, "&

holy, faithful, servant of God,” d. 1682. Chamier, Rev. Daniel, d. 1621,"sound" says Baxter, “in doc

trine and life,” pastor in Wetherby and London. Chandler, Samuel, D. D., b. 1693, eminent for learning, a cele

brated controversialist on the Romish question, d. 1766.


1847.) List of Portraits in Red-Cross Library. 587 Charnock, Stephen, B. D., b. 1629, chaplain of Henry Cromwell

lieutenant of Ireland, pastor of an Independent church in Lon.

don, author of the work on the Divine Attributes, d. 1680. Chester, Rev. John, d. 1696. Clarke, Rev. Samuel, son of Rev. Sam'l Clark, the ejected min.

ister of St. Bennet Fink, London, d. 1701. Coligni, Gaspard de, b. 1517, the celebrated admiral of France,

murdered at the massacre of St. Bartholomew's eve, Aug. 24,

1572. Conder, John, D.D., b. 1714, d. 1781. Cotton, Rev. Thomas, b. 1654, d. 1730. Cradock, Rev. Samuel, b. 1620, d. 1706. Disnay, John, D. D. (a bust), b. 1746, author of a life of Dr. Jor

tin, d. 1802. Evans, John, D. D., b. 1678, co-pastor and successor of Dr. Daniel

Williams, lecturer at Salter's hall, author of discourses on

Christian Temper, etc., d. May 16, 1730. Fénélon, Francois, apb. of Cambray, b. 1651, d. 1715. Flavel, Rev. John, b. 1627, pastor at Deptford and Dartmouth, the

well-known author, d. 1691. Fleming, Rev. Caleb, b. 1698, d. 1779, writer in favor of Paedo

baptism. Frankland, Rev. Richard, b. 1630, d. 1698. Gale, John, D. D., b. 1680, one of the ablest of the General Bap

tist ministers, educated at Leyden and Amsterdam, the oppo.

nent of Dr. Wall on Infant Baptism, d. 1721. Geddes, Alexander, LL. D., b. 1737, a liberal Roman Catholic

divine, author of a new translation of the Bible, d. 1802. Gough, Rev. William, of Marlborough. Griffith, Rev. George, d. 1694. Grove, Rev. Henry, b. 1683, tutor in the Dissenting academy,

Taunton, d. 1738. Hall, Rev. Thomas, b. 1686, d. 1762. Harris, William, D. D., b. 1675, forty years pastor of a church in

Crutched Friars, London, author of a work on the Messianic

Prophecies, etc. d. 1740. Haynes, Rev. Hopton, d. 1749. Henry, Matthew, the great commentator, b. 1662, d. 1714. Howe, John, b. 1630, “the greatest of the Puritan divines," chap

lain to Oliver Cromwell, pastor in Silver St. London, etc. d. 1705. Hughes, Rev. George, B. D., b. 1603, educated at Corpus Christi

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Coll. Cambridge, ejected from Plymouth, silenced by Laud,

father-in-law of John Howe, d. 1667. Hughes, Obadiah, D. D., b. 1603, minister at Southwark and

Westminster. Hussey, Rev. Joseph, b. 1660, d. 1726. Jacomb, Thomas, D. D., b. 1622, educated in Magdalen Hall, Ox

ford, and Emmanuel and Trinity, Cambridge, ejected from Ludgate parish, London, in 1662, d. in 1687, in the house of his

protectress, the countess dowager of Exeter. Jervis, Rev. Thomas, (a bust) b. 1748, successor of Dr. Kippis in

Westminster, and pastor at Mill-Hill chapel, Leeds. Kippis, Andrew, D. D., F. R. S., b. 1725, pastor at Boston, at

Westminster, tutor in Coward college, editor of New Annual

Register, Biographica Britannica, etc. d. 1795. Lindsay, James, D. D., b. 1753. Mallet, Rev. Philip (a bust), d. 1812. Manton, Thomas, D. D., b. 1620, educated at Wadham Coll., Ox

ford, minister at Stoke-Newington and Covent garden, London, styled by Dr. Bates a divine of a “rich fancy, a strong mem

ory, a happy elocution, an excellent Christian," etc., d. 1677. Mather, Increase, D.D., b. 1639, Boston, N. E., d. 1733. Mauduit, Jasper, of Hackney, chairman of the Committee for

managing the affairs of the Dissenters. Mayo, Rev. Richard, b. 1631, d. 1695, “an affectionate and useful

preacher" at Kingston and London. Milton, John, b. 1608, d. 1674. Morgan, Dr. Thomas, b. 1752, librarian of Dr. Williams's library

from 1804 till his death in 1821. Newman, Rev. John, b. 1676, d. 1741. Oakes, Rev. John, d. 1688, “ of a sweet and even temper,” suc

cessor of Thos. Vincent, London. Oakes, John, of Cheshunt, Middlesex. Oldcastle, Sir John, Lord Cobham, the martyr, burnt in St. Giles's

Fields in 1418. Oldfield, Joshua, D. D., b. 1656. Palmer, Rev. John, b. 1729, d. 1790. Pearce, Richard Edward, d. 1673. Perkins, Rev. William, b. 1552, fellow of Christ's Coll., Cam

bridge, a distinguished preacher, a “strict Calvinist," opponent

of Arminius of Leyden, works in 3 vols. folio, d. 1602. Pett, Samuel, M. D. (a bust), b. 1765, d. 1823. Priestley, Joseph, D. D., b. 1733, d. 1804.


List of Portraits.


Rees, Abraham, D. D., b. in Wales, 1743, pastor of Pres. ch. of

St. Thomas's, Southwark and Old Jewry, London, editor of the

Cyclopaedia, 45 vols., qt., d. June 9, 1825. Ridgeley, Thomas, D. D., b. 1667, author of the Body of Divinity,

d. 1734. Robinson, Benjamin, d. 1724. Rogers, Rev. Daniel. Rogers, Rev. Timothy, d. 1729, co-pastor with Mr. Shower in

London. Say, Rev. Samuel, b. 1676, d. 1743. Shower, Rev. John, b. 1657, co-pastor with John Howe in 1690

in London, afterwards pastor in Old Jewry and Jewin St, an eloquent and very devoted minister, d. 1715. Steel, Rev. Richard, b. 1629, d. 1692. Sylvester, Rev. Matthew, b. 1637. Toller, Rev. Thomas N., (medallion model), b. 1756, forty-five

years pastor of a Baptist ch. Kettering, Northamptonshire, friend

of Robert Hall, d. Feb. 25, 1821. Tong, Rev. William, b. 1662, pastor in Coventry, lecturer at Sal

ter's Hall, biographer of Matthew Henry, etc., d. 1727. Tindal, Matthew, D. D., b. 1657, d. 1733. Vincent, Rev. Nathaniel, b. 1644, author of a treatise on the

Shorter Catechism, d. 1697. Wadsworth, Rev. Thomas, d. 1672. Watson, Rev. Thomas, rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, Lon

don. Watts, Isaac, D. D., b. 1674, d. 1748, the well-known sacred poet. Williams, Daniel, D. D., b. 1644, founder of the library, d. 1716. Williams, Mrs., second wife of preceding, before the widow of

Francis Barkstead, Jr. Williams, Dr. John, b. 1727, a short time librarian of Williams's

library, d. 1798. Wilton, Samuel, D. D., b. 1744, minister at Tooting, Surry, and

the Weighhouse, London, d. 1778. Woodward, Rev. William, d. 1691, tutor in Oxford and minister

in Leominster. Wright, Samuel, D. D., b. 1683, distinguished for pulpit talents,

thirty-eight years pastor of a church which met at Blackfriars and Carter-lane, London, d. 1746.

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Within a few years great changes have occurred in the doctrinal opinions of one of the three united bodies. The Unitarians,

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