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We earnestly recommend to the clergy and laity, the United States CATHOLIC MagaZINE, a Catholic periodical published monthly in Baltimore. It is calculated to promote the honor of our holy religion, and will, we trust, have a place in every Catholic Library. BALTIMORE, Circumcision of our Lord, 1842.

+ SAMUEL, Archbishop of Balt. I hereby establish the United States Catholic Magazine my official organ of public communication with the clergy and laity of the archdiocess of Baltimore. Should it become necessary to address them on any subject before the regular period for the publication of the Magazine, an extra sheet will be issued, corresponding in dimensions and style with those of the periodical.

+ SAMUEL, Archbishop of Baltimore. Feast of St. Mark, 1843.

“The undersigned wish to express their approbation of the manner in which the United States Catholic Magazine has hitherto been conducted ; and their confidence in the able and zealous directors who superintend its pages, authorizes them to recommend it to the patronage of the faithful of their respective diocesses.

+ BENEDICT Joseph, Bishop of Boston.
+ MICHAEL, Bishop of Mobile.
+ John Baptist, Bishop of Cincinnati.
+ Guy Ignatius, Bishop of Bolena and Coadjutor of Louisville.
+ ANTHONY, Bishop of New Orleans.
+ Mathias, Bishop of Dubuque.
+ John, Bishop of New York.
+ Richard Pius, Bishop of Nashville.
+ CELESTINE, Bishop of Vincennes.
+ Peter Paul, Bishop of Zela, and Administrator of Detroit.
+ John Joseph, Bishop of Natchez.

+ John M. Bishop of Claudiopolis and Vicar Apostolic of Texas. “Having within my jurisdiction no press through which to publish the official documents of the diocess, I have selected for that purpose the United States Catholic Magazine, and as such recommend it earnestly to the reverend clergy and laity thereof.

+ RICHARD Vincent, Bishop of Richmond.



In presenting this volume to the public, we will observe that it forms the second of a series, the first of which is known under the title of the Religious Cabinet. The work, from its origin, has professed to be chiefly an eclectic periodical; but during the second year of its publication, the contributions received from various sources, have been sufficiently numerous and important to permit a slight departure from the design which we at first proposed to ourselves; and we believe that the deviation has met the views and wishes of our readers generally. A similar plan will continue to be pursued, and the main portion of each number of the Magazine will consist of original matter, while a due regard will be paid to such selections as may appear to possess any particular excellence.


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