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humble thanks for that Thou didst of Thy divine providence vouchsafe to let me be born of Christian parents, by whose care I was first brought to Thy holy Baptism, and afterwards brought up in Thy holy religion. I beseech Thee, O blessed God, Who art the rewarder of every good work, to recompense them their full reward, even out of the riches of Thy bounty and goodness; give them peace and plenty; defend them from all dangers both of body and soul; keep them in the stedfastness of Thy faith, and in the obedience of Thy holy commandments: that so, having Thee their merciful and gentle Father, after many happy days here, they may at last be brought unto the land of everlasting life: through Jesus Christ. Amen.


The Prayer of a Husband or Wife. ETERNAL and gracious Father, Who hast

consecrated the holy estate of marriage to become a mystery, to represent the union of Christ and His church, give Thy blessing to Thy servant my dear wife; give her a long life and a confirmed health ; encircle her with blessing, adorn her with Thy grace, nourish her with content, refresh her with a perpetual succession of comforts, let the light of Thy countenance be upon her in all her actions and the accidents of her life, and grant that she may still more and more increase in the love and fear of Thy holy Name. And the blessings of the eternal God, blessings of the right hand and of the left, be upon the body and soul of Thy servant my wife, and abide upon her till the end of a holy and happy life; and grant that both of us may live together for ever in the presence of the holy and eternal Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


The Prayer of a Parent. ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father, Who


righteous, and hast given them unto me as a testimony of Thy mercy; Be pleased to be a Father unto them, and give them healthful bodies, understanding souls, and sanctified spirits, that they may be Thy servants and Thy children all their days. Let Thy mercy and providence lead them through the dangers and temptations and ignorances of their youth, that they may never run into folly and the evils of an unbridled appetite. So order the accidents of their lives, that by good education, holy example, innocent company, prudent counsel, and Thy restraining grace, their duty to Thee may be secured in the midst of a crooked and untoward generation; if it seem good to Thee, enable me to provide for their support, that they may not be destitute by my death; or if Thou shalt sooner call me from this world, let their portion be Thy care, mercy, and providence over their bodies and souls: let them glorify Thee here with a free obedience and the duties of a whole life; that when they have served Thee in their generation, and have profited the Christian Commonwealth, they may be co-heirs with Jesus in the glories of Thy eternal kingdom, through the same our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(206) The Prayer of a Master. TRACIOUS Father, bless my servants and Thee first, then me, with faithfulness, soberness, and diligence. Make me ever willing, and in some measure able, to repay unto them the time and the strength which they either have spent or shall spend to do me service, even for Jesus Christ His sake. Amen.




The Prayer of a Penitent. ETERNAL God, most merciful Father, Who Jesus, full of pity and compassion, merciful and gracious, long suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin; Bé pleased to show forth these Thy admirable mercies upon Thy servant, whom Thou hast made to put his trust in Thee. I know, O God, that I am vile and polluted in Thy sight: but I must come into Thy presence or I die. Thou canst not behold any unclean thing, and yet, unless Thou lookest upon me, I shall perish miserably and eternally. O look upon me with a gracious eye; cleanse my soul with the blood of the holy Lamb: that being purified in that holy stream my sins may lose their foulness, and I may become white as snow: then shall the leprous man be admitted to Thy sanctuary, and stand before the throne of grace, humble and full of sorrow for my fault, and full of hope of Thy mercy and pardon, through Jesus Christ. Amen. (208)

A Prayer for Temperance. LMIGHTY God, who givest to all life, and


food out of the earth for the use of man and wine to strengthen his heart; Keep me ever in mind that this world, with all the glory of it, fadeth, and the fashion thereof passeth away; and grant that I may so use the fruits of the ground which Thou givest me, and all other Thy temporal blessings wherewith Thou crownest the year, that I abuse them not to the satisfying of my wanton and inordinate appetites ; but may evermore serve Thee in Christian temperance and sobriety, as it becometh him who, living on earth, hath his conversation in heaven, that at the last I may be admitted into Thy heavenly kingdom, where I shall never hunger nor thirst again, being satisfied with the plenteousness of Thy house, and filled with the abundance of Thy pleasures for evermore. Grant this, 0 heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, our Lord. Amen.

(209) A Prayer on the Anniversary of Birth. ALMIGHTY God, the Father and Maker of all

things, by Whose blessed goodr ess I was fearfully and wonderfully made, and unto Whose blessed providence I have been left ever since I was born: I praise and magnify Thy glorious Name for this l'hy great goodness towards me : most humbly beseeching Thee that I may be taught to number my days and to apply my heart unto wisdom; that I may know to what end I was born, and had both body and life given me, even to serve Thee, the living God; that I may bewail my sinful years past, and spend the rest of my time here in a godly, righteous, and sober life; that as I have now finished.

years of my life here in Thy favour, so I may continue and finish the remainder of my days in Thy fear; and that, as Thou didst upon this day place me on the earth to live here a little while, so Thou mayst at the last day take me to Thy kingdom in heaven, there to live with Thee for ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(210) A Prayer on the Anniversary of Baptism. LORD, heavenly Father, Almighty and ever

lasting God, who of Thine infinite goodness towards me when I was born in sin, and was no other than an heir of everlasting wrath, didst vouchsafe that I should as upon this day be born again of water and of the Holy Ghost in the blessed laver of Baptism, being thereby made


a member of Christ, and an heir of eternal life; For this Thine inestimable favour, I do here gratefully commemorate that happy day, renewing in Thy sight, and in the sight of Thy holy angels, those sacred vows of faith and obedience which were then made in my name; most humbly beseeching Thee, of Thy great mercy, to pardon me all former breaches of my solemn promise, and to endow me so with the assistance of Thy Holy Spirit, that henceforth, holding fast the faith as it is in Jesus, I may walk in newness of life, worthy of that blessed estate whereunto Thou hast called me: and, keeping myself unspotted of the world, the flesh, and the devil, I may daily die unto sin, for which cause I was baptized into the death of Christ; and as I had my part then in the first regeneration, so I may at the last day have part in the second and great regeneration of the world, to live and reign with Thee for ever, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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