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This volume was published by the Author in August 1854.

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All the Positive Polity' has been translated by RICHARD CONGREVE.

The General Appendix, published by the Author in 1854, which contains all the Early Essays of the author on Social Philosophy, has been translated by HENRY DIX HUTTON.

The Marginal Notes and the Table of Contents have been added by the Translators, aided, so far as the first part of the volume is concerned, by SAMUEL LOBB.

The Index is the work of FREDERIC HARRISON.




THIS concluding volume, as its predecessor, has occupied in the writing six months of uninterrupted work (January 29-July 25, 1854).

The material difficulties in the way of its publication have been met by one of my best disciples, nobly following the generous initiative of patronage taken in regard to the first volume. As a consequence of the general industrial pressure due to the Russian war, my printer felt bound in prudence, though with unimpaired confidence, not to advance the money required for printing the present volume till the cost of the preceding had been fully covered. That volume, however, had been too recently published for its sale to be sufficient to meet this fair condition, rendered imperative by the force of circumstances; I was obliged, therefore, to apply directly for exceptional aid. Once aware of the need, M. Audiffrent lost no time in completely meeting it, so that the printing of the present volume bas proceeded so rapidly that it will appear a few weeks after its writing. At first my young patron's touching modesty led him to forbid my giving his conduct the publicity it deserves; ultimately, however, by appealing to Positivist principles, I obtained the proper authorisation. The first and last volumes, then, of my principal work must be honourably connected with the names of Messrs. Lonchampt and Audiffrent, without ever forgetting the generous anony

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