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gouragement to persevere. In the course Dow cannot be admitted to give testi. of the past year, great opposition bas mony; but a religious slave will be been made to the Gospel is preached by qualified for this. The influence of Missionaries. One outrageous proce. Christianity will blend the races, and dure will, I trust, be visited by the laws approximate the colours to each other; of the country; not for revenge, but for and thus it leads to that bappy state of admonition; for in that view only do I society which we wish to see established. trust it will be regarded: but let me say The Committee have done great justice that, considering the number of our to themselves, and to the cause of the West India Colonies, and that there were Society, by the Statement of the Plan but two places in which feelings of that and objects of the Wesleyan Missions in nature prevailed, we must conclude that, the West Indies,' lately published; and by the laws of right reasoning, the ex. from my own personal know edge, and ception, proves the rule; and that these from what I have heard from oihers, I outrages and excitements only prove can say that thal Statement is so full, what is the feeling in the large mass of and fair, and explicit, as to system, pe the colonists. With respect to the out. cuniary arrangements, and control, that rages at Barbadoes, your Committee has lam persuaded you have by it rendered stated that not one of the emissaries from your cause and the cause of G..p the that island, who, little knowing the most essential benefit. That Statement, feelings of other Colonies, proceeded to as well as the General Reports, do great them to endeavour to excite similar out- honour to the Committee. There is but rages, succeeded. They were repulsed another topic on which I shall speak: from every place they visited, which the sending out ot Bishops to the West proves the state of the public feeling in Indies. I can very well understand that the majority of the West India Islands a new arrangement of that sort might Even the public press of every other create a certain degree of alarm, lest island agrees in reprohating that outrage. new men going out, and beirg invested With respect 10 Demerara, it affords to with authority, might intertere with tho your Missionaries a most singular occa. labours of your Missionaries. I have sion of demonstrating what is the power felt it my duty, as far as I could, to of the Gospel in producing obedience to consult special authority on the subject; Government. I hesitate not to say, that and my best hopes are completely real. the Missionaries of this Society are con ized. There is nothing in their orders ferring great benefits on the islands or instructions which would not be com. which they occupy in that beautiful letely approved by you; and that being part of the world; and no man can wit. so there is not a person present bere, ness this effect without feeling that the who will not feel that considerable ad. power of religion on the slaves is of the vantage must arise to the general cause first importance, in promoting the best of Christianity from those arrangements. interests of the Colonies. There are The truth is, the State did not do its some who are sanguine enough to be- duty before to the West Indian Church; lieve that religion will ultimately cause for what any church without a head? the extinction of slavery; and if it did Though Christianity is a pillar that rises so in the Roman Empire, I know not from earth, and towers to heaven, and its why it is not to produce the same effect course is from below upwards; (the prinin the West-Indies No man of reflec- ciple on which it rests can follow no tion, who has looked at the question at other direction ;) yet we cannot doubt all, can help attributing great influence but that great benefit must result event. to the power of religion upon the issue ually to the lower classes from a higher of that question ; but there is much to tone of morals being introduced into be done in the way of religious instruc- that country among the superior classes. tion, before that event can be accom- The Clergy also must be much benefitted plished, and the Report of the Commit. by the presence of superiors; and the tee again testifies in what extent that society in which these dignitaries must bas been carried into effect. If Christ. mix, as far as they can wix, will be ianity is to triumph there, in whole or thereby greatly divested of its licenin part, it must be by increasing the tiousness, and assume a more moral population, and that the institution of tone; and thus the cause of religion in marriage alone can effect; it must be by general is likely to be much benefitted." increasing the property of the slaves, This Resolution was seconded in a and there is no religious slave who does very cordial manner, by GEORGE SANDO not acquire a little property. The slave FORD, Esqr.

W. WILLIAMS, ESQ., M. P., moved moment again call your attention to it; the Fourth Resolution, which he pre. for whether we look to the East or to faced as follows:

the West, it is in progress. In these “When I entered this place a few latter days it is visiting that land which hours ago, I had not the least idea of once beheld that morning splendour of having the bonour of addressing you the Gospel, which has since been eclip. I say honour because I cannot but think ed; and it seems that the prophecy of it an honour to be engaged, though in JEREMIAH is again verifying, that there an humble degree, in promoting that shall be heard in the streets of Jerusagreat cause of truth and happiness, which lem the voice of joy and the voice of you are now met to advance. We know gladness; the voice of the bridegroom, that if the ALMIGHTY were so to ordain, and the voice of the bride ; tbe voice of he would be able at once to establish them that shall say, Praise the Lord of bis spiritual kingdom, as he brought the hosts, for the LORD is good, for bis mer. world into existence, by his word. He cy endureth for ever; and of them that might again say, 'Let there be light,' shall bring the sacrifice of praise into and the darkness of savage ignorance the bouse of the Lord. I do hope and would be dispelled; the rites and super- trust, that this gracious outpouring of stitions of the heathen world would be the Spirit will prevail, till all creatures destroyed; and every creature would shall know the power of God and of his bow in obedience to God. But this is Christ; and be like the waters which, in not the plan on which he acts. He ac- the vision of EZEKIEL, came from the complishes his purposes by the agency threshold of the bouse of God: which, of his word, and for that reason we when he had measured a thousand feet, should be constantly desirous to send it were up to the ancles, afterward to the forth, cultivate an anxiety for its success, knees and the loins; but proceeding and raise our bands in its support. Every another thousand feet, they became a one must be convinced that it is an mighty river, through which a man honour to save one human soul; but the could not swim; and on the right and on design we have in view, is to lead thou- the left, and from west to east were sands and millions of human souls from trees for meat, and their leaves for darkness to light, and from the power medicine. We have lived to see the of Satan to God; and, as at the founda- beginning of these things; and they are tion of that magnificent earthly sanc. hastening on to a joyful close. But I tuary which was raised under the imme- am to call upon you for cordial thanks diale superintendence of the Most High, to your worthy Chairman and Treasurer, there was not the sound of an axe or a of whom I should feel a difficulty in hammer to be heard, so the spiritual speaking, if I did not speak to persons temple will be raised, not by the great who have witnessed bis conduct in times and mighty of this world, but by humble that are past, and to whom it has given means; and will be erected, before those so much satisfaction: and I have to call who are not daily witnesses of its pro- upon you to give your thanks also to gress are aware of it.

your other Treasurer, to the Committee, “ The humble individuals who first and to the Secretaries; and these likefounded the British and Foreign Bible wise you will cheerfully render. You Society, could not anticipate its amaz. have seen the mighty effects produced ing success; but it affords us a striking by the Society committed to their manand encouraging lesson, that that Socie- agement: you have seen how the Gospel ty has now caused the holy word of has spread itself among barbarous naGod to be sent almost to every nation, tions, and among the slaves of our Coland has put into the hands of Mission. onies; and the prudence and discretion aries that ingrafted word of God, which which have marked its progress. Unless cannot return void, but shall accomplish the heads at home had learned to restrain that which he pleases, and prosper in their passions, and to keep silence when the thing whereto he sends it. Withe excited by unreasonable opposition and out this book, all the labours of men, obloquy, it would have been impossible wherever they work, would be compa• that their management, and the instrucratively weak and powerless ; but going, tions given to their Missionaries, could as our Missionaries do, with that sacred have been accompanied with such sucbook, they are teaching thousands and cess as that by which they have been millions the knowledge of the Most High. honoured and crowned.” It is indeed astourishing to contemplate This Resolution was seconded by 'the effect produced This has been al- JUSFPH CARNE, Esq, of Penzance. ready alluded to; but I must for a The Fifth Resolution, containing

Thanks to the Auxiliary and Branch The Rev. H. F. BURDFR concluded Societies, &c., &c., was inoved and se. the Meeting with prayer. conded by the Rev. John ANDERSON, of Thus closed an Anniversary, all the Manchester, and EDWARD PHILLIPS, Services of which were attended with Esq., of Bath, in eloquent and imprus. an evidently increasing interest in the sive Addresses, which we regret that our great cause of Missions, and were limits do not allow us to report. marked by a liberality in the Public

Thanks to the Chairman were moved Collections and Donations considerably by the Rev.Henry Moore, and seconded exceeding that of any former occasion ; by JAMES Woud, EsQ, of Manchester. the amount being £1370.



It is not unfrequently asserted, “ that bouring with the seekers of salvation; Methodist Camp-Meetings cause' more these were numerous. evil than good.” This assertion is made The Lord wonderfully blessed the by such as do not attend them at all, or administration of his word to the awak. such as attend them only as transient ening, conversion, and sanctification of visitors ; neither of which can be accu- the people. The doctrines of the cross rate judges of the matter. But on the were the continual theme; and these supposition that their information be proved to be the power of God unto the sufficient 10 enable them to judge corsalvation of many. It is supposed at a rectly, the assertion itself is inconsistent moderate calculation that more than and absurd : for to say that Camp-Meet: one hundred were justified, and many ings cause more evil than good, implies professed the witness of perfect love. that they are the cause of both the one The showers of grace were incessant, and the other; which is as absurd as 10 and seemed to inundate the whole en suppose that a fountain can send forth campment continually. Indeed the gra. both sweet water and bitter at the same cious influence exceeded the limits of time.

the encampment; for one poor backsliThat wickedness is sometimes com- der was reclaimed in a cornfield, which mitted at camp-meetings, none will lay in the vicinity, and some found deny ; but it will be denied that they peace in the woods beyond the brook. are the cause of wickedness, and ou the On the fourth day of the meeting, contrary be asserted that they are the which was Monday, we held a lovefeast, means of producing much good. That which was almost as sweet as heaven they should be the means of much good itself: and on the same day the Lord's is perfectly consistent; for it will be supper was administered to about four acknowledged by all who deserve to be hundred persons. called Christians, that a seclusion from The meeting was eminently charac. the world, and a faithful and devout at. terised by the tranquility and sweetness tention to the means of grace in the which prevailed among the people; and house of God, for but a few hours, tend on this account it was a little image of much to our edification and comfort in heaven. On the Sabbath it was supposed righteousness. How much more then, that from four to five thousand persons will it advance our holiness, and the were present, yet there was not an interests of the Redeemer's kingdom to instance of any thing that had the apset apart several days together, for the pearance of ill nature. And it should exercises of devotion.

be spoken to the praise of those who The utility of Camp-Meetings was attended on that occasion, that their beeminently realizedat a late one, held near haviour was peculiarly decorous and soBlackwood-Town, Gloucester county, lemn, and becoming the worshippers of N. J. about twelve miles east of Phila- God. It is bighly characteristic of the delphia. It commenced on the 5th people of West Jersey, with a few exand continued till the 10th of August, ceptions, to act with great decorum, 1824. According to what is customary, solemnity, and attention at Religious in these parts, on such occasions, there meetings. This is not only a strong inwas preaching three times a day, morn. dication of the improved state of society, ing i nd evening prayer in the tents, and but an occular exemplification of those public prayer meeting once a day at the dispositions which the gospel inspires. stage. The intervals were spepi in la. I think it may be safely asserted, and

E presume that half a thousand will unite good or evil? or hesitate to acknowledge in the sentiment, that none who attends that it did much good, unless they be ed this meeting, and remained, long under the infuence of inveterate prejur enough to become accurate judges of dice..

JACOB MOORE. the matter, wil query whetber it did

CANADA CONFERENCE. Hallowell, U. Canada, Aug. 81, 1824. who belong to Society in the Grand REV. AND DEAR SIR,

River Mission. This Mission presents The Canada Covference was closed a delightful prospect; shewing the power yesterday, after a session of five days.- of a gracious influence, to reclaim the The result of this Conference has been abandoned, to mend the heart, and to far more favorable than was anticipated.' comfort the soul with assurances of By the divine blessing, peace and una. mercy, and hope of a blessed inmornimity have been restored to the Church tality. At the school room lately erect. in this country. Among other events ed for the double purpose of schools at the Conference, of a pleasing nature, and meetings, twenty-five Indian chil. is the establishment of a Conference dren are daily taughi the rudiments of Missionary Society, Auxiliary to the reading; and such has been the ad. Missionary Society of the Methodist vances they have made, that eleven of Episcopal Church; the constitution of them can now read in the New Testa. which is in accordance with the design ment; though the school has been in of tbe Parent Institution.

operation but about nine months. The The Society was organized on the Sabbath School is also faithfully attended 28th inst. when

the following officers by these children, and some of them were elected, Rev. Thomas White, have committed to memory considera. HEAD, President; Rev. Thomas Made ble lessons in the New Testament. DEN, Vice-President; Rev. John RYER In a letter of the 10th of August, we son, Secretary; Rev. Isaac B. SMITH, learn that the School and Society are Treasurer

both rising. Awakenings have come In the infant state of the Conference, menced in some families in the Cayuga it cannot be espected that the proceeds tribe,among whom is a respectable chief, of its Society will be large. But as a who, yielding his former opposition has common centre this Auxiliary will re- become a constant bearer, as have also ceive the avails of the numerous Branch several of his tribe. Societies, which it is expected will now For the encouragement and support be increased through the province. of this good work, several Branch So.

To the vast wilderness of this country cieties have forwarded the amount of are thronging thousands of the poor of their collections, and which have been Europe, and the older settlements in received, and accounted for as follows: America; who, but for an Itinerant From the Ancaster Branch M. S. $22 00 Ministry, would be almost entirely with Lions Creek Br. M. S. amount out the means of religious instruction. omitted in the Report of last Tbe imperious necessity then, of our year,

6 00 ministry to these new settlements; Trafalgar Br. M. S.

10 00 the cordiality with which our Mission Thorald Br. M. S.

5 00 aries have been received by the people ; Smithville, Br. M.S.

9 25 and the success which has attended

Salt-Fleet (50 M. C.) Br. M. S. 22 00 their lahours ; as well as the willingness, Bertie Br. M. S.

7 50 and ardent zeal, with which our pious Lions Creek Br. M. S.

7 62 and enterprising young men have en Long.Point Br. M. S.

4 00 gaged in this good work, leaves the Beverly Br. M. S.

5 00 subject witbout a doubt in our minds, Stamford Br. M. S.

23 00 that we are called to preach the Gospel JOHN KEACEV, a donation of to the destitute in the new settlements $13 25. $5 appropriated toof Upper Canada. The Indians too, in wards the Indian School room, several places, are awakened to a cono leaving for further Missionary cern for their eternal welfare, and about purposes,

8 26 fifty-six afford evidence of a work of Amount received from memgrace upon their hearts. i everal of bers of the Canada Conference them, from their talents and zeal, promise Auxiliary,

15 38 much usefulness to the natives of their own tribes. There are thirty-six natives,

$144 00

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Several Reports have been received to the gracious work now progressing from the Secretaries of Branch Societies, among our Indian friends on Graud but our time does not admit of inserting River. Yours affectionately in Christ, extracts from them. Some further ac

W. CASE. counts will soon be forwarded relative Rev. T. Masor, Cor. Sec. M. S.M.E. C..


dinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit.The accounts which you present us It is impossible for the bouse to contain in your excellent miscellany, of the the crowds that wish to hear. Our aliar progress of the work of God in the dif. is tou small for the mourners who preferent sections of our widely extended sent themselves as suppliants for mercy: country, I read with great pleasure and and I presume I am safe in saying, that profit: but, not unfrequently is it the not less than sixty souls have professed Case, that we are not furnished with a change in less than five weeks. It was such accounts until the spiritual harvest computed that at least, twenty-five souls has been gathered, and the success com. were enabled to believe with a heart puted. I wish to afford you the means unto righteousness, at a prayer meeting of favouring your readers with such for mourners last night in the chapel.pleasing intelligence earlier, by inform- To God be all the glory. Amen. ing yo, that at the present time, the

Yours with respect, congregation attending at the Kensing.

SAMUEL S. KENNARD. ton Chapel, is blessed with an extraora Sept. 1, 1924.


DEATH OF MISS SUSAN HINES. Died, in January last, in the city of whole of this severe conflict of bodily Washington, in her sixteenth year, Miss suffering, ber mind was kept in perfect SUSAN HInes, daughter of HENRY and peace, and she patiently submitted to Nancy Hints. During a revival of reli- the wise determinations of her heavenly gion at the Foundry station, in Decem- Father. While her health permitted, ber of 1822, SUSAN, with several others the public worship of God was ber deof her young associates, found Him of light, and in the attendance of Class. whom Moses and the Prophets did wrile. Meetings she took a peculiar pleasure. The change, though evidently genuine, When deprived by weakness of body of was not so visible in her conduct, as it these means of grace, though she often might be in some others, because she regretted her inability to attend them, bad always been remarkable for her du- she submitted without murmuring, otten tiful conduct towards her parents, and praising liod for His manifested goodsteady in her general deporiment before ness to her soul. others. She, however, gave evidence of January 5, 1824, she seemed near the her sincere intentions to devote herself close of her eartbly course; but the gloentirely to God, by joining the Church, ry of God appeared to overshadow her, by withdrawing herself from youthful and she shouted His praises aloud. To vanities, and by attending to all the her weeping mother she said, " Don't means of grace. She now became, weep for me. I am going to heaven. more than ever, the delight of her pa. I want to meet you all there " She then rents, and promised usefulness in Socie. exhorted her father to join the Methodist ty: but that Onnipotent Being who can. Church, which he promised her he would not err, had otherwise determined con• do. To her brothers and sisters shie cerning her, by soon calling her from her gave her dying request, that they might earthly pilgrimage, to a bappier clime. prepare to meet her in a better world.

In February of 1823, by taking a se. In the evening I called in con pany with vere cold, she contracted that disease so Bro. HAMILTON, ibp preacher, who asked fatal in its consequences, the lung con- her if she was willing to die sumption, with which she lingered in she replied. She then inquired for me. much pain and distress, until it termni. On approaching her, I asked if Jesus was nated her mortal career. Through the precious. She replied, “O yes, He is



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