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Religious and Missionary Intelligence.

In the preceding Number we gave some extracts from the last Minutes of the Wesleyan Methodists, stating the Number of Church members under the care of that Conference; and from the September Number of their Magazine, we were enabled to give our readers an abridged account of the Wesleyan Methodist Conferences of England and Ireland, as well as of the meeting of Methodist ministers in the Principality of Wales. We rejoice in thus being able to exhibit to the patrons of our Magazine, the progress of the work of God among our brethren of the Old World, who are prosecuting, with increased ardour and vigour, their vast plans for evangelizing the world, and of bringing all men to “ the obedience of Christ !" Though the Methodists are "one every where—one in their doctrines, discipline, and” general “usages,” yet for the purpose of effecting the great object of their united zeal and energies with greater facility, they are under the necessity of establishing, in some measure, separate and independent Conferences, each having the privilege of regulating its own internal concerns. Thus, the Irish preachers hold their annual Conferences in Ireland, being assisted, how- . ever, in their deliberations with a President appointed by the British Conference, who is generally the last acting President of their own Conference; and their affectionate attachment for each other is kept up and moistened with the annual interchange of delegates, and the exchange of mutual addresses. The following addresses passed from each to other at their last sittings:



Very Dear Falhers and Brethren, we may see the goings forth of the

As in the annual assurance of your divine presence, until our land become, affectionate attachment and brotherly as yours, the garden of the Lord. love, we recognize our unity with Him The difference of circumstances bewho is the Head over all, so we feel an tween your country and ours is too unspeakable gratitude to our common apparent not to be seen and felt. In Lord and Saviour, in whom we have one your country, the means of active inbope and ground of rejoicing, and by dustry are generally afforded to your whose Spirit we feel that we are built immense population:-ourlandis wasted up together with you, one temple and by idleness, and a want of the means habitation of God. We joy in God our of employment. You have a populaSaviour, that it hath pleased Him in our tion predisposed by education and time to excite a more catholic feeling opinion to favour the Gospel,—the amongst professing Christians than in reverse of this feeling is fatally proformer years; but that we should be duced in Ireland by prejudice and more than ever identified with the Parent superstition. You have a capital to call Society is, to us, a cheering ground of forth your national energies :—while hope that we shall be yet more and the violent and untaught energies of more established in truth and love, even our land are liable to the domination as you are.

and misdirection of those who may be It excited our warmest gratitude to dispused to excite our jealousies or God on your behalf, when we read of discontents. your prosperity,--of the glory which That Methodism, in Ireland, should rests on your hill of the Zion of God,- feel the unfavourable influence of these of your spiritual consolations, of the circumstances is natural; and hence abundant success of the Word of the our poverty has inducrd a desire for Lord,--and of your increasing means of emigration, and our rauks are annually efficient and extensive usefulness, both reduced; while the means of comfortaat home and abroad; and, though at a ble existence are withheld from many distance, seeing the land afar off, we by want of trade. Yet when we conwould fain indulge the hope, that yet sider that all the dispensations of God's

providence, even those permitted to by the use of those plans, as far as they chasten our land, are under the control are practicable, the ends proposed will of Him who is the Saviour of all men, soon be accomplished. It is true we we are still encouraged to look forward are still painfully embarrassed; but our for an amelioration of our national “God will provide,” whose are all the condition, for the important benefits of riches in the heavens and in the earth. useful and religious education, and for Could any motive be wanted to enthe more successful ministrations of the liven our grateful attachment to you, Gospel of the Son of God.

dear Fathers and Brethren, have we We cannot give you too warmly our not had it in your continued liberality hearty approval of your benevolent to us from year to year? But let it designs of good towards our benighted suffice that we feel we are the younger country, in the furtherance of Mission- children of one common family; and ary labours, and of a useful and religi- that while we are not prodigal, you will ous education. The intelligent and not despise or neglect our necessities. active exertions of your agent, the Rev. In farther imitation of your wiselyVALENTINE WARD, have not only excited adopted plans, we have yielded to the our admiration of your wise and gene- generous invitation of our beloved Sorous plans, but of your choice of the cieties in Cork and Belfast, in which person to whom you have committed places we intend in future, as well as the trust. To his exertions, and the in this beloved City, to hold our Conmutual counsel of our venerable Presi- ferences. Next year, according to the dent and his colleagues, we are much Resolution of the Conference, we trust indebted in this good work; and we hope under God's blessing, to meet in the that, without the imputation of a too san- city of Cork. guine feeling, we may say,— These are The visit of our beloved and venerated the beginnings of better days in Ireland. President, MR. MOURE, has been most

Though at our last Conference we had grateful to us. His spirit and wisdom to deplore a serious diminution of our have been for comfort and counsel to numbers, occasioned by emigration and us. The labours and advices of our other causes, yet we are thankful for beloved and excellent Brethren, Messes, our present state ; for though we have Newton, Taylor,

and WARD, wbo have had nearly equal losses in this year, God kept back nothing from us that could edihas added to us many souls; and our fy, and strengthen, and refresh us, both increase, upon the whole, encourages in public and private, oblige us to bear our hope of future prosperity.

thein on our hearts,before the Lord, with It is with lowly gratitude we venture feelings which we cannot describe. to say, that, during several years past, We send as vur Representatives, our beloved Societies never were more Brothers CHARLES MAYNE and John united in christian affection, more con- STUART, men approved in all things, stant in religious ordinances, more fer- ---men of our choice and affection. vent in prayer for the prosperity of the Surely we can say with a glad beart, Lord's work, or more truly and deeply - Hitherto the Lord bath helped us. devoted to God, than at this moment. In Hiin we bave had strength and

For the purpose of furthering this righteousness. We are thy servants, 0 enlargement of good to us and our Lord, and Thou wilt save us." people, we are resolved to take heed In all our assemblies we have had to ourselves, and to our doctrine;" to you in our hearts, and have not ceased preach the word " in season and out of to pray for you, that the God of Israel, season;" to preach “ Christ in you the even ihe God and Father of our Lord hope of glory;" and to walk according. Jesus Christ, may be in the midst of you. ly. In imitation of your system of Unto God, Fathers and Bretliren, we Finance, we have recoinmended to our commend you; and may He preserve beloved people the excellent plans your bodies and souls unto everlasting which have been adopted by you for life, through Jesus Christ. providing the necessary means of sup- Signed, on behalf and by order of the Conference, porting the work of God among us;

ANDREW HAMILTON, Secretary. and we have every reason to hope, that, Dublin, July 6, 1824.



cordial esteem for you as joint partakers We welcome the return of another with us of the faith once delivered to opportunity of publicly testifying our the saints. We have, with pleasure,

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received your Annual Address from the ness is already dispersing; the rays of hands of the excellent Brethren, whom divine light and truth are gilding the you have sent to us as your Representa- tops of your mountains, are spreading tives, the Rev. CHARLES Mayne, and alonę your fertile valleys; and the night the Rev. Juun STUART ; men whose of error and of moral death shall vanish praise is in the churches, and who have before the illuminations of the Sun of our entire confidence and affection. Righteousness.

We rejoice in your continued christian It affords us great satisfaction to learn unity, steadfastness, and zeal, and in that the state of Ireland is more tranquil your attachment to the doctrines and and prosperous than formerly, and that discipline inculcated and enforced by trade, commerce, and agriculture, are all the great Founder of Methodism. We improving. The effect of this improvecongratulate you on a diminution of ment will be felt in your financial affairs. your pecuniary difficulties, and a small The adoption of our excellent plan, by increase of your numbers. Your active the distribution of disposable moneys at exertions in the formation and support your financial District-Meetings, will of Schools for the religious education greatly lessen your pecuniary difficulties, of youth, and the laborious efforts of and save you from fùture embarrassyour Missionaries for the diffusion of ments. divine knowledge in the darker parts of By the statement contained in your your interesting country, bave our Address, and enforced by your highly warmest approbation. Under trials of esteemed Representatives, we have been no common magnitude you have nobly induced to continue the same expres. persevered ; nothing intimidated by the sions of our fraternal regard and affecnumber, or the power, or the theat?n- tion wbich you have so gratefully acings, of your adversaries. Your suffer- knowledged in the past year. Your corings have excited our deepest sympa. dial reception, and high approbation, of thies, and your patient and magnani- the services of our late venerable Presimous endurance of them bas claimed dent, the Rev. HENRY MOORE, and bis exour admiration. You have been pre- cellent associates, have been very agreecipitated into a sea of afflictions, as able to us. Your approval of the manner unexpected by us as undeserved by you ; in which cur faithful and beloved Broyet you have not sunk in the mighty ther, the Rev. V. Ward, has fulfilled deep; an unseen hand has sustained the mission confided to bim, in visitiug you; the waves have not gone over the stations of your Missionaries, and your head; and by the grace of God, advising with them respecting the estayou have recovered your footsteps, to blishment of Schools, and the enlargebe placed in circumstances more stable ment of the Irish Missions, has also been and advantageous.

gratifying to us. The reports which he Let but an ardent zeal for the truth, has furnished are equally valuable to us. the whole truth as it is in Jesus, con for the information which they contain, tinue to distinguish you; be of one and honourable to you for the zeal and heart and of one mind in the service readiness which you bave manifested in

common Saviour; and then carrying into full effect these plans, rely with confidence upon all the aid which have been formed for the moral which our firmest attachment, our ear- benefit of the uninstructed part of your nest prayers, and our cheerful libe- population. rality, can render you in your necessi- It is with equal satisfaction that we ties.

bave unanimously agreed to appoint our Dear Brethren, much, very much re. hououred and beloved President, the mains to be done for Ireland ; but take Rev. ROBERT NEWTON, to preside at courage, and go forward in the great your next Conference, to be held in the work on which you have entered, until city of Cork, and, as his companion, our ignorance, superstition, bigotry, cruelty, highly esteemed Brother, the Rev Richand every vice, shall be banished from ARD Waddy. The Rev. THOMAS H. your shores, and the mass of your popu- BEWLEY is appointed to act as the Agent lation shall be regenerated by the Spirit of our Missionary Committee for the of life from God. Fear not; the Lord Irish Schools. We have also agreed himself shall appear in your behalf; his to send one of our Missionary Secre. goings forth will be seen in your sanc- taries to visit the Mission Stations at tuaries The Spirit will be poured from some convenient time of the year; and on high, and the barren wilderness will the Rev. V. WARD is directed to repeat become a fruitful field. The holy arm bis visit to them in the month of May of Gnd will be displayed in the salvation or June, 1825. The ministrations and of your countrymen. The moral dark- friendly advices of these messengers of

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the churches, you will know how to, to be entirely devoted to God, in all inappreciate.

ward and outward holiness. Peace and The present year has been filled with good-will also generally prevail among mercies to us, both temporal and spirit- our people, with an increase both of ual. We bave had peace in all our bor- knowledge and of piety, and an active ders; the poor have had bread to eat; and cheerful co-operation with us in the the industrious labourer and mechanic grand design of universally establishing have had sufficient employment; and the kingdom of God. We behold the tranquility and contentment generally dawn of the latter-day glory opening prevail.

more and more to the view of our faith, In our Societies and Circuits, both at and the Isles of the Sea wait to receive home and abroad, the calls for Ministers the law of our Redeemer. are increasingly urgent; and genuine We contemplate with the liveliest Christianity, by the instrumentality, in emotions the active exertions of benevono inconsiderable degree, of the Method- lent and pious men. of various other ist Ministry, is spreading through the denominations, in sending Bibles and earth. Our Missionary efforts have an. Missionaries to nations still sitting in nually risen in magnitude and in inte- darkness, and in the shadow of death, rest, extending to every quarter of the and rejoice in the eminent success atglobe, and attended by the evident ben- tendant on their endeavours. ediction of Heaven. The increase of More especially do we feel grateful Members on our Missionary Stations, to Almighty God for the triumphant produring the past year, is one thousand gress of the Gospel ibrough the ministry one hundred and twenty-nine, and the in- of our Brethren in America. These crease in Great Britain is seven thousand heralds of salvation are spreading themfive hundred and forty-one, making eight selves through every part of that vast thousand six hundred and seventy addi- continent, from the Bay of Fundi to the tional Members, who, we hope, will be Gulf of Mexico, and from the shores of the crown of our rejoicing in the day the Atlantic to the Western wilderness. of the Lord. The word of God falls Our esteemed Brethren, the Rev. Rich-* not powerless, but is effectual to the ARD REECE, and the Rev. John Hanconversion of sinners, and the edifying Nah, were unanimously elected by our of the body of Christ. Earnest suppli- last Conference to visit that country, cations for the influence of the Holy and to attend the General Conference Spirit have, in various places, been of the American Preachers, in order to attended by gracious revivals of the obtain more distinct and accurate inforwork of God in our Societies.

mation about everything connecied As our aged Preachers go to their with Methodism, and to draw more reward, others are raised up to fill their closely together the bonds of Christian places. We have this year a large sup: union and love between the Societies of ply of young men, well recommended both Connexions:-By this visit ne have for their intelligence and piety, who obtained more enlarged information have offered themselves for the Christian concerning the nature and extent of the Ministry. And it may be esteemed not great work of God, and the manner of among the least interesting features in carrying it on in America ; and rejoice the present era of Methodism, that su in being assured, that the doctrines of many of the Preachers' Sons have of Justification by Faith, of Entire Sanctilate been called of God, and of bis fication, and of the Witness of the Spirit, people, to minister in holy things. A are plainly, faithfully, and successfully considerable number of the sons of our taught, and followed by the same gravenerable Fathers in the Gospel, who cious effects as in this country. We trust have been educated in our owni sebools, also, that by this mission an accurate and trained up from their infancy in the and impressive view of Wesleyan-Me. good and the right way, already occupy thodism, as it exists in England, in redistinguished places in our Churches, ference to its doctrines, discipline, and and are polished instruments for the general economy, has been given to the Master's use.

Preachers and people on the other side Unity, concord, and brotherly kind of the Atlantic; and that God will be ness, abound more and more among us. glorified by an increased unity of faith, The preachers are, generally, of one of spirit, and of practice. amopgst the mind and one judgment all over the European and American Societies. world; one in doctrine, in discipline,

Brethren, we feel that we in affection, in effort to spread the stand on firm ground, -the immutable knowledge of the truth, and in resolution word of God. Jehovah is our Rock VOL. VII.


And now,

and our Defence. He hath belped us come the joy of the whole earth, and from the beginning, and, if we follow that all nations may know the Lord. his footsteps, he will go before us to the We wish you, dear Brethren, all peace end. We see his work extending and and joy through believing, and pray that encircling the globe, and we ascribe to you may be stedfast, unmoveable, always him the glory. Unite with ours your abounding in the work of the Lord. fervent prayers to the Fatber of Lights, Signed, by order and on behalf of the Conference. from whom cometh every gond and

Jabsz BUNTING, Secretary. perfect gift, that Zion may speedily be- Leeds, August 9th, 1824.


SOCIETIES IN GREAT BRITAIN. Dearly Belored Brethren,

demands our most ardent gratitude. It OUR Eighty-first Annual Confer. is the pledge and visible sign that God is ence, by the blessing of Him “whose with us, and continues to give testimony we are and whom we serve,” has been to the word of his grace. But, O Bretb. brought to a happy conclusion. God ren, were every heart throughout our has preserved us in one heart and judg. Societies fully embued with divine charment, in every thing which affects the ity, and animated with that zeal which

eat work in which we are engaged; is “the pure flame of love," how much and or public assemblies have been more eminently and effectually should crowned by powerful manifestations of we be “the lights of the world," and his presence. The immense concourse 6 the salt of the earth !" Let us rememof our friends who have attended them, ber that all the needful institutions for from various parts of this neighbourhood, edifying each other in the faith, and for has been to us an impressive circum- conveying the light and influence of stance. It reminds us,“ how mightily religion to others, are in full operation the word of the Lord has prevailed" in among us ; that we have no points of these populous districts; and we doubt doctrine to settle ; that our wholenot but that the prayers, which on these some and godly discipline has been occasions have asceuded from tens of transmitted io us from the earliest peri thousands of faithful hearts, in behalf of ods of the work, and has remained to the wbole Connexion, are recorded in this day substantially the same, bearing heaven, and will be answered in the ef- with it the authentication of long expefusions of divine grace upon all our So- rience; and that thus notbing remains cieties, throughout the year.

for us, but to " waik by the same role" We give unfeigned thanks to God, that and to "mind the same thing.” With from the reports of the state of the So- these advantages,-- řith all the means cieties generally, which have been made of preservation and extension, placed in to us, we have reason to conclude, that our hands hy the special grace of our they are walking " in the fear of God, Divine Master --nothing can be necesand in the comforts of the Holy Ghost;' sary but our renewed devotedness to growing in grace and in the knowledge God, and the harmonious co-operation of Christ. In this we rejoice, and will of all, in the order in which God has rejoice. Ye are our glory and joy ; nor placed us in his Church, to enlarge the have we greater joy than that ye " stand borders of the kingdom of our Lord, and fast in the Lord." The end of all our to spread, in every place, the savour of cares and labours is, that you may be his knowledge. Let us then, beloved preserved blameless until the coming of Brethren, gird up the loins of our mind, our Lord Jesus, and that, in the “day of and enter more fully into the work ashis appearing,” they who sow and they signed to us by him wbu bas called us who reap may be glorified together. to "glory and virtue.” Let us look upon

The clear increase of members in the our fellow-men around us, who are yet Societies at home and abroad, is eight living without God.and without lope," thousand six hundred and seventy eight. with sympathies more tender, and with So great a number of souls turned from prayers niore fervent ; let us all feel that darkness to light, and from the power of it is possible, in the exercise of a stronger Satan unto God,-among whom are faith in God, to be more useful to the many who were once heathens and souls of others; and by an exemplary idolaters, souls for whom, in many cases, holiness, by regular and conscientious " no man cared," but the agents sent out attendance on all the means of grace, by by your liberality,--is a success which unity and brotherly love, by a zealous

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