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ail belong to the last rial, or to the times of the vure

tage. A brief analysis of them. p. 428. 1. The earthquake, by which the great city is divided into

three parts, denotes some great revolution, by which the Latin empire will either be divided into three sove.

reignties or three prefectures. p. 431. 2. The hailstorm seems to mean some invasion of the Roman

empire from the North, probably one conducted by the king of the North during the absence of Antichrist

on his expedition against Palestine. p. 432. 3. The fall of Babylon signifies the subversion of the Papacy.

p. 433.

4. Under the same vial with these great events the battle of

Armageddon is placed. p. 434. (1.) The battle of Armageddon is the concluding event of

Daniel's time of unexampled trouble. In it the ene

mies of God will be finally overthrown. p. 435. (2.) The beast, who is to take so active a part in it, is the

Roman beast under his septimo-octave or Carlovingian head. What power will then be the last head of the beast, must be determined by the event. The war itself, which will be decided at Armageddon, will be undertaken by a confederacy of the beast, the false prophet, and the kings of the papal earth. The infidel king will likewise be deeply concerned in it,

p. 436.

(3.) The efforts of the confederacy will most probably be

directed against the protestant powers, and the con. verted Jews during the period of their restoration to

their own country. p. 438. (4.) The infidel king will probably before this period have

become the last head of the beast, and thus take the lead in the expedition, as he is represented doing by

Daniel. p. 439. (5.) The consideration of this prophecy strengthens the opi1. Four of the most remarkable prophecies relative to the per

nion, that the witnesses will not be subjected to the horrore

another persecution, though they will continue to prophesy in sackcloth to the very time of the end. p. 442.

II. Four

riod of the vintage, cited. p. 443. 1. That of St. John. p. 443. 2. That of Daniel. p. 444. 3. That of Zechariah. p. 446.

4. That of Joel. p. 448. III. These four prophecies compared together. p. 453. 1. The battle of Armageddon will literally be fought in Pa

lestine between the two seas. p. 455. 2. The particular scene of the conflict will be Megiddo: for

Armageddon signifies the cursing to utter destruction at

Megiddo. p. 458. 3. The war, with which this battle will terminate, will, in

one sense or another, be a religious war or crusade.


p. 460.

IV. Statement of the order, in which the events at the close of

the 1260 years seem to succeed each other. p. 463. 1. At the pouring out of the seventh vial, the Latin city will

be divided into three parts, and the expedition of the wilful king against Palestine will commence. At this

same era the Jews will begin to be restored. p. 463. (1.) One great body of the Jews will be restored through the

instrumentality of some powerful maritime nation of

faithful worshippers. p. 464. (2.) Another great body will be restored in an unconverted

state by the Antichristian faction, p. 468. 2. The route of Antichrist to Palestine will most probably

be through Turkey. After conquering Palestine, and placing the unconverted Jews in Jerusalem, he will

proceed to subdue Egypt. p. 469. 3. In the midst of his African conquests he will be troubled

by tidings out of the East and out of the North.

p. 471.

(1.) Those from the East probably relate to the landing of (2.) Those from the North seem to be the invasion of the Latin

the troops of the maritime power in Palestine with the converted Jews, their recovery of Jerusalem out of the hands of Antichrist, and the conversion of those Jews who had been restored by Antichrist and placed in Jerusalem, p. 471. $

2.) Those rily instrumental in effecting his overthrow. p. 477. 7. They will suffer severely in the course of their restoration,

empire by the king of the North during the absence of Antichrist, foretold in the prophecy of the seventh

vial under the imagery of a great hail-storm. p. 474. 4. Troubled by these tidings, Antichrist' returns from Egypt

and sacks Jerusalem. p. 474. 5. He pext prepares to attack the troops of the maritime 1 power, and the converted Jews under its protection,

in the neighbourhood of Megiddo. But here his progress is finally stopped, and he is miraculously overthrown by a manifestation of the personal Word of

God. p. 475. 6The Jews, nevertheless, will be in some measure seconda

which will probably occupy a period of not less than

30 years. p. 479. 1. 8. A third part of the Antichristian army will be spared and

converted to the knowledge of the truth. p. 481. 9. Thus, converted and scattered through the whole world,

they will be instrumental in bringing about the resto

ration of the ten tribes. p. 482. 10. Reasons for thinking it probable, that the restoration of

Judah will occupy a period of 30 years, and the subsequent restoration of Israel an additional period of

45 11. At the end of this last period, the houses of Judah and

Israel will coalesce into one kingdoin; the children of
Jacob according to the flesh will be made instrumen-

tal in converting the pagan nations to Christianity; 1

and the blessedness of the Millennium will commence.


years. R. 485,


p. 487.,

12. How far prophecy enables us to ascertain the power in

i tended by the great maritime nation of faithful wor

shippers. p. 488. 13. A summing up of the particulars which may be collected

from prophecy, relative to the restoration of the house of Israel, and the other events which take place during the time of the end, p. 489.

- C H A P.


Recapitulation and conclusion.

THE 1260 years are the appointed hour of the powers of darkness. p. 494. 1. Proper date of the 1260 years is the completion of the two

revolts of the East and the West. This happened in the year

606. 1. Prophecies respecting the Papal little horn. p. 495. 2. Prophecies respecting the Mohammedan little horn.

p. 496. 3. Prophecies respecting Antichrist or the Infidel king.

p. 494.

p. 498.

II, We are now living under the fourth vial; and all the cost

curring signs of the times indicate, that we cannot be far removed from the termination of the 1260 years.

p. 499.


No. I. An examination of Archdeacon Woodhouse's system of explaining the Apocalypse. p. 507.

No. II. Remarks on Mr. Nisbett's opinion respecting the Apostasy and the man of sin. p. 520,

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3. 36. 37. 38. ,43.

80. 118. 119. 192. 256. 260. 265. 280. 303. 315. 337. 342, 343. 346. 361. 386. 417. 450. 457. 460. 466.


For Apostacy read Apostasy.
last line. For the semicolon after strength place a colon.
4. For the semicolon after horsemanship place a colon.
5. Insert thousund after thousund.
10. For apocalytic read apocalyptic.
3. For Mohaminedunism read Mohammedism.
1 Note. For Roman read Romam.
1. For Mohammedanism read Mohammedism.
*1 Note. For hav read have.
7. For Mohammedanism read Mohammedism.
5 Note. For paganus read paganes.
5 Note. For considsrable read considerable.
23. For the comma after Apostasy place a semicolon.
4. Erase the comma after beasts.
last line. For formerly read formally,
3 from bottom. Insert ) after it.
15. For the period after beast place a note of interrogation.
1 Note. For 7 read 7.
4 from botom. For theas read theus.
1 Note. For ii read xi.
16. For establisment read establishment.
last line Note. Insert 1. between IV and (1.)
2. For immedately read immediately.
8. Print made by his ravages in Italics.
8. For received read revived.
15 Note. For boy read 773.

. . . 2.1. For doubtles read doubtless.

.כנפים read כופים Note. For 14 .צירים read צירים Note. For 22


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