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355, 393


SIE Grand-River Mission, ib. Grand-River Mission,

318 Wesleyan-Methodists,

36 Account of the work of God in Holston The Bible Society of France, 37 District,

351 Letter from the Rev. Juseph Nightingale,

73 Account of the work of God in Rhinebeck Letter from Bishop M.Ken tree, 74 District,

353 Revival of Religion in Hinsdale, Pittsfield ct. 75 Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society,

ib. Work of God on Nolachucky circuit, ib. Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Methodist State of Religion in Bridgetown, New-Jersey, 76 Missionary Society, Missions in Western Africa,

ib. Account of a Camp meeting in Gloucester, Revival and progress of Religion on West New-Jersey,

397 Jersey District, 115 Canada Conference,

898 Revival of Religion on Susquehannah District, 117 Revival of Religion in Kensington Chapel, Revival in Wilmington, Delaware state, 118 Philadelphia,

399 Mission at St. Augustine,

119 Meeting of the Methodist Ministers in Wales, 431 Extract of a letter from Rev. William Capers, ib. Wesleyan Methodist Conference in Ireland, ib. Revival in Elizabeth-town, New Jersey, 156 Wesievan Metbodist General Conference in State of Religion on the Mississippi District, ib in Leeds,

432 Revival in Trenton, New-Jersey,

157 Extract of a Letter from Rev. V R. Osborn, 434 Wesleyan Methodist Missions,

ib. Revival of Religion on Ontario District, 435 Report of the Tennessee Conference Mission Account of a camp-meeting beld in Telfair ary Society,

County, Geo.

436 Extract of a letter from the Rev. J. B. Finley, 195 The Seventh Annual Report of the NewThird Annual Report of the South-Carolina York Methodist Tract Society, Conference Missionary. Society, 196 West-Indian Missions,

438 State of Religion on New-Haven District, ib. Wesleyan Methodists,

439 Extract of a letter from the Rev. F. Metcalf, 199 The Address of the Irish Conference to the Fifth Annual Report of the Methodist Mis British Conference,

470 sionary Society,

232 Answer of the British Conference to the Ad. Grand-River Mission, Upper-Canada, 235 dress from the Irisb Conference,

471 Wesleyan Methodist Missions,

238 The Annual Address of the Conference to Eighth Anniversary of the American Bible the Methodist Societies in Great-Britain, 474


OBITUARY. Death of the Rev. Elihu Buttles, 39 Death of Mrs Mary Jobnson,

239 Death of Mrs. M'Arthur, 78 Death of the Rev. Samuel Draper,

360 Death of Rev. Henry Foxall, 160 Death of Miss Susan Hines,

399 Death of John P. Newton,


Hymn for Missionaries while at Sea,

H. Dusinbery,

200 The Song of a Jewess, ib. Pool of Bethesda,

240 The World to Come,

ib. Lines on the death of S H. late a member Reflections of a mother on the death of an of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 320 Infant,

80 From the “ Matins and Vespers" of Mr. Paraphrase of David's Lamentation over Bowring,

369 Saul and Jonathan, by Dr. Watts, 120 Woman,

400 Lines written by Mrs. Margaret Holmes, late Missionary's Burial,

440 of Belle Ville, just before her death, address Shortness of Time,

ib. ed to ber brother, 160 The Sacrifice,

478 Reflections on hearing of the death of Mrs.

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