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Heavens : A Minister of the beavenly Sanc-SERM. tuary above, and of the true Tabernacle which the Lord pitched and not Man, Heb. viii. 1, 2,

But to return down to the High Priest of the Jewish Tabernacle again, we shall find that among

the Rites which he was enjoined to perform at his solemn Entrance into the Holy of Holies on the great Day of Expiation; he was to take a Censer full of burning Coals of Fire from off the Altar before the Lord, and his Hands full of sweet Incense beaten small, and bring it within the Vail : And he was to put the Incense upon the Fire before the Lord, that the Cloud of the Incense might cover the Mercy Seat that is upon the Testimony, Levit. xvi. 12, 13. Now this Incense has been generally understood to represent the Prayers of the People, or rather to have been a mystical Oblation of those Prayers, which the People were pouring forth in the outward Court, whilst the High Priest was burning the Incense in the holy Place. And thus, in like Manner our great High Priest, the holy Jesus, at the same Time that he is our Advocate to plead for us to his Father, he is also as our Solicitor in all our Suits to the Court of Heaven: He reVOL, IL




SER M. ceives our Petitions and Addreffes to God,

and adding his own Incense, i. e. representing them to God as his own, he obtains and procures an Acceptance of them. And this is what Jesus whilst he was upon Earth, told his Disciples he would do for them when he should be removed from them into Heaven. Whatsoever ye shall ask in my Name (faith he) that will I do ; that the Father may be glorified in the Son, John xiv. 13.

And again, Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my Name : Ask and ye Mall receive, that your Joy may be full, chap. xvi. 24.

And for this Reason it is, that through him we are faid to have Access unto the Father, Ephef. ii. 18. For it is the Mediation of Jesus that hallows and consecrates all our Prayers: It is his Blood alone that purifies all our polluted Supplications, and outcries the Guilt of thofe Sins which always afcends and goes up along with them, and would be a Bar to their entring the Ears of God, did not Jesus present them,

And thus have I shewed you how our Lord Jesus, or Christian High Priest, was the full, compleat, and perfect Antitype prefigured by the High Priest of the Tabernacle heretofore in the two former Parts of his Miniftration. But the third Part of his


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Ministry is still behind, and not yet fpoken SER M. to : And that is his representing God to us, as in the Offices already mentioned he is the Representer of us to God. For the Jewish High Prieft; when he had presented the Blood of the Sacrifice, in a Cloud of Incense, Before the Lord in the holy Place ; he was then authorized to come forth as from God to confer his Grace and Favour and Blessing upon the People. Aaron was separated that be should sanctify the most boly Things, he and bis Sons for ever, to burn Incense before the Lord, to minister unto him, and to bless in bis Name for ever, i Chron. xxiii. 13. like Manner God, having raised up his Son Jesus, fent him to Bless us in turning away every one of us from our Iniquities, Acts iii. 26. He, as our High Priest, by presenting his all-sufficient Sacrifice in Heaven, and in the Virtue thereof interceding with the Father continually for us, is authorized by him continually to bless us. He is able, faith the facred Author of my Text, to save all those to the utmost that come unto God by him, seeing be ever liveth to make Interceson for them, Heb. vii. 25. Accordingly we find that all the Graces and Favours of God are reprefented in the Books of the New Testament



SER derived to us through Jesus Christ our

Lord. So faith St. Paul, and blesses God the Father for it., Blefjed (faith he) be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Chrift, who hath blessed us with all spiritual Bleffings in heavenly Things in Christ, Ephes. i. 3. Even eternal Life, (which is at once the Foundation and Crown of all) is the Gift of God through Jesus Christ, Rom. vi. 23. Whence we may certainly infer, that though all the Mercies we receive proceed originally from God the Father, yet they are derived to us through the Son : And that whatever is bestowed upon us by God, is conveyed by the Hand of Jesus Christ, whom he has constituted the Distributer of all the Graces and Favours he vouchsafes to bestow upon Mankind: And for this Reason it is, that we dare not ask any good Thing at the Hands of God, but we conclude our Prayers with some folemn Clause, signifying that we petition in the Name, or for the Sake, or through the Merits of Jesus Christ our Lord, and Saviour, our Mediator and Redeemer.

And thus you have seen how exactly and punctually Jesus, as the Christ, or promised Messiah, as the High Priest of the true Tabernacle, fulfilled all the Ceremonies and Rites


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of the High Priesthood established by the SERM. Law, and how truly he was the Substance of which they were but the Shadow. But still there remains a Circumstance to be observed which notes an infinite Difference between them. For whereas the High Priests under the Law repeated these Sacrifices every Year, offering them Year by Year continually, although they could not yet make the Comers tbereunto perfett, Heb. x. 1. the High Priest of our new Law, after he had offered one Sacrifice for Sins, for ever sat down on the Right Hand of God; by that one Offering baving perfected for ever them that are sancti

fied, ver. 12, 14. Being himself made perfeet first, by his Obedience, though a Son, and by the Things which he suffered, He became the Author of eternal Salvation to all them that obey him; being called (or made, or constituted) of God an High Priest for ever after the Order of Melchisedec : Of whom we have many Things to say, but hard to be uttered, chap. v. 8.II. hard to us, since the holy Penman tells us it was to to himself. For many of those whom we preach to, as well as of those to whom he wrote, are, it is to be · feared, but dull of hearing. For when for the Time ge ought to be Teachers, some of you

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