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Germany. Bishop Fabricius has Institution which has supplied been supplied with 1000 English, them. One correspondent says: 250 Bohemian Bibles, and 500 Bohemian Testaments. In BOHEMIA larly within the last few years, a greater

“ If in this district, and more particu. great difficulties exist in the way degree of hunger after the word of God, of circulating the Scriptures; but than perhaps in most parts of Germany, Bishop Fabricius writes:

has been awakened'; and if in some indi

viduals belonging to our congregations “The information which has already here, more especially towards the close of reached me from Bohemia, and which the last and the commencement of the I continue receiving, is to the following present year, such remarkable and cheereffect, namely, that there is a general de ing fruits of the Divine word, and of an sire after the word of God in Bohemia, evangelical preaching, have been mani. and that the people are rejoiced whenever fested, as are scarcely elsewhere to be met they have an opportunity of satisfying it. with on the continent, I feel confident in Come over and help us,' is the constant

the faith and love of the members of the cry from that country; and though we are British Bible Society, that it will be gratiprohibited from so doing, we endeavour fying to them to learn, that the Lord of by every means in our power to convey the vineyard has also privileged them to the living word of God into their hunds." contribute towards the advancement of

this work.” Mr. Otto, of Coser., Silesia, has received a considerable number of

In another letter, after mentionCatholic Testaments, and writes,

ing several instances, which have

recently occurred, of evident bene“That the circulation of the Polish fit having been derived from the Testament is going on briskly in Upper perusal of the Scriptures, Dr. Silesia, notwithstanding there are those Pinkerton adds: who use their utmost endeavours to prevent the people from perusing the Scrip

“These are certainly interesting facts, tures; but it is out of their power: Upper and since the days of the Reformation Silesia is now infected, and the reading of have seldom occurred; and we have good the Bible will prosper in it, and bring forth

reason to believe, that the hundreds of good fruits. This book, which gives the thousands of copies of the Scriptures knowledge of salvation, is now introduced

which we have circulated among the Cainto many schools, and the children are

tholics of Germany, will, ere long, produce actively engaged in committing parts of it many such crops as are now being reaped to memory.”

on the fields of Carlshuld.” Another nobleman in Silesia has

Your Committee do not forget furnished a voluminous account of the simple character of the Instithe distribution of 1500 copies.

tution; but as the narrative, from The good effects arising from which the following are exiracts, the circulation of the Scriptures, is matter of notoriety, the author is frequently noticed in Dr. Pink- himself having published a detailerton's communications, and in ed account, they cannot withhold those of his correspondents; and such interesting statements from your Committee have much plea- the Society. sure in proceeding to lay before « Many adults and married persons you a few extracts of letters bear- learned to read, in order to make theming upon this important subject, word of God. Very many learned whole

selves individually acquainted with the premising, however, that they feel chapters, or such single verses by heart as that the duty of the Society would had proved of great edification to them, be the same, were they to receive and committed the Epistles and Gospels

in the church services to memory. The no such encouragements, but mere

whole day they carried their New Testaly to learn that the copies had ments about with them; and whenever been received and distributed; they could rest a few moments from their that in many instances they had labours, they eagerly took them out, and been accepted with gratitude by În most families social worship was intro

edified themselves in the perusal of them. the poor; and that many of them daced; and on all such occasions a porhave prayed for a blessing on the tion, or even whole chapters, of the New

Testament were read. In fine, the word undauntedly and with alacrity continue to of God had acquired a high and divine sow the seed of his holy word, wherever importance in their eyes, and every one we find an opportunity for so doing; and was glad and eager to possess it.

where this is wanting at present, let us “ The written word of God, and the not be weary in praying to the Lord that preaching of the Gospel, now became of He may himself open new channels for primary importance to them; and they the dissemination of his word! found it to be daily more valuable, more And, O Lord! be pleased to unite thy consolatory, and more indispensable to Spirit with thy word, so that he may acthem. The Bible was their favourite company it with a vivifying power to the book of reading, and their sole guide and hearts of all who receive it, and so that director in faith, doctrine, and conduct. the whole world may with gratitude know They proved every thing by it, and reject- and confess that there is salvation for us ed whatever did not accord with it. The in none other save in thee, the Son of number of those who inquired after the God, who wast crucified, dead and buried, word of God daily increased. My stock but art now risen, and reignest in heaven of Testaments was several times exhaust. for evermore!" ed; but, at my request, the venerable British and Foreign Bible Society always sent

Your Committee now proceed me fresh supplies.

to a brief notice of the various “ This event* is mainly and principally with which your Agent has cor

Bible Societies on the continent the fruit of the distribution of ihe Sacred Scriptures, and affords a conclusive proof responded, and which have been of the blessings which in these days aitend furnished with the Scriptures from the Bible Societies. And, oh! 'may the Frankfort, or, as in some few infriends of the Lord in England regard the result as the most acceptable thanks stances, direct from London. which we can offer for their generous and

The Bible Society formed in benevolent grants of the word of God, so ALSACE in 1830, have received 500 affectionately and so disinterestedly be copies. Its distribution in two stowed upon the poor people of Carlshuld. Many were the prayers which were offer: years have amounted to 1100. Its ed up, with tears of gratitude, to the Lord friends furnish the Scriptures to by them in behalf of their generous bene. Protestants, Roman Catholics, the factors; and the Lord will graciously listen soldiery, and more particularly to the earnest entreaties of his children, travelling mechanics. and pour out the choicest blessings of his Divine grace upon our distant friends! The CARLSRUHE Ladies' Asso

“ May the friends of the Lord also not ciation is extending its useful labe weary in disseminating richly the word bours, according to its means, to of God among the Catholics in Bavaria ! I am fully convinced, that in due season, the surrounding country. The it will, by the blessing of the Lord, pro- MARBURG Society has issued, since duce fruit a thousand fold. By the distri: the time of publishing its last rebution of the sacred volume in the fens of the Danube alone, and the neighbourhood, port, 463 copies. you have enabled several hundred persons The WALDECK Society has disto attain to the possession and enjoyment of the grace and truth of the Gospel; and tributed about 2000 copies, in a there are still some hundreds who are population consisting of 52,000 powerfully laid hold of by the same grace souls. 200 Bibles have been grantand truth, yea, are convinced of the same, ed to these friends. The Secretabut yet do not possess the requisite courage, of the Lubeck Society expresses

a confident hope that their operafavour of it. The Lord, however, who has tions for the spiritual benefit of begun the good work in them, will complete others are improving. The Luit: he will inspire them with courage beck Society has issued in the and cheerfulness, openly and without hesitation to range themselves on his side. whole 5771 copies, and its last reLet us, therefore, beloved friends and port mentions some pleasing evibrethren in the Lord, not desist in our la- dences of the good resulting from bours in the work of the Lord, but let us their distributions. At Rostock, tures fell a prey to the flames, could be done; but the stock of the Cothey have been replaced by a fresh logne Bible Society is now quite exhaustsupply. The issues of the Rostock ed, and thus we need very much to be, as Society amount to 11,879 copies. with new supplies.”

ry in spite of ridicule, contumely, and persecution, openly to declare themselves in

* 600 persons in this place have formed a fire having occurred, in which themselves into a Protestant church. several copies of the Sacred Scriphe says, without exception, sold;

soon as possible, assisted, and furnished To the WURTEMBURG Society, at

The same gentleman writes reits earnest request, 1000 Testa- specting the schools for which a ments have been voted, and Mr. portion of the above supplies were Gundert of Stuttgard having fur

destined: nished an account of a former supply, 300 copies of Van Ess's all the schools in the Kreis Wolfhagen,

“ The word of God is lately desired for Testament have been placed at his and in the Kreis Rotenburg, in the coundisposal. The issues of the Wur- try of Hessen. Now, the Berg Bible Sotemburg Society from its com- ciety has sent 700 copies to the Kreis mencement, amount to 234,774 schools (some of them are attended by

Wolfhagen for the schuols; but for the 62 copies.

150 children) in the Kreis Rotenburg, The Bavarian Society states its not a copy is yet sent. Besides this, the distributions to have amounted to Rev. Mr. Busch at Lohlback in the Kreis 3130 Bibles and 374 Testaments. the word of God for many schools in that


has requested 540 copies of A supply of 500 Testaments has district, and to him also not a copy has been granted to it. The Saxon yet been sent.” Society is carried on with consi

The BERG Bible Society at Elderable success, having issued dur

BERFELD, has been furnished with ing the year 3940 Bibles and 402

450 Bibles and 1998 Testaments, Testaments.

and has remitted 60l. Its issues The Neuwied Society has issued in the year amount to 8624. Col814 copies during the year, and porteurs have been employed with showed your Agent a list of 50 fa- much success. The friends write: milies, in a single village, which had been found without the Scrip

" In the moan time, we continue to re-1 tures. At Bonn, Professor Scholtz ceive, through our colporteur, the most has taken charge of 400 copies of Upper Berg, Nassau, Lugen, Witgenstein,

cheering intelligence from the districts of Van Ess's Testament for distribu- Berlonburg, and other parts, proving to us tion among the Catholics, and 100 that the hunger after God's word is very Hebrew Bibles and 50 Greek Tes- great, while, at the same time a grievous

want of Bibles prevails in the Protestant taments have been voted for the countries. A fresh door has also been poor students in the university. opened to us in the district of Treves, on The Cologne Society has re

the mountains of the Hundsrucken, borceived fresh supplies from Frank- dering on the frontiers of France, for infort of 500 Bibles and 1570 Testa- troducing into that benighted country the

living word of God which lighteth every ments, and remitted 501. There have likewise been forwarded from London, 1000 pocket Testaments,

Professor Tholuck, of HALLE,

has received a further supply of to meet an extraordinary demand which has arisen among the Saxon 66 Hebrew Bibles, and 100 Gertroops stationed in that city. Of man Bibles and Testaments. The this desire Mr. Stockfield, a mis- Bibles formerly granted have been, sionary residing there, writes:


nor have they, he adds, been unac« The desire after the New Testament is, at present, in this country very great companied with the blessings of

the Lord. The association at among the many thousands of soldiers that are now here, chiefly from countries BUCHWALD, under the presidency in which Bible Societies have yet done of the Countess of Reden, has been but very little. Thus the Lord has now

furnished with 250 Bibles. The opened a door before us for the circulation of his word, even in those countries where BUNTZLAU Society has received till this time but very little or nothing 100 Van Ess's Testaments. To


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BRESLAU 500 have been forwarded. circulation of the Scriptures, without the

The Posen Society is in a state of Apocrypha, wherever it could be effected. considerable activity, and has cir- of the word of God, this is likely to be

In parts where the poor are very destitute culated during the year 1699 co- the case to a considerable extent, at very pies. They have solicited further reduced prices, or gratuitously, where help, and 410 Bibles and 1100 Tes- needful; and even amongst the adherents taments have been granted. The

to the Apocrypha there is, in many in

stances, found a disposition to co-operate MEMEL Society has applied for for the benefit of the poor and destitute. and received 400 Lutheran Testa- Amongst the Catholic population in ments.

Bavaria, within the last sixteen years, 20 editions of Gosner’s New Testament have been printed and circulated, to the extent

of 160,000 copies. In France the distri. A member of the Committee of bution amongst the Catholicks is still prothe British and Foreign Bible Sogressively increasing: the first quarter of

the present year the return was 50 copies ciety, in a letter to the Treasurer of the New Testament, and the second of the Philadelphia Bible Society, quarter it exceeded 60, with a growing of the date of 230 July, ult., com- demand from extensive districts throughmunicates the following interesting

out that long neglected land, where the

moral effects information.

becoming silently,

but powerfully, apparent, to ibe joy and “ Of the character of the late annual encouragement of many benevolent permeeting of the British and Foreign Bible sons who are actively devoting themselves Society, you will have seen something in to promote the circulation. Some inthe printed sketch of the speeches con

stances of a very affecting character are tained in the monthly extracts: its con

communicated from time to time. trast with that of the preceding year

The late appointment of a bishop to Inwas most striking, affording a delightful dia has afforded great satisfaction to the manifestation of Christian principle and friends of Christianity, the Rev. Daniel Christian feeling, on the simple object of Wilson, not only possessing eminent liteBiblo circulation, in which the followers rary attainments, but being an eminently of Christ may rejoice to co-operate with pious and devoted minister

of Christ, and the whole family of man. Many wander- active worker with Bible and Missionary ers have been brought back, and others societies in his native country, for the last that were hesitating, have been confirmed 25 years. He goes out attended by the in the great principle of the society, ac

benedictions and prayers of every denoknowledging the correctness of a steady mination; and it is hoped he will be spared adherence thereto at all hazards. The for extensive usefulness in India. good hand of our God has thus mercifully

Mr. Cresson is actively exciting an ininterposed on behalf of the society, in the terest in the American Colonization Soseason of apprehension, and to his name ciety; and by many amongst us it is view. be all the glory.

ed with much favour. Mr. Clarkson, the You will be aware of Mr. James Thom. great friend of Africa and of the negroes, son having some time since gone to visit bas addressed to him a most valuable letthe West Indies on behalf of the Bible ter on the society, which will no doubt be Society: in Antigua his endeavours have published with you, and may produce been peculiarly blessed; no less than some important effects on the publick twenty associations having been establish- mind in forwarding its great object. ed amongst the slaves on different estates, with the full approbation of the proprie- ly extracts of Correspondence,"

It also appears from the “Monthtors. In one of the societies are upwards for August, ult., of this society, of 500 members, whose united contributions on one occasion were $120, for the that application had been made for benefit of their destitute fellow slaves. In 10 Arabic Bibles and 50 Arabic Nevis, St. Kitts and Montserrat, also New Testaments, to be sent by the something has been done to promote Scripture circulation; and even in Gua expedition about to proceed up the daloupe and Martinique, to promote the river Niger, under the direction of same object, through the booksellers. the Landers, who have lately re

Dr. Patterson has been for some time past turned by that river from the inengaged for the Bible Society, on a jour- terior of Africa. These Bibles ney through Sweden and Norway, with a view to reanimate the societies in those and Testaments are intended for parts, and to promote a more extensive the kings and princes of the Al.

rican tribes of the interior, many reported a series of resolutions, which of whoin can read the Arabic lan- were adopted. In these resolutions the

Board express their approbation of the guage.

memorial and proceedings of the Prudential committee in relation to these subjects, and also of the measures adopted under

the sanction of the Prudential committee DOMESTICK.

by Messrs. Worcester and Butler, for

bringing their case before the Supreme American Board of Commissioners Court of the United States. They also for Foreign Missions.

express their satisfaction in view of the

decision of that high tribunal, and inThe annual meeting of the

struct the Prudential committee to adopt Board was held on Wednesday the such other measures as they may think 3d inst., in the Murray Street expedient for protecting the persons and church, New York. The follow- rights of the missionaries. They declare

their continued confidence in the impriing members of the Board were

soned missionaries, and their fraternal present.

sympathy with them in the painful sepaHon. John Cotton Smith, President, ration from the Christian privileges, their Hon. Stephen Van Rensselaer, Rev. Da- families, and their missionary labours, and vid Porter, D. D., Rev. Archibald Alex- in the protracted and illegal imprisonment ander, D. D., Rev. Calvin Chapin, D.D.,

to which they have been subjected for Hon. Jonas Platt, Rev. Samuel Miller, more than a year; and in conclusion comD. D. Rev. Thomas M'Auley, D. D.,

mend them and their bereaved families to Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. D., Rev. Leo- the prayers of the friends of missions nard Woods, D. D., Rev. William Allen, throughout the country. D.D., John Tappan, Esq., Rev. Warren Publick Meetings in New York and PhiFay, D. D., Hon. Nathaniel W. Howell, ladelphia, in Muy —The Prudential comRev. Justin Edwards, D. D., Rev. Benj. mittee were instructed to confer with the B. Wisner, D. D., Eleazer Lord, Esq., auxiliary society of New York and BrookHenry Hill, Esq, Rev. Gardiner Spring, lyn on the subject of holding a publick D. D., Rev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D., Rev. meeting in behalf of foreign missions in N. S. Beman, Rev. Wm. M. Murray, D.D., New York during the week of the reliRev. Thomas DeWitt, D. D., Hon. The gious anniversaries in May, and also with odore Frelinghuysen, John Nitchie, Esq, ihe auxiliary society of Philadelphia, in S. V. S. Wilder, Esq.

regard to a similar meeting in that city James Farish, Esq., of Bombay, during the week of religious anniversa

ries there in the same month. was elected a correspondent meni

The next annual meeting of the Board ber of the Board, and 14 others, is to be held in Philadelphia on the third from different states in the Ameri- Wednesday of September, 1833, at 10 A.M. can Union. From the New York The Rev. Dr. M'Auley was appointed to Observer we make the following M.Murray his alternate.

deliver the sermon, and the Rev. Dr. extracts.

Donations from the Bible and Tract Societies.-The Board acknowledge, with gratitude, the donation from the American Bible Society, of $5,000 for printing the Scriptures in the Mahratta language

We have received from the Rev. at Bombay, and $5,000 for the like object Mr. William Ramsey, missionary in the language of the Sandwich Islands ; of the A. B. C. F. M. at Bomand the donation from the American bay, a pamphlet neatly printed at Tract Society, of $2,600, for printing Tracts in Bombay, Ceylon, Southeastern

the American mission


in Asia, the Mediterranean, and the South that city, which we shall give Sea Islands,

entire, except the tables at the The Imprisoned Missionaries.—The close. The statements of this committee to whom was referred the me. publication are full of interest. morial of the Prudential committee, claim. ing the protection of the United States' has sustained a great loss in the

Since its publication, the mission government for the missionaries and property of the Board at the Missionary sta

death, by cholera, of the Rev. Mr. tions among the Southwestern Indians, Harvey.

Ch. Adv.-Vol. X.


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