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SINCE the first Edition of these Lectures appeared, important changes have taken place in the religious state and feelings of this country. Upon being called on to prepare a Second Edition, I hesitated whether or no I should so far alter them, as to adapt them better to the present order of things. I soon found that the labour would be that of a new work. But, further, I considered that I was desired to republish Lectures once actually delivered; and that it would be a departure from historical accuracy, were I to give as spoken in 1836, that which could only have been true in 1843. I have therefore determined to publish the Lectures in their origina. form, with such verbal or other trifling alterations and improvements, as would not essentially alter their ch aracter; leaving it to later publications to represent the mtermediate and present condition of religious opinions in England

St Mary's College,
First Sunday of Advent, 1843.

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2 CORINTHIANS vi. 1. Brethren we exhort you that ye receive not the grace of God iri

vain." It is difficult to say, my brethren, whether the Church of God, in proposing to the meditation of the faithful the epistle read in the liturgy of this day, from which these words are taken, had you principally in view, or us, to whom is committed the ministry of His word. For, on the one hand, you are ex. horted, not only that ye receive not the grace of God in vain, but farther, that you give offence to no man, lest thereby out ministry should be blamed. But while these words seem intended to exhort you, especially at this holy season, to attend to those instructions which are delivered for your edification, it must be owned, that the greater portion of the epistle is: mainly directed to teach us, what are the qualities whereby the word of God should be recommended, and our ministry distinguished.

And, in the first place, we are commanded to show ourselves, worthy ministers of Christ in the word of truth, in the power of God, by the armour of justice, on the right hand and 0:0 the left; that is to say, that clothing ourselves, as in mail of proof, with our conviction of the truth of all those doctrines which we deliver, we should stand forth, ready to encounter any opposition which they may meet;

that we should urge, with all our strength, and with that energy which the word of God must always inspire, those truths which it has committed to our charge. But, while we are commanded thus to preach with power, it is expressly enjoined us, also, to preach in sweetness, and in long-suffering, and in the Holy


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