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526 Charge delivered at the Ordination of Missionaries. Dec. pathize, if not exactly all that they African climate_“ Shall men oí would do for themselves, yet all that the world, influenced solely by the they would wish others to do for love of gain, run every hazard of clithem, in the circumstances contem- mate, and incurevery inconvenience plated. It is a modification and ex. of savage life and habits, to accuercise of this principle of sympathy mulate wealth; and shall no miniswhich makes the cause of Christ, ter of Christ be willing to face the with every genuine disciple, his own same dangers, and endure the cause; and makes the believer en- same privations, to save the imter feelingly into the situation, du- mortal souls of the perishing beaties, labour, and trials, of everythen!"-0 Christian brethren! faithful minister of our Lord Jesus. shall we not give the warmest It is, therefore, manifestly the sympathies of our hearts, to these source and vital spring of holy, dear young men, when they feel, amiable, liberal, devoted, vigorous and speak, and act, in this manner. action, in the Redeemer's cause Weshall; we will; we cannot refuse and service. The lively exercise it; we cannot help it: as Chrisof this powerful Christian princi. tians, we cannot-I had almost ple, will make him that feels it said, as human beings we canthink and act, in some good mea. not. sure, as the Saviour himself did. And then, think of the object of It will make him emulate the ex- this mission. It is to carry the ample of the apostles and primi- torch of the gospel into the Egyptive Christiansemen of like pas- tian darkness of Central Africa. sions with ourselves. He will aim In the early periods of the Christo feel, think and do as they did, in tian church, the gospel in its puendeavouring to extend, to adorn, rity was enjoyed, in a portion of the and to recommend the cause of northern part of this country, borour Redeeming God, and to bring dering on the Mediterranean Sea. perishing sinners to become par. There flourished Cyprian, bishop of iakers of his great salvation. Carthage, and Augustin, bishop of

Now, beloved hearers, there is, Hippo, with a number of pure and in the case of these young breth- prosperous churches under their ren, and in the mission with care; but for centuries past the which they are charged, every one candle of the Lord has been utterly thing that is caculated to awaken extinguished in that entire region. our Christian sympathy into its The whole coast has long been most intense action. These de- under the Mohammedan delusion voted youth are not only going to and domination. do what is common to all foreign At a very early period, Chrismissionaries-to leave behind tianity was planted on a part of them the dearest earthly relatives, the eastern coast of Africa; supand the still dearer ordinances posed by many to have been carand privileges of the gospel, in a ried there by the eunuch, treasuChristian land; but they are going rer to Candace, queen of Ethiopia, to encounter perils and hardships, who was baptized by Philip, as reunusual and extraordinary, even corded in the Acts of the Aposto missionaries themselves; so tles. An Ethiopic version of the much so, indeed, that if this holy Scriptures, or of a part of them, enterprise had not been that of still exists; and there is a remtheir own choice and preference, nant of what is called a Christian the society that sends them would church, still to be found in that not have recommended it. But, country; but those who professedsaid one of them to me when re- ly belong to it, are so lost in ignominding him of the dangers of an rance and error, that the most of


them are little better than the hea- glorious redemption of that prethen and Mohammedans, among cious Saviour, to whom the eterwhom they are mingled. In South nal Father has promised that “he Africa, the missions of the London shall have the heathen for his inMissionary Society are prospering heritance, and the uttermost parts gloriously—and on the western of the earth for a possession.” coast, the small Christian estab- The first effort of our missionlishments at Sierra Leone, and Li- aries will be, an exploring tour; beria, are known to us all.

to ascertain where missionary staNow the result of this short tions may be most advantageously review is, that probably more established; and thus to be piothan nineteen-twentieths of the neers in an invasion of Satan's eminhabitants of the immense con- pire, where he has reigned undistinent of Africa, are under the turbed, for ages in long succession. absolute dominion of Pagan super. It is hoped that from information stition, and Mohammedan delu- derived from this exploring exsion. The interior of the country pedition, a host of missionaries is indeed but little known; yet will at length go forth, and display from some late discoveries it is the banner of the cross, and proascertained, that a very considera- claim freedom to the captives of sin ble part of it is well peopled; and and the slaves of the prince of darkthat many of the tribes are not ness, till the liberty wherewith fierce barbarians, but of a gentle Christ Jesus makes his followers and even timid disposition-having free, shall bless the uncounted mymade some progress in the useful riads of wretched, hapless Africa. arts, possessing most of the do. I do affirm, that from the days of mestick animals, disposed to be the apostles to the present hour, kind and hospitable to strangers, in my judgment, a more noble and inhabiting a country as healthy Christian enterprise was never unas any part of the world in the dertaken; a wider scope for the same latitudes. The strong pro- triumphs of the cross was never bability is, that in what is called contemplated, by the good soldiers Central Africa, there is a region of Jesus Christ. And if the great thrice as large as the whole terri. Captain of Salvation shall go forth tory of the United States, popu- with these devoted men, shall prolated with many millions of inha. tect them from the numerous danbitants, on whom not a single ray gers and enemies with which they of the Sun of righteousness has will have to contend, and shall ever dawned; who have never so eventually crown their efforts with much as heard of the name of success, a more glorious achieveJesus, but are groping in all the ment will never have been witdarkness, and all the degradation nessed, in the fields of missionary of heathen superstition; and pass- daring, toil and conquest. All your ing, generation after generation, sympathies, Christian brethren, into eternity, unapprized of what are, I am satisfied, at this moment, is to ineet them there, till a change alive and enlisted, in behalf of this of destiny is forever hopeless. soul animating purpose and plan of To these ungospelized millions of Christian benevolence. And do perishing heathen, those mission- you ask how we are to show our ary young men now before you, sympathy? I answer are determined, in reliance on the 2. We must pray a great deal, grace and protection of Almighty and with strong faith, that God God, to endeavour to find their may have these our dear missionway; and there to tell of the un- aries constantly in his holy keepsearchable riches of Christ-the ing; prosper their voyage across

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the ocean; preserve them from the nighted, dreary, long neglected, pestilential influence of the Afri- and much injured Africa-That can coast and climate;* save them thus, from this region of the shafrom every fatal and dangerous dow of death, myriads of redeemaccident; incline the natives to re- ed and sanctified spirits may yet ceive them kindly; enable them to rise, and join the General Assemwithstand every temptation, that bly and church of the first born would seduce them from virtue, whose names are written in heaven, and injure their Christian charac- and unite in the song of Moses and ter; fortify their minds against the Lamb, in strains of celestial every dismaying object or appear- bliss, to all eternity. ance; grant them patience to en- Dear Christian brethren-I must dure disappointments, privations, state it as my conviction, that a provocations, sickness, and every chief reason why there are not calamity that may befall them; more evangelical missions, and bestow on them the light of his why those which exist are not countenance, the special consola- more successful, is, that the peotions of grace, much of his sensible ple of God do not pray more, and and supporting presence, and those more as they ought to pray, in reanticipations of the eternal rest gard to this great object. And and reward of the faithful servants now that the first mission which of the Lord Jesus, which bear the the Presbyterian church, single soul above all the scenes of earth~ handed, has ever sent beyond the joyful and sorrowful alike. Wemust boundaries of this continent-now also pray much, and with much ear- that this first infant mission is on nestness, for the desired success the eve of its departure, I charge of this mission; that the good pro- you, in the name of God, and I vidence and abounding grace of charge my own soul, to pray for God may give our brethren an it incessantly; not with formality, open door of access to the heathen; but, with God's help, in holy may, by the powerful influence of agony-with pleadings and groanhis Holy Spirit, incline them to ings that cannot be uttered To listen favourably to the messages pray for the success of this misof the gospel; to receive the truth sion, almost whenever we pray for in the love of it, and submit them- ourselves; and with as much earselves willingly and sweetly to the nestness as we pray for ourselves, sceptre of the Prince of Peace. In or for the dearest objects of our a word, we must plead with strong affections To pray for it in the *cries and tears, that under the dis- closet, in the family, in the social pensation of the gospel, God may prayer meeting, in the publick grant his all powerful, soul-trans- worship of the sanctuary, and in forming grace to the heathen of the monthly concert. Doing this, Africa; make them new creatures we may reasonably hope that God in Christ Jesus; give them re- will bless the mission-bless the pentance unto life; a vital union effort, whether immediately sucto the Saviour by faith; clothe cessful or not-bless it as one of them with his finished righteous. the events that shall be instrumenpess for justification; make them tal in bringing on the millennial holy, humble, exemplary Chris- glory; when every language, and tians; form them into churches; kindred, and people, and tongue, extend the reign of Immanuel over shall speak the praise of God, and the ruins of Satan's empire, in be- of his Christ-when his "name * Alas! it never occurred to the speak

shall be hallowed, his kingdom er, that they might die of the pestilence come, and his will be done on before they left their native shores. earth as it is in heaven.”

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3. Finally.-We owe it as a sa- salvation of immortal souls; on cred duty to these missionaries, to the evangelizing of the lieathen; provide for their personal support on the travail for them of the Reand comfort, and the success of deemer's soul; on the conversion their undertaking, so far as this of this sin ruined world to God. can be done by pecuniary contri- To what end can wealth be so probutions. After doing all that we perly consecrated, for what purcan do—all that money, and effort, pose can it be so worthily employand Christian sympathy can effect, ed, as in promoting the best, the the missionaries will have to make eternal interests of perishing imsacrifices, with which all that we mortals? Ah! the day will come, make, can bear no comparison. when this will be considered as This they expect, and for this they "the great object for which it is have been disciplining their minds. desirable to possess property-to But surely, brethren, we ought not possess, in order to employ it, in to neglect a single thing that can extending the Redeemer's kinglighten their burden—not a single dom, and rescuing sinners from thing that may contribute to ena- eternal death. Yes, and the hour ble them to endure without faint- will come to each of us, either in ing, the arduous labours and trials this world or in the next-either that await them. Every practicable before, or at the day of final judgaccommodation in their out-fit- ment-when that part of our subevery article that can be of use to stance which we shall have exthemselves, or which they may pended to promote the salvation use to advantage in their inter- of souls, will give us more satiscourse with the natives of Africa, faction in the review, than all we ought, with all readiness, and that we shall have devoted to the liberality, and assiduity, to fur- gratification of ourselves, or our nish. And this, it is confidently families, in superfluities which we expected and believed, will be ought to have denied ourselves, done.

to augment our efficiency in doing But this is not all. It is in- good to the souls and the bodies deed but the smallest part of our of necessitous perishing menduty, in this great concern. Per- candidates with ourselves, for the manent funds for the support and weal or wo of a dread eternity. the extension of this and of similar Let us then, brethren, begin this missions, must be provided. It will evening to contribute as we ought be to the honour of our church, if to evangelical missions, and conit shall be seen that the ample tinue in the same to our dying ability and means which we cer- hour. So, in the name of God, i tainly possess, shall be readily and charge you, and I charge my own cheerfully drawn into action, for soul. Amen. the support of foreign missions, when they are under our own direction; and it will be our lasting

From the Christian Observer. reproach and disgrace, if any signal deficiency in this matter shall ON THE GRACIOUS OPERATIONS OF be witnessed. But let us go far beyond all personal, cr denomina- In answer to your correspontional concerns and views. While dent, A. L. permit me to offer a we pay, as we ought, a certain few observations on the question degree of regard to the reputation “What are, and what are not, disof the church with which we are tinguishing and essential charac.connected, let our thoughts be ters of the gracious operation of chiefly and directly fixed on the the Holy Spirit on the soul?”

Ch. Adv.-Vol. X.


3 X

Without attempting to enume- Jesus Christ, with love to God and rate the various operations of the to our neighbour grounded upon Holy Spirit on the soul of man, I them. Nor is it one of his chawill mention a few only. The sin- racteristics to discover new duties, ner, being delivered from the ef- not already taught in Scripture; fects of delusion and wicked pas- but rather to free our minds from sions, perceives things in a new the effects of our various prejulight: if, then, humbly examining dices and corrupt passions, that ourselves by the sacred word, we we may discern spiritual things, become conscious of our desires and understand the nature and and affections being sanctified, glory of revealed truth. Lastly, and perform actions acceptable to miraculous and prophetical gifts God, we may conclude that this are not a distinguished and essenis effected “by the Spirit which tial” marks, or marks at all, of dwelleth in us.” For we must as- His “gracious operations;" so cribe all that is true and good to that even if they were now vouchHis sacred influence. His opera- safed, which it is clear they are tions are “to work in us, both to will not, they would not come under and to do;" "to quicken the dead the present question. in sin;" to raise fallen man" from

M. G. H. the death of sin to a life of righteousness,” and to restore him to the capacity of loving and delight

From Friendship's Offering. ing in God, and his worship and service; and to excite such as

A HYMN. “through grace have believed” to

When morn awakes our hearts, a greater degree of diligence in fol- To pour the matin prayer; lowing those who "through faith When toil-worn day departs, and patience inherit the promises."

And gives a pause to care ;

When those our souls love best These may be ranked among his

Kneel with us, in thy fear, most distinguishing operations on To ask thy peace and restthe soul of man. The same Di- Oh God our Father, hear!, vine Agent is spoken of in Scrip

When worldly snares without, ture as illuminating the mind

And evil thoughts within, with the light of Divine truth, Stir up some impious doubt, leading all true believers by his Or lure us back to sin; sacred operations, and causing in

When human strength proves frail,
And will but half

sincere ; the soul high and honourable ap- When faith begins to failprehensions of Christ.

Ob God our Father, hear! With regard to what are not his

When in our cup of mirth gracious operations, it must not be

The drop of trembling falls, supposed that the Holy Spirit is And the frail props of earth promised or given in order that Are crumbling round our walls ; we may do any thing which was When back we gaze with grief,

And forward glance with fear; not our duty; or that he will ren

When faileth man's relief der us infallible; or that he will be

Oh God our Father, hear ! given, in answer to our petitions,

When on the verge we stand to inform us by a direct revelation

Of the eternal clime, that we are the children of God.

And Death, with solemn hand, This conclusion cannot be safely Draws back the veil of Time; arrived at by mere impression,

When flesh and spirit quake

Before Thee to appear. but is to be looked for by his ena

For the Redeemer's sake, bling us to exercise repentance to- Oh God our Father, hear! ward God, and faith in our Lord

T. P.

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