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So when draws on the deeper night, And darkness shuts us from the light, Faith shall not know its gloomy sway, And night to Faith, shall shine as day.

Drive slumber from our spirits' eye,
Let only guilt in slumber lie;
While Faith shall keep us pure within,
And guard us from the touch of sin.

As dead let carnal senses be,
Make e'en our dreams to soar to Thee;
Nor with his visioned fears and woes,
Let Satan break our calm repose.

Hear us, Thou everlasting Son!
With Father and with Spirit One.
Hear us, as rise our prayers to Thee
All-ruling, Blessed Trinity.



As the fiery sun goes down,

Thou eternal Unity,.

Thou most blessed Trinity,
With Thy light our spirits crown.

Early rose our song to Thee;

Now we humbly Thee entreat

Make Thy feeble suppliants meet,
To praise Thee in eternity.

To the Father and the Son,

With the Spirit, Persons three,

Yet one GODHEAD; let there be,
Seemly honors ever done.




Mgmns for Advent.


CREATOR of the starry heaven,
Who light to faithful souls hast given,

JESU! Redeemer, deign to hear,
Lend to our prayers a gracious ear.

Thou, who to save a world forlorn
From damning snares and Satan's scorn,

With deeper iove than man can know,
Wert made the life of men below;

Thou, Who when all were shut in sin,
Wert framed the Virgin's womb within,

So the God-man, in wondrous wise,
Might be for sin a sacrifice;

Thou, to Whose glorious power so dread,
And name like richest perfume shed,

Bright angel hosts and hell's array,
Bow in awed love, or stern dismay;

JUDGE of that last and dreadful day,
Thee we entreat, to Thee we pray!

With arms of Thy supernal grace,
Defend our foe-encompassed race.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,

All honor, glory, praise, and power,
Be rendered up forevermore.

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