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From beds of rest,-He cries,-Depart,

Nor sunk in slumbers lie; Watch with pure hand, and sober heart,

For I am drawing nigh!

Jesu! to Thee our voices rise ;

We watch, we pray, we weep! And our low supplicating cries,

Forbid our souls to sleep.

Dispel our slumbers, gracious Lord !

Break all the chains of night! Loose all the bands of sin abhorred,

And bathe our souls in light !

Glory to God the Father be,

Glory to God the Son ;
Both with the Spirit, One in Three,

And all, the Three in One.



Shade, and cloud, and lowering night,

Ye that wrap the earth around, Light hath dawned,--the heavens grow bright,

Christ hath come,- your end is found.

Brooding darkness breaks away,

Stricken by the sun-beams clear; And discerned in light of day,

Real shapes and hues appear.


Thee alone, O! Christ we know;

Thee with hearts like children's made, While our tearful chantings flow,

We entreat, our senses aid.

Cheating visions fill our way,

Colored in deceptive wise ;
Light of Heaven, send forth one ray,

And reveal their real guise.

Glory to the Father be,

Equal glory to the Son,
With the Spirit, One in Three;

All, the Holy Three in One.



Lo! the golden light arises;

And wan night must flee away, Which so long 'mid sin's surprises

Led us on our devious way.

Light of Christ on us descending,

Makes our spirits pure within ; We no longer lowly bending,

Walk in darkness and in sin.

So let all this day pass onward,
Tongues be true, and hearts be

pure, Eyes to earth not looking downward,

Bodies braced to meet sin's lure.

High in heaven the Saviour vieweth

All the swiftly passing day ;
Every thought and act he knoweth,

From its dawn, to eve's last ray.

To the Father laud be given,

To the Son and Paraclete;
Worshipped evermore in heaven,

With due praise, and honors meet.

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Eternal glory of the sky,

Hope, conquering the tomb,
Begotten Son of God most High,

Fruit of the Virgin's womb;

Reach forth Thy hand to help us Lord,

As watchful we awake;
Burning to praise Thy name adored,

And grateful vows to take.

As shines the rising star of day,

And spreads its glories bright, As flee the shades of night away;

On! fill our souls with light.

And let it beam on every power,

Drive off dark night for aye, And our cleansed hearts forevermore,

Fill with eternal day.

Let Faith, first grace bestowed by Thee,

Deep in our souls sink down;
Then Hope shall come, and Charity,

Shall all our graces crown.

Glory to God the Father be,

To Son and Paraclete,
The Three in One, and One in Three

Adored with honors meet.

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