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Thomson, (The Rev. W.)-The

Atoning Work of Christ, viewed in relation to some current theories; in eight Bampton Lectures, with numerous Notes By the Rev. W. THOMSON, M.A., Provost of Queen's College, Oxford. 8vo. price 8.

Thomson (The Rev. W.-An Outline of the Laws of Thought: Being a Treatise on Pure and Applied Logic. By the Rev. W. THOMSON, M.A. Third Edition, enlarged. Fcp. 8vo. price 7s. 6d.

Sharon Turner's History of the

Anglo-Saxons, from the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest. The Seventh Edition, revised by the Rev. S. TURNER. 3 vols. 8vo. price 368.

Dr. Turton's Manual ofthe Land and Freshwater Shells of the British Islands. New Edition with considerable Additious; by JOHN EDWARD GRAY. With Woodents, and 12 coloured Plates. Post 8vo. price 15s.

Thomson's Tables of Interest, Tuson. The British Consul's

at Three, Four, Four-and-a-half, and Five per Cent., from One Pound to Ten Thousand, and from 1 to 365 Days, in a regular progression of Single Days; with Interest at all the above Rates, from One to Twelve Months, and from One to Ten Years. Also, numerous other Tables of Exchanges, Time, and Discounts. New Edition. 12mo. 88. Thomson's Seasons. Edited by BOLTON CORNEY, Esq. Illustrated with Seventy-seven fine Wood Engravings from Desigus by Members of the Etching Club. Square crown 8vo. price 21s.cloth; or, 368. bound in morocco.

Thornbury. - Shakspeare's

England: or, a Sketch of our Social History during the Reign of Elizabeth. By G. W. THORNBURY, Esq,, Author of History of the Buccaneers, etc. 2 vols. crown 8vo. [Just ready.

The Thumb Bible; or, Verbum Sempiternum. By J. TAYLOR. Being an Epitome of the Old and New Testaments in English Verse. Reprinted from the Edition, of 1693, bound and clasped. In 64mo. price Eighteenpence.

Tooke.-History of Prices and

of the State of the Circulation, from 1847 to the close of 1855. By THOMAS TOOKE, F.R.S. With Contributions by WILLIAM NEWMARCH. Being the Fifth and concluding Volume of the work; with an Index to the whole work. 8vo. [Just ready.

Townsend.-Modern State Trials, revised and illustrated with Essays and Notes. By W. C. TOWNSEND, Esq., M.A. Q.C. 2 vols. 8vo. price 30s.

Manual: Being a Practical Guide for Consuls, as well as for the Merchant, Shipowner, and Master Mariner, in all their Consular Transactions; and containing the Commercial Treaties between Great Britain and Foreign Countries, brought down to the present date. By E. W. A. TUSON, of the Inner Temple: Chancellor of the Imperial Austrian Consulate-General in London. 8vo. price 15s.

Twining.-Types and Figures of the Bible, illustrated by the Art of the Early and Middle Ages. By Miss LOUISA TWINING, Author of Symbols and Emblems of Medieval Christian Art. With 54 Plates, comprising 207 Figures. Post 4to. 218. Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Arts,

Manufactures and Mines: Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice. Fourth Edition, much enlarged; with all the Information comprised in the Supplement of Recent Improvements brought down to the Present Time, and incorporated: most of the Articles being entirely re-written, and many New Articles now first added. With nearly 1,600 Woodcuts. 2 vols. 8vo. price 60s.

Vehse.-Memoirs of the Court, Aristocracy, and Diplomacy of Austria. By Dr. E. VERSE. Translated from the German by Franz Demmler. 2 vols. post 8vo. [Nearly ready. Waterton.-Essays on Natural History, chiefly Ornithology. By C. WATERTON, Esq. With an Autobiography of the Author and Views of Walton Hall. New and cheaper Edition, 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. 10s.

Separately: Vol. 1. (First Series), 58. 6d. Vol. 11. (Second Series), 48. 6d.

Trollope. - The Warden. By Webster and Parkes's Ency

ANTHONY TROLLOPE. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d. Sharon Turner's Sacred History of the World, attempted to be Philosophically considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son. New Edition, revised by the Author's Son, the Rev. S. TURNER. 3 vols. post 8vo. price 31s. 6d. Sharon Turner's History of England during the Middle Ages: Comprising the Reigns from the Norman Conquest to the Accession of Henry VIII. Fifth Edition, revised by the Rev. S. TURNER. 4 vols. 8vo. price 50s.

clopædia of Domestic Economy; Comprising such subjects as are most immediately connected with Housekeeping; As, The Construction of Domestic Edifices, with the Modes of Warming, Ventilating, and Lighting them-A Description of the vari. ous Articles of Furniture, with the Nature of their Materials-Duties of Servants, etc. New Edition; with nearly 1,000 Woodcuts, 8vo. price 50s.

Weld.-A Vacation Tour in the United States and Canada. By C. R. WELD, Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. with Route

Map, 10. 6d.



West (Dr.)-Lectures on the Wilson.-Britannica Bryologia:

Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST, M.D., Physician to the Hospital for Sick Children. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. 14s.

Wheeler (H. M.)-A Popular Harmony of the Bible, Historically and Chronologically arranged. By HENRY M. WHEELER, Author of Hebrew for Adults, etc. Fcp. 8vo. 53.

Wheeler (J. T.)-The Life and Travels of Herodotus in the Fifth Century

Containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland systematically arranged and described according to the method of Bruch and Schimper; with 61 illustrative Plates, including 25 new ones engraved for the present work. Being a New Edition, with many Additions and Alterations, of the Muscologia Britannica of Messrs. Hooker and Taylor. By WILLIAM WILSON, President of the Warrington Natural History Society. 8vo. 428.; or, with the Plates coloured, 4. 48.

before Christ: An imaginary Biography, Woods.-The Past Campaign:

founded on fact, illustrative of the History, Manners, Religion, Literature, Arts, and Social Condition of the Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Hebrews, Scythians, and other Ancient Nations in the Times of Pericles and Nehemiah. By J. TALBOYS WHEELER, F.R.G.S. 2 vols. post 8vo. with Map, price 21s.

Wheeler. The Geography of Herodotus Developed, Explained, and Illustrated from Modern Researches and Dis

A Sketch of the War in the East from the Departure of Lord Raglan to the Reduction of Sebastopol. By N. A. Woons, late Special Correspondent to the Morning Herald at the Seat of War. 2 vols. post 8vo. 218.

Yonge. A New English-Greek

Lexicon: Containing all the Greek Words used by Writers of good Authority. By C. D. YONGE, B.A. Second Edition, revised and corrected. Post 4to. price 218.

coveries. By J. TALBOYS WHEELER, Yonge's New Latin Gradus:

F.R.G S. With Maps and Plans. 8vo. 188.

Whitelocke. - Journal of the Swedish Embassy in the years 1653 and 1654, impartially written by the Ambassador, BULSTRODE WHITELOCKE; and first published from the original MS. by Dr. C. Morton, F.S.A., Librarian of the British Museum. A New Edition, revised by Henry Reeve, Esq., F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 248. Whittingham.-Notes on the late Expedition against the Russian Settlements in Eastern Siberia: and a Visit to Japan and to the Shores of Tartary aud of the Sea of Okhotsk. By Captain BERNARD WHITTINGHAM, Royal Engineers. Post 8vo. with Chart, price 10s. 6d.

Willich's Popular Tables for

ascertaining the Value of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church Property, Renewal Fines,

Containing every Word used by the Poets of good Authority. By Authority and for the Use of Eton, Westminster, Winchester, Harrow, Charterhouse, and Rugby Schools; King's College, London; and Marlborough College. Third Edition, carefully revised and corrected. Post 8vo. price 98.-APPENDIX of Epithets classified according to their English meaning, price 38. 6d.

Youatt.-The Horse. By WilLIAM YOUATT. With a Treatise of Draught. A New Edition; with numerous Wood Engravings from Designs by William Harvey. (Messrs. Longman and Co.'s Edition should be ordered). Svo. price 10s.

Youatt.-The Dog. By William

YOUATT. A New Edition; with numerous Engravings from Designs by William Harvey. 8vo. 68.

etc. Third Edition, with additional Tables Young.-The Mystery of Time;

of Natural or Hyperbolic Logarithms, Trigonometry, Astronomy, Geography, etc. Post 8vo. price 98.-SUPPLEMENT, price 18.

Lady Willoughby's Diary (1635

or, the All in All: A Search for Light and Right. By the Rev. JOHN YOUNG, LL.D., formerly of Albion Chapel, Moorfields. [Just ready.

Post 8vo.

to 1663). Printed, ornamented, and bound Young.-The Christ of History:

in the style of the Period to which The Diary refers. New Edition; in Two Parts. Square fcp. 8vo. price 88. each, boards; or, bound in morocco, 188. each.

An Argument grounded in the Facts of His Life on Earth. By the Rev. JOHN YOUNG, LL.D., formerly of Albion Chapel, Moorfields. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Wilmot's Abridgment of Black- Zumpt's Larger Grammar of

stone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, intended for the use of Young Persons, and comprised in a series of Letters from a Father to his Daughter. A New Edition, corrected and brought down to the Present Day, by Sir JOHN E. EARDLEY WILMOT, Bart. 12mo. 68. 6d.

the Latin Language. Translated and adapted for the use of the English Students, by Dr. L. SCHMITZ, F.R.S.E., Rector of the High School of Edinburgh: With numerous Additions and Corrections by the Author and Translator. Fourth Edition, thoroughly revised. 8vo. price 148.

[March, 1856.

London: Printed by M. MASON, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row.


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