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Our plan of printing and circulating religious books, is admirably calculated to aid the minister in his work. Let it be known that you do not do this on account of the profits of sale. A just suspicion of this motive will destroy your dignity and usefulness. You do this from the same motive that you preach the gospel, namely, to save souls. Take the Magazine and read the Missionary Intelligence to the congregation, and then recommend it to them; and make yourself acquainted with the contents of our books, that you may recommend them from a knowledge of their merits; and thus teach them the necessity and utility of a continual acquisition of Christian knowledge. This is so far from being incompatible with your character as a minister of Christ, that cannot see how you can discharge your duty in striving to do all the good you can, by neglecting this work. Adieu. E.

January 25. 1824.

Religious and Missionary Intelligence.


To the Editors of the Methodist Magazine. DEAR BRETHREN,

The following sketches will give you some idea of our prospects, and the state of Religion on our district, and if you think they will please and edify the friends of Zion you may insert them.

JACOB MOORE. The Lord is with us. He is gracious- were large-and on such occasions it is ly reviving and carrying on his work in not common that order is preserved many parts of our district. Last Sum- inviolate—but such unanimity of sentimer our first camp-meeting commenc- ment, design, and operation prevailed, ed, according to appointment, on the both among preachera and managers ; 18th of July, at Great Egg Harbour, and such decision, perseverance, gen. for Gloucester circuit. The place was tleness, and prudence were exercised in pleasant, and the weather agreeable; and their efforts to preserve the tranquility during the whole course of the meeting of the meeting, that there was scarcely the Lord wrought wonderfully in the an instance of disorder. A solemn awakening, conversion, and sanctifica- awe, generally rested upon the people. tion of the people. Since then the And on the Sabbath it is supposed that work has continued to progress rapidly ten thousand sat under the word. They at all the principal appointments on were almost still as night, and appeared Egg-Harbour; upwards of two hundred to listen as for eternity. In the interhave been added to the Societies; and vals the work went on and increased, on one occasion, at Wrangleborough, until the mourners were prostrate in Brother BURROWs baptised forty-five every direction, like men slain in batile. adults, and on another, at a neighbour. At the close of the meeting forty came ing chapel, eighteen, besides children. forward and gave in their names to be

Our second camp-meeting was held received into the society, as members in Upper Penn's Neck, the first week in on trial. August. At this meeting, also, the Lord The fruits of this meeting have not poured out the Spirit of his grace. been so great as was expected; yet The administration of the word was there is a good work in many parts of greatly blessed ; and the awakening, Salem circuit ; and at this time the prosconverting, and sanctifying influences pects are very flattering. of the Holy Ghost were felt by many. Wednesday, the 13th of August, was The eneampment and congregations set apart, and kept, as a day of fasting,

bumiliation, and prayer, for a revival On Cumberland circuit there has been of the work of God on the district gen. some work; and about forty have been erally, and in all the circuits and sta- added to the societies since conference. tions severally. The people assembled There has been a gradual, but grain all their places of Worship once, cious work in Bridgetown, principally twice, and three times during ihe day, among the young men. Between forty for the special purpose of offering their and fifty have been received into the united supplications to God; and in societies since conference, and many many places it was a solemn and profita- more are under awakenings. ble day.

The accounts from Burlington circuit There was a large camp-meeting held are flattering. The flame is kindling in at Cross-Wicks, the first week in Sep- the different villages and neighbourtember, in which the Trenton, Burling. hoods; awakenings are numerous and ton, and New-Mills circuits united. It conversions frequent. I have been rewas a profitable season, and we hope cently informed that scores crowd to many were brought to experience the the altar, present themselves before saving knowledge of the truth. God, and implore mercy: and that

The week following a camp-meeting almost whole nights are spent in labourwas held at Tuckerton, for New-Mills ing with those who are seeking salvacircuit. At that time I was sick and tion. It is lately announced that the unable to attend it; but was afterwards Lord is reviving his work in the village informed that it was a time of great of New-Mills. This seems to be a time grace. Since then upwards of one of pretty general excitement in this hundred have been added to the socie- section of the country; and we hope ties on that end of the circuit: and on the Lord will increase it, and make bis one occasion Brother Daily, baptised name glorious among the people. forty-three adults, and some children at The preachers on this district, have Tuckerton.

found it difficult, if not impossible, to There is a good work on Freehold. discharge their duty as it relates to inAt our last quarterly meeting for that structing the children, according to the circuit ten were received on trial, and extent of their wishes. They therefore, perhaps not less than a hundred have after having duly considered the matter, been added since conference.

bave judged it proper, to carry into During the last tour, the quarterly effect a system of instruction, in some meetings have been attended with ex- degree, by proxy. After having classed traordinary manifestations of divine the children according to their circummercy. I will here instance the last stances, and places of abode, they have one, which was held at Broad-Neck, for appointed catechists and instructors to Salem circuit, as a specimen. On Sat- the different classes, and the children urday we had preaching at 11 o'clock, are doing well. The excitement which prayer meeting in the afternoon--in it produces, in both parents and chilthe evening preaching again, and pray- dren, augurs, not only favourable, but er meeting. Several mourners came to glorious consequences. We find that the altar, and after spending some time we are deficient in catechetical books in prayer, they were invited to go to -our small Catechisms and Instructions Brother COLEMAN's, where they contin- are most excellent as far as they goued in prayer all night. About the but they are so small, that they furnish breaking of the day the Lord mani. the children with only a few weeks fested himself as sudden, and more employment. If we could obtain larger powerful than a shock of electricity. ones, suited to the different ages of the God's people were filled with trans- chlldren, it would, no doubt, greatly faport, and some who bad wept and cilitate their progress in Religious knowmade supplication all night, obtained ledge. power over the Angel and became pre

P. S. About the first of November vailing Israels. In the lovefeast the last, I was down on the lower part of house appeared to be filled with the melt- the peninsula, and the Lord was carrying power of God; and it was a solemn ing on a gracious work there. A letter refreshing time in the public congrega- from my sister dated December 29th. tion. After preaching in the evening informs me that it is progressing glorithe brethren continued in prayer


ously. 12 o'clock, and several professed to

Squaminson, Jan. 17, 1824.

find peace.


“At the camp-meeting held on this cirONE means of promoting the cause cuit, commencing 13th September, the of Christ is the diffusion of religious in- Lord was pleased to revive his work formation. It is due, therefore, to the afresh; and although the weather in church and to posterity, to record the many respects was disagreeable, yet we gracious dealings of God to the children enjoyed a most gracious and affecting of men. This duty I cheerfully perform; season. Not less than fifty souls were believing that you and the numerous made the subjects of converting grace. readers of your Magazine, will rejoice Our friends from Sterling township, reto learn that the Lord is building up turned home strong in faith, giving glory Zion on Susquehannah District. Al- to God. A goodly number, strangers to though circumstances necessarily con- religion when they went with them to nected with my appointment, produced the meeting, returned with songs of in my mind many anxious fears, yet I praise to the Saviour of sinners. The think I never engaged in duty with more People of God entered immediately into confidence in God, or greater expecta- the spirit of reformation, and instances tions of seeing good. Two camp-meet- of conversion occurred at almost every ings held in September, were rendered meeting. The work spread from family a peculiar blessing to many souls. The to family, and parents and children were order and harmony which prevailed, seen to mingle their tears of penitence, and the good effects evidently produced and unite their fervent prayers at a in the conversion of sinners, reconciled throne of grace. In the south part of the feelings of many, to meetings of this the settlement, there is scarcely a family kind, who before had strong prejudices but has been visited by the refreshing against them. The work so graciously influence of the Holy Spirit. commenced did not cease with the dis- “Some of every age, from the child persion of the multitudes, but spread into ten years old, to the father of sixty-five different towns, and continues still to or seventy, have witnessed the power increase, especially on

of divine grace in changing their hearts. Canaan CIRCUIT. A communication The amiable daughter of Mr. B. came from Rev. E. BIBENS states, that the forward with others, to unite her sighs work commenced more than a year of penitence with the prayers of God's ago, with several young men who people. Her father, wbo witnessed this attended a camp-meeting on Wyoming moving scene, drew near to his daughCircuit; probably with few desires for ter to listen to what she said. How was religion, but who returned rejoicing he surprised to hear from the lips of his in the knowledge of sins forgiven. weeping child a petition in behalf of “From this,” says Br. B., “the work himself? 'Lord have mercy on my unof religion began to revive and spread converted father', was her language.round the circuit, especially in Mount This alarmed him, and it was not long Pleasant township, where the Lord has before he could pray for himself; nor done wonders in saving snuls from sin. did he rest till he obtained a knowledge The grace of God was manifested not of salvation.

Not less than seventy only in changing the more moral mem- have been changed in heart and life in bers of community, but in causing the this revival ; and glory to God, the work stout hearts of many careless ones to still progresses, and we most ardently bow submission to the cross of Christ. pray that it may spread throughout our

“Prayer meetings were attended in land and country.” different parts of the town, and serious Tioga Circuit is reaping a rich harmultitudes crowded the places of wor- vest of souls. A most gracious work ship to witness the marvellous works commenced at a camp-meeting held on of God; and many became its happy the circuit in September. As it was the subjects. Those who had long loved first meeting of the kind ever held in the Saviour took to themselves new that part of the country, many were strength, and ventured forward to the drawn to the place merely to satisfy altar of grace, supporting in the arms of their curiosity, or confirm the prejudiardent prayer, the souls of mourning ces they had conceived against such penitents. In this revival between forty means of grace. But they were disapand fifty gave evidence of a divine pointed; they were pleased ; they were change, and were added to the cburch benefitted. Souls were awakened, conof God.

verted, and returned rejoicing in the Lord. The flame thus kindled retained WYOMING CIRCoit is in a prosperous its ardour, and extended into different state. A work of grace has lately comparts of the circuit, especially on Tioga menced in Pittston, and a number river. Here the work gained new have been brought to rejoice in the strength at our second quarterly meet- knowledge of a reconciled God. At our ing, and since that a letter from one of last quarterly-meeting on that circuit the the preachers informs me, that the revi. preachers informed me that the prosval still progresses.

pect was generally good; the attention After speaking of the camp-meeting of the people much awakened, and maabove alluded to, he says, " from this ny in different places, inquiring what meeting many went home rejoicing in they must do to be saved. The fields, the Lord; old professors were quick- indeed, appear already white for the ened, and brought to feel the need of harvest. full redemption in the blood of Christ. On a late visit to BAINBRIDGE CIRCUIT, The work of God soon broke out in I found much to encourage the friends various places, and the cry of penitence of Zion in that region. Revivals have was succeeded by the song of joy.-- commenced in some places, and seveThe north-west part of the circuit bas ral have given evidence of a change of been the most highly favoured; especi- heart. ally for seven or eight miles on Tioga Be assured, my dear brethren, that river, including the village of Lawrence- amidst many labours and some trials, I ville, where the work has become very have much to encourage me. I cannot great and glorious. A cloud of witnes- forbear mentioning that the preachers ses has been raised up where a short are generally quite disposed to conforma time since but few individuals feared the to the primitive fashion of holding classLord. The subjects are principally meetings and lovefeasts; and it is hardly young persons ; and it is pleasing to necessary for me to tell you that the observe, that in their conviction and good effects are visible. May God prosconversion they give the clearest evi- per our Zion, and spread the glorious dence of a genuine work of grace.- news of salvation to the ends of the About fifty souls have already been uni- earth. ted to the church as the fruits of this Yours in the bonds of the gospel, revival, and the work for a few weeks

F. REED. past has been much on the increase.” Owego, Jan. 17, 1824.


Wilmington, Del. Jan. 5, 1824. DEAR BRETHREN,

PRESUMING that religious intelligence is always acceptable to the readers of your miscellany, I send the following, for insertion on its pages, if you think proper.

Yours affectionately,

John Ports. During the last Summer and Autumn, and induced the hope (though not withwe frequently experienced indications out anxious doubt and trembling soliciof an approaching revival of religion tude) that the Lord was indeed about among us; but nothing extraordinary to revive his work. Our hopes have occurred until Sabbath evening Novem- been already realized in the addition ber 23d, wben, after the usual exercises of forty-five to our society in this place; of the evening (preaching and prayer almost all of whom have been enabled meeting) were concluded and the peo- to rejoice in God their Saviour ple about to retire, their attention was The gracious change wroughton these, unexpectedly arrested by the cries of has generally been effected in public, two or three persons, apparently in and attended with evidences of the deep spiritual distress ; but as the most power and grace of God, sufficient to promising appearances had frequently put infidelity itself to the blush. passed away without producing any A number are still inquiring what lasting good effect, our expectations were they shall do to be saved; and some who pot highly raised.

have been truly converted to God in The blessed'work, however soon be- our meetings are prevented from joingan to assume an interesting aspect, ing our church by the opposition of up

godly relatives. But what I consider long and earnestly prayed for the pros. one of the most important results of perity of Zion. what may now with propriety be termed Our congregations are large and deep: a "revival,” is its salutary influence on ly attentive. A sense of the awful the hearts of the members of our socie- presence of Jehovah seems to rest on ty who have individually (almost with every heart and banish dissipation from out exception) derived spiritual bene- every mind. Thus far we have witfit from this season of grace ; the weak nessed nothing that would indicate a are strengthened, the wavering con- declension of the work; and we trust firmed, the feeble minded are comforted, that the Lord is about to do still greater and faith and love and holy joy are in- things for us. creased in the hearts of those who have

MISSION AT ST. AUGUSTINE. Extract of a Letter from Mr. GLENN, dated St. Augustine, Dec. 29, 1823. "It will no doubt be gratifying to more general attention was excited by hear of the success, however small, of the the arrival of my presiding elder, Bro. mission in this place. I came bere un- TURNER, on his second visit to this place. der many discouraging circumstances, The Lovefeast which was held at this partly owing to my youth and conse- time, was made a peculiar blessing to quent inexperience, and partly from the many. At the close of this refreshing moral state of the people among whom meeting, the ordinance of baptism was I was appointed to labour. A feeling administered to ten adult believers; and sense of my responsibility, made me in the evening we gave the Lord's suptremble for the fate of the mission, as I per to forty-eight communicants, fortyknew that a failure of success, however two of whom are members of classes unavoidable on my part, would, by ma- among us. ny at least, be attributed to some fault of " From the whole, the prospects are 'my own. But, trusting in the God of good and pleasing; and we indulge the mercies, I went forward, hoping and hope of witnessing an extension of the praying for the aid and direction of the Redeemer's kingdom in these parts. We Holy Ghost.

have access to many of the coloured “On my arrival, and announcing my population, and the prospect of doing errand among them, many flocked to them good, is quite flattering. Considhear the word; and contrary to my ex- ering all circumstances, 'I cannot but pectations, I found some truly serious, give "glory to God” for what he has though there was only a solitary woman done and is now doing in St. Augustine. belonging to our church. I preached as Yes, we hope yet to see the Floridas often as circumstances would permit, which, not long since were completely and soon commenced weekly prayer barred against the intrusion of a protesmeetings. By the blessing of God, I tant minister, but which law is happily soon saw the fruit of these meetings in removed by the cession of those provinthe tears of penitent sinners, and the ge- ces to the United States-blooming like neral solemnity which apparently rested the “Rose of Sharon," and producing, on our assemblies.

under the culturing hand of the Redeem. “Our small number gradually increas- er, fruit which shall redound to the glory ed until the 21st of this month, when a of God.”

Extract of a Letter from Rev. Wm. Capers, dated Milledgeville, Geo. Jan. 23, 1824.

“Our mission at Asbury realises much genius of the church; and is admirably of God's gracious blessing in the awa. calculated to fulfil upon out-posts and kening and conversion of the children. exterior places, the same blessed work, All the missions undertaken by our con- which the itinerancy so excellently well ference, are very prosperous. Our next performs at home. Our missionary missionary report, will I think be an society should never desire to institute interesting one.

a separate authority. It should not, and “The missionary system of our church I trust never will presume, that such both with respect to the original stalk, an authority might better promote its and all its branches has in me a warm interests, or secure its objects than the admirer, and hearty friend. I believe well appointed, well conducted adminthat it exactly corresponds with the istration of the itinerancy."

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