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Hark! how that voice swells clearly out

Dispelling every darkling doubt; See how earth's shadowy visions fly,

As Christ comes glorious from on high.

Spring up thou soul from slumbers deep;

Wake from thy sinful earthly sleep; There shines in heaven a better day,

And blessings fall, with every ray.

The Lamb deserts His home on High

To bear a world's iniquity ;
With streaming eye, and tearful face,

Entreat we then His pardoning grace.

So when again He draweth near,

And earth is trembling all with fear; We shall not seek our guilt to hide,

But press to His protecting side.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Be honor, power, and glory given; Sung by the universal Host,

for aye in Earth and Heaven.

And sung


Come Redeemer of the nations ;

Thou the Virgin's mystic Birth, Wonder of all generations,

God, most meetly born on earth.

Not in carnal union given ;

By the Spirit's mystery, Flesh is made the Word from Heaven,

And the promised Seed draws nigh.

God is man, in way most holy,

Pure from every stain abhorred; And the Virgin's breast all lowly,

Is the temple of the Lord.

God and man for aye united,

In the Christ the only Son;
Heaven and earth in Him are plighted,

All in Him are joined in one.*

From the Father's glory bending,

He again with Him shall stand;
And to Hell in death descending,

Rise in life to God's right hand.

Equal Son of God Eternal,

Put our human nature on;
Conquering all our foes infernal,

Strengthening us, when life is won.

Brightly gleams Thy holy manger,

And new glories gild the night;
Darkness now to us a stranger;

We shall dwell in fadeless light.

* Changed from the original.

Glory to our God be given,

To the Son and Paraclete; Worshipped evermore in Heaven,

With due praise and honors meet.

Mymns for Christmastide.


Jesu ! Redeemer of the earth,
Who wert before the light had birth;
The Father's One-begotten Son,
Co-equal sharer of His throne;
Thou Splendor of the Father's Light!
Thou Star of Hope, forever bright!
Hear the deep prayers that ceaseless flow
From an adoring world below.

Remember, O Creator Blest!
How on Thy Mother's virgin breast,
True God, and yet a little child,

Thou took'st man's nature undefiled;
This day through every circling year,
Bears witness to the love so dear,
Which from the Father's bosom gave,
Thee, Lord, a ruined world to save.

Stars, earth, and all the spreading sea,
With heaven's unknown immensity,
With a new song salute the morn,
When Saviour Thou on earth wert born,
And we, whose souls the sacred wave,
Of Thy dear Blood from sin doth lave,
Hail with warm hearts Thy natal day,
And in glad hymns our tribute pay.

Jesu ! the Virgłn-born to Thee,
One in the Father's Unity,
And both with the good Spirit One,
Be honors everlasting done.

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