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and continued them till some time in Church, seventeen; to the Presbyterian, September or October, when three or thirty-seven; and to the Methodist, for{our persons were convinced of sin and ty-nine. In another class, four miles experienced religion. About the middle east, twenty-two have lately experienced of February following I invited the vil. a change. In the N. E. part of the town, lagers to attend a conference with me where the Christian Society hold their on Thurday evenings, and to pray for the meetings, rising of forty have professed spread of the Redeemer's kingdom.- hope in Christ. In the class in Kings. The divine presence was more and more borough about twenty-five have profesrealized in our meetings, and the sighs sed to obtain forgiveness of sins. Four and tears of the congregation spoke this have been added to the Presbyterian language, “Oh, that my lead of sin were Church in that town. The whole num

ber, as far as I have been able to ascerAbout this time the Rev. Mr. Davis, tain, who have professed hope in Christ who was preaching in the Presbyterian during this revival, from five miles east congregation, called on me, and request. to eight west, is one hundred and nine. ed to join me in the meetings; and his ty-four; and the work is now the most labours were a great help to push for: prosperous that it has ever been, taking ward the revival.

the whole together._Unite your prayers During the work in Funday's Bush, with ours that every soul may be made *here has been added to the Baptist happy in God.

gone,” &c.

REVIVAL OF RELIGION ON ONTARIO DISTRICT. To the Editors of the Methodist Magazine.

meeting-house, and still seem to be pros


But we have the greatest and best The Lord has been pleased to visit news from Lyon's Circuit. Brother This District (Ontario) in mercy the pre- Saben, the preacher in charge of that sent year. And when we contemplate circuit, writes as follows:- we have the difficulties through which we have on this circuit five chapels, and one parstruggled, the disappointment of the en- sonage, thirty classes, and eight hundred emies of the cross of Christ, and the re- and fifty members : some of them were viving of the hopes of the friends of Zion, among the first fruits unto God under the we deem it our duty to mention the labours of Wesleyand FLETCHER in Euloving kindness of the Lord.

rope; others the first fruits of Methodism Four years since, Unitarianism or in the Southern states. In them we yet Arianism, seemed to threaten the entire discover many lively traits of that pure overthrow of the work of God in some love and zeal which characterised those Circuits on this District, and on some holy men and ministers of the Lord Jesus others, divisions and wild and ranting fa- Christ.” natics, caused the spirits of the faithful in From the annual Conference where a degree to sink. But the Lord has turned we received our appointment to this again the captivity of Zion, and made circuit, we came directly to our work, us to rejoice. Though for two or three in the name of the Lord, hoping and years we saw no great awakenings, yet praying for a revival, and it was soon we saw that truth and rational scriptural perceived that the way of the Lord was piety were evidently gaining ground. preparing in several places. Many of

The present year we have had some the official and private members of the glorious revivals. The town of Adison, church, caught the spirit of reformation, on Canisteo Circuit, has undergone a and cordially united with their itinerant great change, in a moral and religious brethren, to advance the cause of the view, and great has been the joy of the Redeemer; and all glory be given to Gnd, pious few who have been praying, and our labour was not in vain in the Lord. looking, for the coming of the Lord, We soon perceived the serious atten. while they have seen old men and mai- tion of the listening multitudes to the dens, young men and matrons, coming word preached, accompanied with tears and inquiring “What shall we do to be and cries for salvation in Jesus' name. saved ?" Several other circuits have had Nor were they turned empty away. In some showers of grace. The last year our prayer meetings scores of these Catharine Circuit was peculiarly favour- deeply penitent mourners, witnessed ed, and more than one hundred were the power of Christ to save, while bow. added to the Church in one neighbour. ing before his throne in the attitude of hood, where they have since built a humble suppliants.

Husbands and wives, parents and chil. and ripening. Indeed we have been dren, brothers and sisters, many of whom all the year harvesting, and are yet in bad been the subjects of prayer for years, the midst thereof, and who can tell what are now rejoicing together and abound the Lord will yet do while his people ing in love to God and man. And pray and believe? through the whole of this work we have This account may appear small when seen very little in our meetings to dis- compared with some from larger fields approve.

The converts appear to take and abler pens, but to us it appears great, deep root in the faith of our Lord Jesus wlio have been so long combatting the Christ, and bring forth acceptable fruit enemy, without winning much spoil. at home and abroad.

The subjects of this work are young, How many have been converted can- , middle-aged, and old, from eleven to not now be easily ascertained; about two seventy-five years. Several thus ad. hundred and eighty, have joined the dif- vanced in life have given the most satisferent societies, on the circuit the present factory evidence of a real change of year. The work has been gradually heart. progressing for eight or ten months;

Yours respectfully, perhaps the seed sown years ago by the

ABNER CHASE. servants of the Lord is now springing up Milo, July 1st, 1824.

AN ACCOUNT OF A CAMP-MEETING HELD IN TELFAIR COUNTY, GEO. To the Editors of the Methodist Magazine. tion appeared very solemn; and under

the second many began to cry for mercy. Dublin, Georgia, Sept. 13, 1824.

From this time the work went on in a Dear BRETHREN,

surprising manner. Crowds flocked into PERHAPS it will be gratifying to the altar, desiring the prayers of preachyour readers to bear that God has re- ers and people, all of whom appeared vived bis work in the thinly settled parts in the greatest distress. On Saturday of Georgia. If you think the following and Sunday the good physician applied worthy of public attention, you may in- the balm of Gilead to many of their sert it in your excellent Magazine. wounded souls and made their broken

For several years past religion has hearts to rejoice. been at a very low ebb about the fork of It was common for these young con. the Oconee and Oakmulgee rivers. The verts, as soon as they felt the pardoning people who live there and for miles love of God, to rise and declare what above and below, with a few exceptions, God had done for their souls, and conwere entirely thoughtless of eternity. clude by exhorting sinners to seek salvaMany had given themselves up to wick- tion. Among others, there were several edness, and others were strongly inclined children from twelve to fourteen years to infidelity. And though they have had of age, earnestly engaged in exborting Methodist preaching for years, but few their friends to fly to Jesus, assuring embraced the gospel; so that oar preach them that He was merciful and would ers had to join in the prophet's lamenta receive them if they would submit to tion, Lord who hath believed our report, him. And it shall come to pass in the last and undo whom is the arm of the Lord re- days, that I will pour out my Spirit on all vealed.

flesh, and your sons and your daughters For the last two years religion has shall prophesy. These words seemed to been gradually gaining ground. A few be remarkably fulfilled on the present miles above the junction of the two occasion. On Sunday evening the work rivers, several joined society, and last spread in an astonishing manner through year they desired to have a camp-meet the congregation. Some who had hithing, which was granted them. This erto made it a subject of ridicule, bemeeting proved a blessing to many. The gan now to experience its blessed effects camp-meeting in that place for this year, themselves. In the midst of this work, commenced Wednesday evening, Sep. 1. a Baptist Preacher who had been labour: It was attended principally by the people ing with us during the meeting, arose of Telfair, Montgomery and Appling on the stand, and declared to the concounties. The congregation amounted gregation that he had no doubt but this to about six hundred. But here the pre- was the work of God; and warned the sence of God was manifested in a power- people, especially professors of other ful manner in the awakening and con- denominations, of the dangerous conseversion of many precious souls. quences of opposing God's work, and

During the first sermon the congrega- of fighting against Him. He told tbem


That he felt as solemn as death. Then this time God spoke peace to many of lifting up his hands and eyes toward their souls. heaven, he prayed God to send "holy On Monday morning thirty-four profire on the people. An awful solemnity fessed to have been converted at this rested on the assembly, and the power meeting, and a number went home fully of the Highest overshadowed the con- resolved not to rest until they found gregation. Some fell to the ground, Jesus precious to their souls. I trust and others screamed for mercy. He the fruits of this meeting will continue proposed to the mourners to come into to appear. To God be all the glory. the altar; and it was soon crowded I am, dear brethren, with penitents who continued in prayer

Yours in Christian love, to God until after midnight. During




The Managers beg leave to lay before Notwithstanding the failure of support the Society a brief statement of their from auxiliary societies, the managers are transactions the past year, and the pre- happy to state that the society is free from sent state of the Institution.

debt, and that there is a considerable They have added to the catalogue four quantity of Tracts in the depository new Tracts, numbered and entitled as ready to supply associations and individ. follows, viz. No. 44, Daplicity Esposed; uals who may wish to purchase. 45. The duty of caring for the suuls of A depository has been opened the last Relatives ; 46, Three queries to Deists; year in Savannah, Georgia, under the 47, A good wife a great blessing. They care of the Rev. JAMES 0. Andrew, have also had occasion to re-print No. 6, from whence we hope many of the on Sabbath Breaking, and No. 36, A society's tracts will be distributed. The Plain Account of Christian Perfection, hy business of gratuitous distribution has Rev. J. WESLEY. The whole number of been attended to as in former years. The Tracts printed for the Society in the inhabitants of the State Prison, Penitencourse of the year is 15,100. The board tiary, Bridewell, Jail, Alms-house, &c. have judged it proper to procure stereo- have been the objects of your benevotype plates for the tract on Christian Per- lence in this respect. In some of the fection, and several others which they ex sunday and free-schools also, your tracts pect will be in constant demand, by which have been circulated, and were received means there will be a saving of expense with apparent thankfulness and satisfacin the publication of future editions. It tion. And although the Board are not is with regret we bave to state the un- informed that any extraordinary effect pleasant fact, that we have derived no has been produced by these tracts, yet, assistance froin Auxiliary Societies du- as they all contain important Truth, ring the year, either by the accession of they cannot doubt but that more or less new ones, or by remittances, from those good will be the result. previously formed. The pecuniary sup As the expected assistance from Ausport of the Society therefore bas been iliary Societies has failed, it appears derived from the contributions of its necessary that other measures should be mumbers, and the sale of the Tracts. And promptly adopted to facilitate the sale here we would thankfully acknowledge and circulation of your tracts, which it the assistance of those preachers who is hoped the Board of Managers for the have ordered Tracts for distribution on ensuing year may be able to devise and their circuits, and hope that such orders prosecute to good effect. will be multiplied. It would be easy for And now, may the Lord of the harvest the preachers to form 'Tract Associations “multiply your seed sown, and increase on their circuits, and a very trifling con- the fruits of your righteousness”-to tribution from each member of said asso- Him be glory and praise for ever and ciation would procure a sufficient quan ever. Amen. tity of Tracts to distribute, to proper

By order and in behalf of the Board persons, all through the neighbourhood, of Managers. by which means much good might be ef

Thomas Masos, Cor. Scc. fected. Let it be done.

Vero-Vorli, July 29, 1824,

From the Wesleyan Missionary Notices.

WEST INDIAN MISSIONS. The Minutes of the Foreign District Meetings having, for the most part, arrived, we have the pleasure to report that, in the great majority of Stations, the work is in encouraging progress. The State of the Societies in the West Indies espe cially, is improving in stability, piety, discipline, and numbers; and many applications are made by the Missionaries for the assistance of additional labourers. In some of the stations in the South Seas, and in South Africa, the Brethren, both from sickness, and the difficulties and dangers of their work, are in circumstances of outward trial, and exercises of mind, which claim in their behalf our special and earnest prayers. The increase of the numbers in Society, on the Mission Stations, for the year, is upwards of eleven hundred members. BERMUDA.--Extract of a Letter from Mr. Dowson, daled Hamilton, May 27th,1824.

The Annual Public Meeting of our not more splendid than I sincerely hope Auxiliary Missionary Society was held it will be useful, going out to our West in our Chapel at Hamilton on the 19th India colonies; two Bishops, three Archinst. It excited an unusual degree of deacons, and a number of Clergy. One interest. The Collection at the Meeting of the principal objects of their appointexceeded that of any former year; and ment, as stated by my LORD BATHURST, when every deduction for printing, &c., the Colonial Secretary of State, only is made, the sum to be returned to the two months ago, in the House of Lords, Treasurers of the Parent Society will is to improve the religious condition of be about £120 sterling, an amount the slave-population. I will maintain which has exceeded our most sanguine that your Missionaries, sent from your expectations; and when the unprece- Parent-Society, have prepared the way dented depression of the trade of these for this establishment; they have been islands, (in many instances producing the humble but useful pioneers who have deep poverty,) and the prejudices en- preceded, and removed impediments gendered here by evil reports, are deeply from its march; and they ought, thereweighed, this sum will appear surprise fore, instead of being accused of a wish ingly great. I have now only time to to subvert it, be permitted to share its give you two extracts from the copious triumphs; what they have sown in tears, and very excellent Speech delivered the Church will reap in joy; they from the Chair of the Meeting by the bave, in fact, laid the foundation, upon Hon. JAMES CHRISTIĘ Esten, the Chief which the fabric of the Church will be Justice of these islands, who presided reared among the slaves in the West on the occasion. He has in this Speech Indies." borne honourable testimony to the bene With reference to EDWARD FRASER, fits resulting from the labours of your a slave, and employed by us as a local Missionaries in the West Indies. In Preacher, the Chairman observed, adverting to some objections made to “ His character is such as to be far the Mission, he observed,

above any praise in my power to give “I will go farther, and in justice to him. Gentlemen who live nearer to him the Wesleyan Methodists, ask whetber than I do, tell me that the fruits of his it is any proof of their wish to under- instruction to the slaves and free persons mine the Church, that in many of their of colour are very visible in the whole Chapels in England and the Colonies neighbourhood. Self-taught, he bas they have adopted its Liturgy; that (to made attainments in literature, (for of come nearer home) your own Society the extent of his religious knowledge is anxious to circulate, and does circi. I shall not presume to speak,) that would late among your members, the Tracts do honour to almost any young man of sent out by the Society for Promoting his age. Christian Knowledge, to its District So “ In fine, I think it probable, there bas ciety in these islands? I will maintain been no such slave since the days of that your Missionaries, in the scene of EPICTETUS; and that, if the heathen their operations, of all others the most philosopher had lived in our time, he interesting to us, I mean the West In- would have been such a slave as I have dia colonies, have entitled themselves attempted to describe.” to the thanks of that Church, which This slave is a member of our Society, they cannot, without being calumniated, -preaches twice a week-leads two be accused of undermining. We see Classes, -and teaches a Sunday-School. > splendid religious establishment, and


Extract of a Letter from the Missionaries of the Antigua District, comprehending ten islands, dated at their Annual Meeting, St. Christopher's, Feb. 2d, 1824.

We wish, in the most earnest manner, But while we rejoice to witness this to call the attention of the Committee cheering prospect, we feel ourselves to the West India Mission, so far as it pained at not having the means in our concerns this District, and to what we power, which are absolutely necessary to conceive to be its claims on their sup- pursue these important openings. Our port. We believe that there is no ex- embarrassments are, the want of more aggeration in stating, that the West India Missionary-Chapels, and Mission-estaMission is now become one of the most blishments; and the very bad condiimportant Missions in the world. The tion of many of our old ones; and calls of all classes of the population here in these painful circumstances we must for the word of life, are at this time more remain, and the work of God be iinpeded, pressing than we have ever known them unless the Committee extend their helpto be since we were called to labour in ing hand on a larger scale than leretothe vineyard of the Lord. The preju- fore; by furnishing us with such pecunidices with which we, as well as our pre- ary aid as will enable us to build new decessors, have had to contend, are now Chapels and Mission-Houses, and to regiving way in every quarter, and we pair our present ones; and thus to follow believe that the way is now gloriously those openings which are now presenting opening for the spread of Gospel-truth themselves for the universal spread of through all these Western Isles. the Gospel of peace in these colonies.

WESLEYAN METHODISTS. We have received the Minutes of the Eighty-first Annual Conference of the Wesleyan Methodists, wbich was begun in Leeds, England, on Wednesday, July 28, 1824; from which we select the following items of intelligence.*

The deaths of sixteen are recorded ; namely, eleven in Great-Britain, three in Ireland, and two in the Foreign Missionary Stations, Number of members now in Great-Britain,

226,939 Ditto in Ireland,

22,047 Ditto in Foreign Stations,


Total number under the care of the British and Irish Conferences, 281,526 Number of preachers in Great-Britain, Ireland and in Foreign Stations : IN GREAT-BRITAIN: Regular Preachers,

707 Supernumerary and superannuated,


80 21 35


Regular preachers in the circuits,
Missionaries, many of whom' use the Irish language,

Supernumerary and superannuated,

Regular preachers and Assistant Missionaries,
Supernumerary and superannuated,



1062 Total number of preachers and people,

282,584 Number of Methodists throughoul the world, taken from the British and American

Minutes for 1823-1824.


P's and people. British,



282,588 American,



329,795 Total



612,383 * For a more particular account, we refer to the Minutes themselves forthwith 10 be republiched from our press.

f of this number of Preachers one hundred and sixteen are supernumerary and superannuated, and sixteen are employed as Missionaries, pine among the Indian Tribes, the Wyandotts, the Creeks, the Cherokees, and the Mowhawks in Upper Canada, and seven in the destitute places of the White population: leaving eleven hundred and forty Regular Preachers.

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