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Wymns for JWhitsuntide.


Creator Spirit come! Thy dwelling place
To make forever in the new-born heart,

And thy supernal grace,

Freely to us impart.

Thou whom we honor as the Paraclete,
Thou gift of God, Thou fount and fire of love,

Most holy and most sweet,

And Unction from above;

Thou who the seven fold gifts dost bring from heaven, Standing at God's right hand through ages long,

Thou who new songs hast given,

And loosed the silent tongue;

Pour on our senses all Thy holy light,
And to our hearts bid flow the stream of love;

Our weakness turn to might,

Shed on us from above.

Drive far the foes that seek our spirits' sway; And bind once more the broken bonds of peace;

Lead us upon our way ;

And make our wanderings cease.

Make us to own through all eternity,
Thee, with the Father, and the Only Son,

The holy Persons, Three,

The glorious GODHEAD, One.

To God the Father be all glory given,
And to the Son uprisen from the sod;

Who reign with Thee in Heaven,

One only living God.


Blest is our joy! The time hath come once more,

When that Apostles might be made all meet, His Holy Church to build, the Lord did pour,

In glory down, the Spirit Paraclete.

Bright hovering fell the cloven tongues of flame,

Powers giving all unknown, and heavenly life; While to each lip a stranger language came,

Token of love, and pledge of ended strife.

All spake with tongues that none had known before;

And faithless men distrusting power divine, Cried out, that they on whom the Lord did pour

The Spirit's gifts, were drunken with new wine.

In mystic wise were all these wonders done,

When now the holy Paschal Feast was past; And fifty days,-the circle due;-were gone,

Through which remission by the law should last.

Mindful of this great miracle, we pray

Thee Lord, Thy Spirit still on us to shed; As looking up we view that sacred way,

Down which It streamed on many a faithful head.

We are Thy temples consecrate to Thee;

Oh fill us with the Spirit of Thy grace,
Till with our sins forgiven, from foes made free,

We shall in Heaven behold Thy glorious face.

To God the Father be all glory given,

And to the Son uprisen from the sod;
Who with the Spirit rule the hosts of Heaven,

Three persons holy, and One living God.


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Thou Trinity in Unity,
Who rulest over all ;

Bend from on high

To hear the cry
Which watching we, send up to Thee,

In song liturgical.

Now rises the bright morning star,
Herald of coming day;

Night flies afar,

On shadowy car, While light from Thee, breaks gloriously,

And streams along our way.

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