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66 O Godt if I thy fervant am,
If 'tis thy message fills my heart;
Now glorify thy holy name:

And shew this people who thou art.” 4 He spoke, and lo, a fudden flame

Consum' the wood, the dust, the stone.
The people struck, at once proclaim,

“ The LORD IS GOD, the LORD alone." 5 Like him we mourn an awful day,

When more for Baal than God appear;
Like him, believers, let us pray,

And may the God of Israel hear. 6 LORD! If thy fervant fpeaks thy truth,

If he indeed is fent by thee ;
Confirm the word to all our youth,

And let them thy salvation fee. 7 Now may thy Spirit's holy fire

Pierce ev'ry heart that hears thy word, . Consume each hurtful vain defire,

And make them know thou art the LORD.

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I WELCOME, thou welH-Belovid of

Thou heir of grace, redeemid by blood;


Welcome with us thine hand to join,
As partner of our lot divine :

Blessings abundant from above,

Give him, we pray, Thou God of Love. 2 With us the pilgrim's state embrace ;

We're trav'ling to a blissful place,
The new Jerusalem above,
The'radiant thróne, the feat of love.

The holy Ghost that knows the way,

Conduct thee on from day to day ! 3. The staff of promífe now. receive,

Thy weary footsteps to relieve,
The chief support the trav'ler knows,
Leaning on which he forward goes.

Thus if for rest thy spirits call,

Leaning on this thou can't not fall.. With

peace, with ceaseless peace be shod, The shoes of peace receive of GOD; These keep from pain the pilgrim's feet, And make the rugged way seem sweet.

So Sion's paths shall.ever prove.

The paths of joy, and peace, and love.. 5 Thus onyard move with upright pace ;

Stedfast purfue the gospel-race:
Fill?d with the pow'r of crath divine,
Prove all the strength of Jesus thine.

Commission d angels foon shall come,
And waft thee to thy wilh'd-for home.

HY MN 367


1 Forth in thy strength, O LORD, we go,

Thy gospel to proclaim;
Thiné only righteousness to shew,

And glorify thy name,
2 Vouchsafe thine aid to speak thy word

In this appointed hour!
Attend it with thy Spirit, LORD,

And let it come with pow'r,
3 Open the hearts of all that hear,

To make their Saviour room :
Now let me find redemption near,

Let faith by hearing come.
4 Give them to hear the word as thine

And while they thus receive,
Prove it the faving pow'r divine,

To finners that believe.

HYMN 368.


G LORY to thee our CHRIST be giv'n,

For this thy gospel word,
Thanks for the news reveald from heav'n,

SALVATION from the Lord.

2 Glory to thy great name alone,

That life and pow'r imparts ; Now, Lord, thy gospel-message own,

And graft it on their hearts. 3 3 Now let them feel the tidings true;

Grant to thy word success; Water it with thy heavonly dew,

And give the wish'd increase. 4 Savour of life! O let it prove,

And shew their fins forgiv'n ! Give them that faith which works by love,

Which sweetly leads to heav'n.

HYMN 369

EP God the FATHER live
For ever on our tongues,

, Sinners from his free love derive

The ground of all their songs. 2 Ye faints, employ your breath In honour to the Son

Who bought your souls from hell and

By off ring up his own,
3. Give to the Spirit praise

Of an immortal strain ;
Whose light and pow'r, and grace conveys

Salvation down to men.

4 While God the COMFORTER

Reveals our pardon'd fin,
O may the blood and water bear

The fame record within !
5 To the great One and THREE,

That seal the grace in heav'n,
The FATHER, Son, and SPIRIT, be

Eternal glory giv'n.



370. X

B LEST by IESU's providence, ,

Lo! we meet again in peace :
May we, when we fly from hence,

Meet in a more glorious place ! 2 When we once shall there arrive,

Ever happy we shall reign;
Ever with our Saviour live,

'Midst a host of perfect men. 3 There shall forrow not intrude,

Grief shall never there appear:
Wash'd in our Redeemer's blood,

We shall stand, made free from fear. 4 Come, dear fellows, joyful, come;

Forward boldly let us press ;
Humbly let our souls presume,

Trust in Jesu's righteousness.

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