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Once the Angel started back,

When he saw the blood stained door,
Pausing on his vengeful track,
And the dwelling passing o'er.

Once the sea from Israel fled,
Ere it rolled o'er Egypt's dead.

Now our Passover is come,

Dimly shadowed in time past,
And the very Paschal Lamb,
Christ the Lord is slain at last.

Then with hearts and hands made meet,
Our unleavened bread we'll eat.

O thou Victim come from Heaven,

Whom all angel hosts obey,
To whose will all earth is given,
At whose word hell shrinks away,

Thou hast conquered death's dread strifo
Thou hast brought us light and life.

Satan and his demon host,

Chained to Thy chariot wheel,
Raging for their empire lost,
Made Thy conquering arm to feel,

Thou hast dragged from deepest night,
Aghast and trembling into light.

O let this our Paschal joy,

Live forever, like Thy namne;
Let Thy praise our tongues employ,
Given in words for aye the same;

Save from endless misery,
Souls reborn, dear Lord in Thee.

Glory to the Father give,

To the Spirit and the Son,
God in whom we move and live,
One in Three and Three in One ;

Worshipped in all time before,
Worshipped now, and evermore.


Heaven with rosy morn is glowing,

Songs of triumph fill the air, Strains of praise from earth are flowing,

Hell is writhing in despair.

Earth's great king in glory springing,

From the deep sepulchral night, While loud anthems round are ringing,

Leads his saints to life and light.

Unless watch the guard are keeping,

O'er that tomb so still and lone; He who there in death was sleeping,

Bursts the seal, and rends the stone.

“ Weep no more! no more be given,

Gushing tears and mournful sighs, For the grave's dark gates are riven,

Christ is risen," the Angel cries.

Be our Paschal joy unending !

And, O Lord, deign Thou to save Contrite souls, that lowly bending,

Pray for life beyond the grave.

Praise the Father, earth and heaven,

Praise the Son who rose this day; To the Spirit laud be given,

Three in One, and One in Three.

Mymn for Ascension Day.

Jesu! Giver of Salvation,

Jesu! all our heart's delight ;
Ruler o'er a holy nation,

Seen by Faith, though lost to sight Mercy sent Thee, Lord, from Heaven,

Bearer of our sins to be ;
Thou in love to death wert given,

All Thy sons from death to free.

Thou hast burst the bonds infernal;

And the chains of death down trod, Gone in victory eternal,

To the right hand of our God.

Lead us on thy path all beaming,

Be to us our spirit's goal ! Send us joy while tears are streaming

Crown with life, each faithful soul.

Jesu! Thine be power and merit,

Victor king, gone up on high : With the Father and the Spirit,

God through all eternity.

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