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In support of Trinitarianism.

Disproving the common laterpretation. know him that is true ; and TRUE GOD, and Jesus Christ we are in him that is true;

whom THOU HAST SENT. even in his Son Jesus Christ. Rom, vi. 23. The gift of This is the trne God, and God is eternal life TAROUGH eternal life.

our Lord Jesus Christ. Here it is supposed that the That pronouns sometimes Apostle declares the Son to be refer to the remoter antecedent, the TRUE God.

see the following passage of the same Apostle.

2 John 7. Many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the Aesh. This is a deceirer and an antichrist.

(32) Jude 4. Ungodly men, (32) Jude 24, 25. Now unto turning the grace of our God him that is able to keep you into lasciviousness, and deny- from falling, and to present ing the only Lord God, and you faultless before the preour Lord Jesus Christ.

sence of his glory with exceed. Owing to a grammatical ing joy, to the only WISE nicety, similar to that in Tit. GOD Our Saviour, be glory ii. 13, some orthodox com- and majesty, dominion and mentators suppose that Jude power, both now and ever. ineant to call the Lord Jesus Christ, THE ONLY Lord God.

(33) Rev. i. 8. I am Alpha (33) Various passages aland Omega, the beginning and ready quoted, erpressly dethe ending, saith the LORD, claring the dependence and which is, and which was, and inferiority of Christ Jesus. which is to come, the Al- Rev. i. 17, 18. Fear not :

I am the first, and the last; I In the common translation am he that liveth and was of ver. 11, the words, I am DEAD, and behold I am alive Alpha and Omega, the first for evermore. and the last ; and what thou Rev. iii, 12. Him that over. seest write, &c. are plainly cometh (saith Christ) will I attributed to Jesus Christ; and make a pillar in the temple of it has been supposed that he MY GOD; -and I will write


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Interpretations in consistency with the Divine Unity. column, which is exactly the same, must prove Jesus Christ to be a deceiver and an antichrist. The character of Cbrist, and the truth of Scripture, will not allow a moment's attention to the latter ; and the solemn declarations of Moses and the Prophets, of Christ and his Apostles, will not allow any weight to the former.

The upright Whitby, in his Commentary, argued earnestly for the popular interpretation : but in his Last Tboughts, (p. 85,) he gives one, by which, to use his own w

words, the disciple accords well with bís Master, and only teacheth what he learnt from him."

Archbishop Newcome renders the clause, “ in his Son Jesus Christ," as he found it in several old English Bibles, viz. " through his Son Jesus Christ :” and, in his note, he thus paraphrases the clause in question : “ By Him that is true, I mean the true God, and the Giver of everlasting life." This must have been the Apostle's meaning. He that is true we know was the true God: his Son Jesus Christ teaches us that He was the ONLY TRUE God.

(32) Unless our Lord Jesus Christ were the only WISE God, (ver. 25,) he could not be the only LORD God (ver. 4). -Upon abundant ancient authority, the eminent Trinitarian critic Griesbach, leaves out God in ver. 4, as not written by the Apostle : and Archbishop Newcome, following him, renders it, denying the only Sovereign, and our Lord Jesus Christ."

Upon at least equal authority, Griesbach omits the word wise in ver. 25, reading, “ To the only God our Saviour," and adds

through Jesus Christ our Lord;" which makes the passage a clear and powerful proof of the proper Unity and Unrivalled Supremacy of God even the Father.

(33) The distinction is most clearly and strongly marked throughout the book of Revelation, between Him who sat on the throne, and the Lamb,-between the Lord God Omnipotent, and Jesus Christ to whom God GAVE the revelation; (ch. i. 1). Besides the passages quoted in the 2nd column, see chap. i. 2, 4, 5, 6,9; iv. 8-11; v. 8–14; vii. 10–17; xi. 15–17; xii. 17; xix. l~-6; xxi. 23. The

passage in the first column (Rev. i. 8) was written by John as follows : “ I am Alpha and Omega, saith the LORD God, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Thus it is found in Griesbach, and in the translations of Archbishop Newcome and Archdeacon Woodhouse. If this did not absolutely decide the application of it to God, even the Father, In support of Trinitarianism. Disproving the common Interpretation. was the Lord who spoke in upon him the vame of my God, the 8th verse, and that he is and the name of the city of therefore the Almighty. In My God, &c. Rev. xxii. 13, our Lord says, Rev. v. 12. Worthy is the I am Alpha and Omega, the Lamb that was SLAIN, to rebeginning and the end, the ceive power, &c. first and the last : and these Rev. xv. 3. And they sing expressions of the sacred wri- the


of Moses the servant ter, are supposed to attribute of God, and the song of the to Jesus Christ, ETERNITY

LAMB, saying, Great and marand self-EXISTENCE.

vellous are thy works, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.Whence it appears, that even in heaven, Christ is a devout worshipper of the Lord God Almighty

If the Reader have carefully considered the passages in the 2d column of the preceding pages, (some of which, however, as intimated in p. 5; have been introduced merely for the purpose of illustration, or explanation, he can scarcely fail to admit the conclusions which will now be drawn from the whole. But he will find it useful to peruse also the following passages, some of which decisively prove, that God and Christ are two distinct Beings, and that Christ was inferior to, and dependent upon, his God and Father.. Deut. iv. 35, 39, xxxii. 39; Ps. Ixxxvi. 9, 10; Matt. xx. 23, xxvi. 37-42; Luke i. 32 ; John iïi. 16, v. 26, 27, vii. 16-18, viii. 42; Acts ii. 33, 36; Rom. ii. 16, v. 11, xv. 6; 1 Cor. iii. 23, xi. 3, xv. 21, 57; 2 Cor. i. 2-4, iv. 14; Gal. i. 1, 3, 4; Eph. i. 19--22; Col. iii. 21; 1 Thess, i. 9, 10; 2 Thess. ii. 16; Tit. ii. 4-6; 1 Pet. i. 3, 21, iv. Il, v. 10; 2 Pet. i. 17. A vast number more yet remain, which will reward his search into the Scriptures of truth.

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