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Apt. I.-1. Memoir of Sir James Dalrymple, First Viscount

Stair. A Study in the History of Scotland and Scotch

Law during the Seventeenth Century. By J. G.

Mackay, Advocate. Edinburgh: 1873.

1. The Stair Annals. By John Murray Graham. Edin-

burgh : 1875.

3. William Carstares. A Character and Career of the

Revolutionary Epoch. By Robert Herbert Story,

Minister of Rosneath. London: 1874,


II.-1. Army Facts from Official Data. Lord Elcho's

Speeches, April 20, May 19, June 5, 1875.

2. No. LXXX. Vol. XIX. - Journal of the Royal United

Service Institution,'


III.-1. Journal et Correspondance de André-Marie Ampère.

Publiés par Mme. H. C. Paris : 1872.

2. André-Marie Ampère et Jean-Jacques Ampère. Cor-

respondance et Souvenirs (de 1805 à 1864). Re-



Madame H. C. Paris : 1875.

3. Madame Récațies; fitb als kerah of the History of

Society in France. By Madame M * London :



IV.-1. History of England from the Accession of James I.

to the Disgrace of Chief Justice Coke, 1603-1616.

By Samuel Rawson Gardiner. In two volumes.

London : 1863.

2. Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, 1617-1623.

A Chapter of English History. By Samuel Rawson

Gardiner. In two volumes. London: 1869.

3. A History of England under the Duke of Buckingham

and Charles I., 1624-1628. By Samuel Rawson Gar-

diner. In two volumes. London: 1875,


V.-1. Richard Wagner and the Music of the Future:

History and Æsthetics. By Franz Hüffer. London:


2. The Music of the Future: A Letter to M. Frederick

Villot. By Richard Wagner. Translated from the

original German by E. Dannreuther. London : 1873.

3. History of Music from the Christian Era to the present

Time; in the form of Lectures. By Frederick Louis

Ritter, Professor of Music at Vassar College. London:


4. Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen: grosse Tragedie

Oper in 5 Acten. Von Richard Wagner. Dresden, 141

[And other Works.]


VI.-1. First and Second Reports from the Committee of

Public Accounts, together with the Proceedings of the

Committee, Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix.

Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 9th

July, 1873.

2. Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, and

Twenty-first Reports of the Postmaster-Ĝeneral on

the Post Office (1871-5). Presented to both Houses

of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.

3. An Account of Receipts and Payments by the Post-

master-General in respect of Telegraph Undertakings,

Extensions, &c., for Six Months ended the 30th of

September, 1873; also for Six Months ended 31st

March, 1874, together with the Report of the Comp-

troller and Auditor-General thereon. Presented pur-

suant to Act c. 83. Ordered by the House of Commons

to be printed 31st May, 1875.

4. Report of a Committee appointed by the Treasury to

Investigate the Causes of the Increased Cost of the

Telegraph Service since the Acquisition of the Tele-

graphs by the State; with Correspondence thereon.

Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command

of Her Majesty, 17th July, 1875,


VII.-1. Isaac Casaubon, 1559-1614. By Mark Pattison,

Rector of Lincoln College. 8vo. London : 1875.

2. Ephemerides Isaaci Casauboni, cum Præfatione et

Notis. Edente Johanne Russell, S.T.P. Canonico

Cantuarensi, Scholæ Carthusianæ olim Archididascalo.

Tomi II. 8vo. Oxonii: 1851,


VIII.-1. Ultima Thule, or a Summer in Iceland. By Richard

F. Burton, with Historical Introduction, Maps, and

Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. London : 1875.

2. Unpublished Journals of two Journeys in Iceland in

the Summers of 1861 and 1862,


IX.-1. Acte de Concession et Cahier des Charges pour la

Construction et l'Exploitation du Grand Canal Mari-

time de Suez et Dépendances. Signed 5th January,


2. Statuts de la Compagnie Universelle du Canal Mari-

time de Suez. Paris et Alexandrie: 1856.

3. Rapport de M. Ferdinand de Lesseps à l'Assemblée

Générale des Actionnaires. Paris: 29th July, 1875.

4. Documents Diplomatiques. Affaire du Canal de

Suez. Novembre 1875. (Livre jaune déposé à

l'Assemblée Nationale),

. 250

[And other Works.]


ART. I.—Charges delivered by Connop Thirlwall, D.D., Bishop of

St. David's. London : 1842 to 1872,


II.-1. Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland of

Sunnyside. Written by herself. 1850.

2. Merkland : a Story of Scottish Life. By the Author

of Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland.'


3. Harry Muir: a Story of Scottish Life. 1853.

4. Katie Stewart. By Mrs. Oliphant. 1852.

5. The Minister's Wife. By Mrs. Oliphant. 1869.

6. The Story of Valentine: and his Brother. By Mrs.

Oliphant. 1875.

7. David Elginbrod. By George Macdonald. 1863.

8. Alec Forbes of Howglen. By George Macdonald.

9. Robert Falconer. By George Macdonald. 1868.

10. Malcolm. By George Macdonald. 1875.

11. A Daughter of Heth. By William Black. 1871.

12. A Princess of Thule. By William Black. 1873, 317

III.-1. General Report by Captain_Tyler in regard to the

Share and Loan Capital, the Traffic in Passengers and

Goods, and the Working Expenditure, and Net Profits

from Railway Working of the Railway Companies of

the United Kingdom, for the year 1873: Idem for the

year 1874. Presented to both Houses of Parliament

by command of Her Majesty.

2. Du Régime des Travaux Publics en Angleterre. Par

Ch. de Franqueville, maître des requêtes au Conseil

d'Etat, secrétaire de la Commission Centrale des che-

mins de fer au Ministère des Travaux Publics. Paris :


3. Annuaire Officiel des Chemins de Fer. Paris : 1873, 352

IV.-A Life of the Earl of Mayo, Fourth Viceroy of India.

By W. H. Hunter, B.A., LL.D., of Her Majesty's Ben-

gal Civil Service. 2 vols. 8vo. 1875,


V.-1. History of Merchant Shipping and Ancient Commerce.

By W. S. Lindsuy. Four Volumes. London: 1874-75.

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