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40. Practical directions for the man who haies : And first of restraining hatred in general.

41. Storing the mind with good principles.
42. Suspending decision and action.
43. Acquiring a knowledge of characters.
44. Curing hatred by beneficence.

45. Being aware that disgusts are not always destructive of friendship.

46. that our disgust may arise from our faults.

47. Caution about adopting the aversions of other



48. Conclusion of practical directions.


Of Misanthropy.

1. GENERAL idea of Misanthropy.
2. Division of the subject.
3. Description of the Misanthrope.

4. Fallacies encouraged by the Misanthrope: in general.

5. That man must deceive himself, who fancies himself a friend to virtue, and does not promote happiness to the utmost of his

power. 6. The misanthrope deceives limself in respect of his sincerity.

7. in respect of his love of good order.


respect of his fortitude.
9. of his freedom from selfishness.

10. The fallacies in the reasoning of the Misanthrope.

11. The mischiefs of Misanthropy; and first, its making blame useless.

12. Its evil influence on public happiness. 13. - on private. 14. Its encreasing nature. 15. Its evil influence on the Misanthrope himself.

16. Remedies for these evils ; and first of rectifying the understanding. Men differ in their knowledge of morals.

17. - in their opinionis concerning right and wrong

18. Remedies to be applied to the Heart; and first, of care of bodily health.

19. Of correcting one Misanthrope by another. 20. Of introducing pleasure into the mind of the Misanthrope: caution required.

21. The first pleasure offered should be moral. 22. The next religious, 23. Afterwards pleasures of the imagination and


24. This method innocent, when not successful.


Of Envy.
1. Our former method adopted.

2. The nature of Envy more easily explained than that of hatred.

3. Envy a frequent motive of action.

4. how far a sentiment excited by personal qualities.


5 distinguished from Emulation. 6. Jealousy defined. 7. Circumstances in which men are not envious. 8. The existence of Envy universally allowed. 9. Scriptural use of the word Envy. 10. Jealousy is generally mixed with other passions ; whence its power.

11. Effects of envy: and first its good effects.
12. Its hurtful effects.
13. Effects of Jealousy ;-good.

evil. 15. Scriptural instances. 16. Regulation of envy. And first the question whether any kind or degree of it is right.

17. Practical directions for the object of envy.

18. Practical directions for the envious. And first of being aware when envy is our real motive.

19. Of checking imaginations of other mens happiness.

20. Of nourishing an habitual humility.

21. Of acquiring a taste for moral pleasures, or other pleasui es not sensual.

22. Of changing envy into emulation. 23. Of cultivating a benevolent spirit.

Of the use of benevolent words and actions. 25. Method of restraining lighter kinds of envy. 26. Additional remarks on jealousy.

27. Recapitulation, taken from the History of Josep...


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