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This Manual of Private Prayer has been presented, with an explanatory Report, to the Convocation of Canterbury by a Committee of the Lower House. It has not yet received the approval of Convocation, and may probably be more or less modified during the discussion that must precede such approval. It is now published, firstly, for the use of those who may see fit to adopt it in its present form ; secondly, with a view to suggestions for its improvement, which may be sent to the Chairman of the Committee, the Ven. Lord Alwyne Compton, Chadstone, Northampton, or to any other member of the Convocation of Canterbury.



yer, believ.

“Lord, teach us to pray.”-S. Luke xi. 1.

“All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in ing, ye shall receive.”-S. Matt. xxi. 22.

“Seven times a day do I praise Thee because of Thy righteous judgments.”—Ps. cxix. 164.




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It was said of old by the Psalmist, that he praised the Lord for His righteous judgements seven times a day. And after the same manner have holy men in all ages of the Christian Church, having the opportunity, and being endowed by God with a full measure of the Spirit of Prayer, observed seven hours in their private devotions. For which cause this Manual of Prayer for the private use of members of the Church of England is divided into seven portions; One for nightwatches, concerning which Christ spoke to His disciples, “Watch ye, for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning; One for the early morning, when man goeth forth to his work and to his labour ;” at which time the holy women coming to the sepulchre found that their Lord had already arisen from the sleep of death ; One for the third hour of the day, at which time the Apostles, having received the Power of God from on_high, preached to the assembled multitude at Pentecost; at which hour also S. Mark teacheth us that Christ was crucified; One for the sixth hour, noonday, when darkness came over the land at the crucifixion of Christ, when also He appeared to Saul the persecutor with a. glory surpassing that of the sun ; One for the ninth hour, at which the great sacrifice was completed, and our Lord gave up the ghost; One for eventide, sunset, at which time the Church hath in all ages praised God for the Incarnation of His Eternal Son; One for the time when men seek for strength and refreshment in that rest which is a figure of death. For each of these seven hours are here provided preparatory prayers, a medita

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