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Or this. VEND forth, O Lord, Thy Holy Spirit, the Thee Abba Father, that I may confess Thee the very Father of Thine only begotten Son, and may know that among the sons of God there is none like unto Him, who is Thy Son, not by adoption, but by eternal generation : Who is not made like unto Thee by grace, but is ever equal to Thee by nature. Grant to me in the confession of this faith a hope unshaken, that I, with those who having been born again of the Spirit now rest in peace, may joyfully go forth to meet my Lord when He comes again in His glory, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.




HOLY and Almighty God, Father of mer

cies, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of Thy love and eternal mercies, I adore and praise and glorify Thy infinite and unspeakable love and wisdom, Who hast sent Thy Son from the bosom of felicities to take upon Him our nature and our misery and our guilt, and hast made the Son of God to become the Son of Man, that we might become the sons of God and partakers of the divine nature; since Thou hast so exalted human nature be pleased also to sanctify my person, that by a conformity to the humility and laws and sufferings of my dearest Saviour I may be united to His Spirit, and be made all one with the most holy Jesus. A


O holy and eternal Jesus, Who didst pity mankind lying in his blood and sin and misery, and didst choose our sadnesses and sorrows that Thou mightest make us to partake of Thy felicities; Let Thine eyes pity me, Thy hands support me, Thy holy feet tread down all the

difficulties in my way to heaven; let me dwell in Thy heart, be instructed with Thy wisdom, moved by Thy affections, choose with Thy will, and be clothed with Thy righteousness; that in the day of judgement I may be found having on Thy garments, sealed with Thy impression; and that, bearing upon every faculty and member the character of my elder Brother, I may not be cast out with strangers and unbelievers. Amen.

O holy and everblessed Spirit, Who didst overshadow the Holy Virgin-mother of our Lord, and cause her to conceive in a miraculous and mysterious manner; Be pleased to overshadow my soul, and enlighten my spirit, that the holy Jesus may be formed in my heart, and borne in my mind, and that I may grow up to the fulness of the stature of Christ, to be a perfect man in Christ Jesus. Amen.

To God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; to the eternal Son that was incarnate and born of a virgin; to the Spirit of the Father and the Son, be all honour and glory, worship and adoration, now and for ever. Amen.


Or this. ON of God, Very God, Who didst come down


carnate of the Virgin Mary for our redemption, Who wast crucified, and buried, and raised from the dead, and didst ascend to the Father for us: I have sinned against Heaven and before Thee: like the penitent thief I beseech Thee to remember me when Thou comest in Thy kingdom, and to have mercy on me, a miserable sinner. Amen.

(156) SATURDAY. THAT reward can I give unto Thee, O Lord,

for all that Thou hast done unto me? With what words of grateful thanks can I recompense


my Father.

those inestimable benefits? What return can I make for Thy signal pity? Alas! how ungratefully have I replied to the calls of so bounteous and loving a benefactor? I have been ever ungrateful for Thy benefits, ever disobedient to Thy commands. I have shut up my heart against the approaches of Thy good Spirit. Fault I have added to fault, and sin to sin,

I confess, O Lord, that I am not worthy to be called Thy son; yea, though I acknowledge Thee to

For Thou verily art my Father. Thou art my hope. Thou art the fount of pity, for Thou rejectest not sinners who flee unto Thee, but receivest them for cleansing and renewal. Behold then, 0 my Helper, and see how I fly unto Thee in the extremity of my want, bringing nothing else than the grievous burden of my sins.

Humbly imploring Thy pity I cast myself down at Thy feet in presence of Thy tender love. Pardon me, I beseech Thee, for Thou art my strong hope, and save me of Thine infinite mercy.

O merciful Jesu, for the remission of my sins I plead before Thee Thine own boundless love which constrained Thee, O God of infinite Majesty, not to abhor the Virgin's womb, but for my sake to be made man, and, compassed about with many tribulations, afflictions, toils, and persecutions in this world, to die. And I beg of Thine infinite goodness that by Thy merits Thou wouldest pardon all my offences, remit the penalty and the guilt, purify my soul from all stain of sin, and finally bring me unto life eternal. Amen.

(157) Or this. ETERNAL God, Father Almighty, Who didst

and to be made the Son of Man, that we might be made the sons of God: Grant to me to be indeed Thy child, and be Thou now and ever my Father, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Daily during the week before Easter.
No. 123,



No. 124, p. 131.

Intercessory Prayer, to be said daily, or upon

Thursday and Saturday.


unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes. -Gen. xviii. 27. Unto Thee lift I up mine eyes,

0 Thou that dwellest in the heavens. Arise, O Lord, and help us,

And save us for Thy mercy's sake.
COST High God, our loving Father, infinite

in Majesty, I humbly beseech Thee for Thy servants

* That Thou wouldest give them pure minds, perfect love, sincerity in conduct, holiness in heart, strength in action, courage in distress, self-command in character. Grant them pardon of their sins. Perfect their work. Accept their prayers. Protect them by Thine own Name, o God of Jacob! Send them Thy saving help from Thy holy place, and strengthen them out of Zion. Remember their offerings, accept their sacrifices, give them the grace of devotion, fulfil their desires with good gifts, and crown them with Thy mercy.

And of Thy gracious goodness, O Lord, hasten Thy kingdom, that we, with all those that are departed in the true faith of Thy holy Name, may have our perfect consummation and bliss both in body and soul in Thy eternal and everlasting glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


For other Prayers, see p.

186. Thanksgiving, to be said daily, or upon Sunday

and Friday. Praise the Lord, O my soul !

And all that is within me, praise His holy Name. I

Thee, I worship Thee, and praise Thee, the Creator, Preserver, and Governor, the Lord and Father, the King and God of all, the Fountain of Life and Immortality, the Treasury of eternal good things : Whom the heavens, and the heavens of heavens, the Angels and all the celestial Powers sing praise unto, incessantly crying one to another Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, heaven and earth are full of the majesty of Thy Glory: Blessed be the glory of the Lord from His place: blessed be Thou, my God, my Strength and my Stay, my Refuge and Deliverer, my Helper and my Defender. Amen.

(160) Or this. I

THANK Thee, O Almighty God, that, while

the day is drawing to its close, Thou makest the evening bright to me: and I entreat Thy boundless mercy, that as I see this outward light, so Thou wouldest enlighten my heart with the light of Thy Holy Spirit; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Final Prayer. TNTO

and body, for Thou hast created, redeemed, and regenerated them, O Lord, Thou God of Truth: and with myself I commend unto Thee

I ,

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