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EVERY government in the civilized world is tottering, and society, like a ship in a dark tempest, is tossed and torn by contending elements; the power of men at the helm sinks into the weakness of babes ;-our shattered bark is no longer manageable, and we are evidently drifting towards some unknown destination,

From one end of society to the other, we hear the clash of revolution, and the watchword is Liberty, Liberty, Liberty. There is a chord in every string that vibrates with the sound, but alas ! only with the sound !!

Where is liberty understood ? where is it enjoyed ? Revolution has succeeded revolution, change succeeded change, age succeeded age in struggles for liberty. Liberty hung upon the dying martyr's lips ; yet liberty still is but a sound. Like sweet music in the dead of night, it bursts upon the ear, and enchants the soul only to die away, leaving us nothing but the memory of a departed sound.

But liberty is the vital principle of human happiness, and human nature seeks its level, and society can never know peace, until its members know liberty.- Millennial Harbinger.

Remarks in answer to the foregoing, by the editor of the Reformer and Christian.

The oniy government that can establish liberty on a true basis, and render mankind happy, is that of the stone, mentioned in Daniel, cut out without hands, which will break in pieces and consume all other kingdoms and governments, become a great mountain for strength and stability, and fill the whole earth.


I write not these things for the sake of pleasing myself, or any human being, but from a sense of duty which I owe to God and man.


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