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Morn lights up earth's canopy,
Onward comes the opening day;
Sun-beams climb the eastern sky,
Night deceptive flees away.

Scattered let all phantoms be,
Every sin of thought depart;
All that night so fearfully,

Wrought of guilt within the heart.

So, when breaks our latest morn,
As we go the Lord to meet,
Songs shall welcome in its dawn,
Shouts of joy, its coming greet.

Glory to the Father be,

Equal glory to the Son,

With the Spirit, One in Three,

All, the Holy Three in One,


Hymns at Vespers.



O Thou who calledst forth the light,

Prefiguring days to be;

Ere heaven and earth arose to sight

From void immensity;

Thou who to evening joined the morn,
And called them both the day,

Dispersing darkness chaos-born,
Hear us who weeping pray.

Let not our souls guilt-laden, be
From life poor exiles made;
While onward rolls eternity,
Forecasting its deep shade.

But let them soar to heaven's own gate,

And gain the living prize;

Changed from whate'er Thou Lord dost hate, And pure in Thy pure eyes.

Most Holy Father! bow thine ear,

O Son! regard our cry,

Great Paraclete! deign Thou to hear,
Hear, Blessed Trinity!



Framer of the skies, Who, lest

Mingled things should be confounded,

Hast the waters placed apart,

And the heavens wide spreading bounded

Who the firmament on high,

And the streams on earth hast given,

That the land unparched might be,

By the burning heats of heaven;

O most Holy Father, shed

Streams of grace forever flowing;
Lest new forms of sin deceive

Us, some devious pathway shewing.

Let our light by Faith increased,
Shine within in fullest splendor;
So false vanities revealed,

It shall weak and powerless render.

Laud to Thee The Father be;

Laud to Thee O Son be given;

With the Spirit One in Three,

Reigning all, One GoD in Heaven.



Creator eternal, who framed the earth,

And allotted its place to the land,

Where secure from the sea in its terrible mirth, All moveless and fixed it might stand;

So the seed might shoot forth in the plant and the tree,

And the bright blossom ope to the light;

So fair fruits and rich harvests all plenteous might be, And green pastures spread wide on the sight.

The wounds of our spirits all scarred by our sin ;
Heal Thou with the might of Thy grace:
Tears flowing without, and contrition within,
Shall leave for offences no place.

Thy commands without murmuring all be obeyed, And no guile in our daily walk shown;

Then complete in Thy joy shall Thy servants be made, And the anguish of death be unknown.

To GOD the great Father of earth and of Heaven,
To the Son and the Paraclete bless'd,

Be all honor and glory and majesty given,
Be all prayers and all praises address'd.

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