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The Gospel,

salvation came down from hea

ven, And was incarnate by the To be read by another Bishop: Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary,

the King and Queen with the And was made man, And was people standing.

crucified also for us under PonS. Matth. xxii, 15.

tius Pilate. He suffered and NHEN went the Pharisees he rose again

according to the

was buried, And the third day THEN

and took counsel how they Scriptures, And ascended into might entangle him in his talk. heaven, And sitteth on the And they sent out unto him right hand of the Father. And their disciples, with the Hero- he shall come again with glory dians, saying, Master, we know to judge both the quick and the that thou art true, and teach- dead : Whose kingdom shall est the way of God in truth, have no end. neither carest thou for any

And I believe in the Holy man : for thou regardest not Ghost, The Lord, and Giver the person of men. Tell us of life, Who proceedeth from therefore, What thinkest thou? the Father and the Son, Who Is it lawful to give tribute unto with the Father and the Son Cæsar, or not? But Jesus per together is worshipped and gloceived their wickedness, and rified, Who spake by the Prosaid, Why tempt ye me, ye phets. And I believe oneCathohypocrites ? shew me the tri- lick and Apostolick Church. bute-money. And they brought I acknowledge one Baptism for unto him a penny. And he the remission of sins. And I saith unto them, Whose is look for the resurrection of the this image and superscription? dead, And the life of the world They say unto him, Cæsar's. to come. Amen. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Cæsar the things which are Cæsar's : and unto God the things that are God's. When they had heard

SECT. VI. these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their

The Sermon. way

At the end of the Creed one of the Then followeth the Nicene Creed, Bishops is ready in the Pulthe King and Queen with the pit, placed against the pillar people standing, as before.

at the north-east corner of the BELIEVE in one God the

Theatre, and begins the Ser

mon, which is to be short, and Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, And of all

suitable to the great occasion ;

which the King and Queen things visible and invisible :

hear sitting in their respective And in one Lord Jesus Christ,

Chairs on the south side of the the oply-begotten Son of God,

Altar, over against the Pulpit. Begotten of his Father before all worlds, God of God, Light And whereas the King was unof Light, Very God of very God, covered during the saying of Begotten, not made, Being of the Litany and the beginning one substance with the Father, of the Communion Service ; By whom all things were made : when the Sermon begins he puts Who for us men and for our on his Cap of crimson velvet


turned up with ermins, and so The Archbishop ministereth these continues to the end of it. questions ; and the King, har. On his right_hand stands the ing a Book in his hands, an

Bishop. of Durham, and be- swers each Question severally yond him, on the same siile, the

as follows. Lords that carry the Swords; On his left hand the Bishop of promise and swear to govern

Archb. Will you solemnly Bath and Welle, and the Lord the People of this United KingGreat Chamberlain,

dom of Great Britain and Ire. The two Bishops that support land, and the Dominions there

the Queen stand on either side to belonging, according to the of her. And the Lady that Statutes in Parliament agreed bears up the Train, and her on, and the respective Laws Assistants, constantly attend and Customs of the same? her Majesty during the whole solemnity.

King. I solemnly promise so

to do. On the north side of the Altar sits the Archbishop in a purple Archb. Will you to your powvelvet Chair, and near to him er cause Law and Justice, in the Archbishop of York; and Mercy, to be executed in all the other Bishops along the your Judgments? north side of the wall, betwixt him and the Pulpit. Near the

King. I will Archbishop stands Garter Archb. Will you to the ut. King of Arms: On the south most of your power maintain side, east of the King's Chair, the Laws of God, the true Pronearer to the Altar, are the fession of the Gospel, and the Dean of Westminster, the rest Protestant Reformed Religion of the Bishops, who bear any established by Law? And will part in the Service, and the you maintain and preserve inPrebendaries of Westminster. viola bly the Settlement of the

Church of England, and the

Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, SECT. VII.

and Government thereof, as by

Law established in England? The Oath.

And will you preserve unto

the Bishops and Clergy of EngThe Sermon being ended, and his land, and to the Church therein

Majesty having on Thursday, committed to their charge, all the 14th day of February, 1901, such Rights and Privileges, as in the presence of the Two by Law do or shall appertaip Houses of Parliament, made to them, or any of them? and signed the Declaration, the Archbishop goeth to the King,

King. All this I promise to

do. and standing before him, od. The Oath.

ministers the Coro. Then the King arising out of

nation Oath, first his Chair, supported as before, asking the King,

and assisted by the Lord Great Sir, is your Majesty willing Chamberlain, the Sword of to take the Oath?

State being carried before him,

shall go to the Altar, and there And the King answering, being uncovered, make his SoI am willing.

lemn Oath in the sight of all the People, to observe the Pre- Teach us to know the Father, misses : Laying his right hand Son, upon the Holy Gospel in the And thee, of both, to be but Great Bible, which is

one; The Bible

now brought from the That, through the ages all to be brought

Altar by the Arch-! along,

bishop, and tendered This may be our endless song : to him as he kneels upon the Praise to thy eternal merit, steps, saying these words:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The things which I have here before promised, I will This being ended, the Archbishop perform, and keep.

saith this Prayer : So help me God.

O , Anda Sil- Then the King kisseth by anointing with Oil ver Stan- the Book, and sign- didst of old make and consedish. eth the Oath.

crate kings, priests, and prophets, to teach and govern thy people Israel: Bless and

sanctify thy chosen servant SECT. VIII.

EDWARD, who by our office

and ministry is now to be anThe Anointing.

ointed with this

Here the Arch- Oil, and conseThe King having thus taken his bishop lays his

hand upon the

crated King of Oath, returns again to his Ampulla.

this Realm : Chair ; and both he and the

Strengthen him, Queen kneeling at their Fald- O Lord, with the Holy Ghost stools, the Archbishop begin- the Comforter; Confirm and peth the Hymn, Veni Creator stablish him with thy free and Spiritus, and the Choir singeth princely Spirit, the Spirit of it out.

counsel and ghostly strength, HYMN.

the Spirit of knowledge and C'OME, Holy Ghost, our souls true godliness, and kill him, o And lighten with celestial fire. holy fear, now and for ever. Thou the anointing Spirit art,

Amen. Who dost thy seven-fold gifts This Prayer being ended, the impart.

Choir singeth: Thy blessed Unction from above

ANTHEM. Is comfort, life, and fire of love.

1 Kings i. 39, 40. Ene budu nese perre our blinded Zahankhe prophet anointed sight:

Solomon king, and all the peoAnoint and cheer our soiled ple rejoiced and said : God save face

the king, Long live the king, With the abundance of thy May the king live for ever. A. grace :

men. Hallelujah. Keep far our foes, give peace at home;

In the mean time, the King rising Where thou art guide no ill from his devotions, having been can come.

disrobed of his Crimson Robes

by the Lord Great Chamber- saith this Prayer or Blessing
lain, and having taken off his over him :
Cap of State, goes before the

Altar supported and attended OUR Lord Jesus Christ, the

Father was anointed with the The King sits down in King Oil of gladness above his fel

Edward's Chair (placed in the lows, by his Holy Anointing midst of the Area over against pour down upon your Head the Altar, with a Faldstool be- and Heart the blessing of the fore it), wherein he is to be an- Holy Ghost, and prosper the ointed. Four Knights of the works of your Hands: that by Garter (summoned by Garter the assistance of his heavenly King of Arms) hold over him grace you may preserve the peoa rich Pall of Silk, or Cloth of ple committed to your charge Gold, delivered to them by the in wealth, peace, and godliness; Lord Chamberlain: The Dean and after a long and glorious of Westminster, taking the course of ruling this temporal Ampulla and Spoon from of kingdom wisely, justly, and rethe Altar, holdeth them ready, ligiously, you may at last be pouring some of the Holy Oil made partaker of an eternal into the Spoon, and with it the kingdom, through the merits Archbishopanointeth the King of Jesus Christ our Lord. Ain the form of a Cross :

men, 1. On the Crown of the Head, This Prayer being ended, the saying,

King arises and resumes his Be thy Head anointed with

seat in King Edward's Chair,

while the Knights of the Garter Holy Oil, as kings, priests, and

give back the Pall to the Lord prophets were anointed.

Chamberlain; whereupon the 2. On the Breast, saying,

King again arising, the Dean

of Westminster puts upon his Be thy Breast anointed with Holy oil.

Majesty the Colobium Sindo

nis and the Supertunica or 3. On the Palms of both the

Close Pall of Cloth of Gold, Hands, saying,

together with a Girdle of the

Be thy Hands anointed with
Holy Oil:
And as Solomon was anoint-

SECT. IX. ed king by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, so be The Presenting of the you anointed, blessed, and con

Spurs and Sword, and secrated King over this people, whom the Lord your God hath

the Girding and Oblagiven you to rule and govern,

tion of the said Sword. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy The Spurs are brought The Spurs. Ghost. Amen.

from the Altar by

the Dean of Westminster, and Then the Dean of Westminster delivered to the Lord Great

layeth the Ampulla cond Spoon Chamberlain, iho, knerling upon the Alter, and the King dourn, touches his Majesty's kneeleth down at the Faldstool, heels therewith, and senitsthem and the Archbishop, standing,

back to the Altar.

carries the Sword op WT

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The Sword Then the Lord, who TITH this Sword do jusof State

tice, stop the growth of returned.

State, delivering the iniquity, protect the Holy said Sword to the Lord Cham- Church of God, help and deberlain (which is thereupon fend widows and orphans, redeposited in the Traverse in store the things that are gone Saint Edward's Chapel) he re- to decay, maintain the things ceives from the Lord Chamber- that are restored, punish and

lain, in lieu thereof, reform what is amiss, and conAnother another Sword, in a firm what is in good order: that Sword

Scabbard of Purple doing these things you may be brought: Velvet, provided for glorious in all virtue; and so

the King to be girt withal, faithfully serve our Lord Jesus which he delivereth to the Arch- Christ in this life, that you bishop; and the Archbishop, may reign for ever with him laying it on the Altar, saith the in the life which is to come. following Prayer:

Then the King, rising Offered HF EAR our prayers, O Lord,


ungurds and re. we beseech thee, and so direct and support thy servant

Sword, and, going deemed.

to the Altar, offers it there in King EDWARD, who is now the Scabbard, and then reto be girt with this Sword, that turns and sits doun in Kin he may not bear it in vain;

Eduard's Chair; and the Peer, but may use it as the minister of

who first received the Sword, God for the terror and punish

offereth the price of it, and ment of evil-doers, and for the

having thus redeemed it, rr. protection and encouragement ceireth it from the Dean of of those that do well, through

Westminster, from off the AlJesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

tar, and draweth it out of the

Scabbard, and carries it naked Then the Archbishop takes the Sword from off the Alar,

before his Majesty during the and (the Archbishop of York

rest of the solemnity. and the Bishops of London Then the Bishops who had assistand Winchester and other ed during the offering return Bishops assisting, and going to their places.

along with him) sie. Delivered livers


to the

King's Right Hand,
and he holding it,

the Archbishop saith :

The Investing with the

Sword, brought now from

Armilla and Imperial the Altar of God, and delivered Mantle, and the Delito you by the hands of us the very of the Orb. Bishops and servants of God, though unworthy.

Then the Kingarising, The Ar

the Armilla and Im- miila and Girt about The King standing up,

perial Mantle or Imperial the King the Sword is girt


Pall of Cloth of about him by the Lord Griat Gold, are by the Master of the (hamberlain; and then, the Robes delirrred to the Drone King sitting down, the Arch. Westminster, and by him put bishop saith :

upon the King, standing: 1):

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