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Lord Great Chamberlain fas- with him who is the blessed tening the clasps: The King and only Potentate, to whomi

sits down, and then be glory for ever and ever. The Orb. the Orb ' with the Amen.

Cross is brought from the Altar by the Dean of Then the Dean of Westminster

brings the Sceptre with the Westminster, and delivered into the King's hand by the

Cross and the Sceptre with the Archbishop, pronouncing this

Dove to the Archbishop. Blessing and Exhortation: The Glove, presented The Glove. ECEIVE this Imperial

by the Lord of the

Manor of Worksop, being put Lord your God endue you with

on, the Archbishop delivers the knowledge and wisdom, with

Sceptre with the Cross into the majesty and with power from

King's Right Hand, saying, on high ; the Lord cloath you R

ECEIVE the Royal Scep

tre, the ensign of Kingly ness, and with the garments of Power and Justice, salvation. And when you see this Orb set under the Cross, And then he delivers the Sceptre remember that the whole world

with the Dove into the King's is subject to the Power and Left Hand, and saith, Empire of Christ deemer. The King delivers his Orb to the whom all holy desires, all good Dean of Westminster, to be counsels, and all just works do by him laid on the Altar.

proceed, direct and assist you in the administration and exercise of all those powers which

he hath given you. Be so merSECT. XI.

ciful that you be not too reThe Investiture per An

miss ; so execute Justice that

you forget not Mercy. Punish nulum et Baculum. the wicked, protect and cheThen the Officer of the Jewel rish the just, and lead your pec

House delivers the ple in the way wherein they The Ring. King's Ring to the

should go. Archbishop, in The Lord of the Manor of Workwhich a Table Jewel is en

sop, supports his Majesty's chased; the Archbishop puts Right Arm. it on the Fourth Finger of his Majesty's Right hand, and suiih, ECEIVE this Ring, the


our Re- Rand Mercy and God, from

Rent voF thinglinenige ty; The Putting on of the

and of Defence of the Catho

Crown. lic Faith; and as you are this day solemnly invested in the The Archbishop, standing before government of this earthly the Altar, taketh the kingdom, so may you be seal. Crown into his hands, S. Eller with that Spirit of promise, and laying it again ward's which is the earnest of an hea- before him upon the Crown. venly inheritance, and reign Altar, saith :

O faithful! Bless we beseech


SECT. XIII. thee and sanctify this thy ser. The Presenting of the

vant EDWARD llere the King our King: and as

Holy Bible. must be put in thou dost this mind to bow his Head.

Then shall the Dean of Westday get a Crown

minster take

the of pure Gold upon his Head, so enrich his Royal

Holy Bible from off The Bible. Heart with thine abundant

the Altar, and deliver it to the grace, and crown him with all

Archbishop, who shall present princely virtues, through the

it to the King, first saying these

words to him: King Eternal Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Then the King sitting down in sent you with this Book, King, Edward's Chair, the the most valuable thing that Archbishop, assisted with other this world affords. Here is WisBishops,comes from the Altar; dom ; This is the Royal Law the Dean of Westminster These are the lively Oracles of The King brings the

Crown, God. Crowned and the Archbishop Then the King delivers back the

taking it of him reverently putteth it upon the

Bible to the Archbishop, who King's Head. At the sight

gives it to the Dean of West, whereof the People, with loud

minster, to be reverently placed and repeated shouts, cry, God

again upon the Holy Altar; save the King, the Peers and

and the Archbishops and Bi. the Kings of Arms put on their

shops return to their places. Coronets; and the Trumpets sound, and by a Signal given, the great Guns at the Tower are shot off

SECT. XIV. The Acclamation ceasing, the The Benediction and the Archbishop goeth on, and

Te Deum. saith: E rage: the com

, mandments of God, and walk and having received all the Enin his holy ways: Fight the signs of Royalty, the Archgood fight of faith, and lay hold bishop solemnly blesseth him: on eternal life; that in this And all the Bishops, with the world you may be crowned with rest of the Peers, follow every success and honour, and when part of the Benediction with a you have finished your course, loud and hearty Amen. receive a Crown of RighteousJudge shall give you


and as he hath made you King Then the Choir singeth :

over his people, so may he prosBe strong and play the man: per you in this world, and make Keep the commandments of you partake of his eternal felithe Lord thy God, and walk in city in the world to come. his ways.



and rote a empod.comAnd now the King having been

needs which God the righteous The Lord bless you dicti BeneAND

The Lord give you a fruit- All the earth doth worship ful Country and healthful Sea- thee: the Father everlasting. sons; victorious Fleets and Ar- To thee all Angels cry aloud : mies, and a quiet Empire; a the heavens and all the powers faithful Senate, wise and up- therein. right Counsellors and Magi- To thee Cherubin and Serastrates, a loyal Nobility, and a phin : continually do cry, dutiful Gentry; a pious and Holy, Holy, Holy: Lord God learned and useful Clergy; an of Sabaoth: honest, industrious, and obe- Heaven and earth are full of dient Commonalty. Amen. the majesty: of thy glory.

The glorious company of the Then the Archbishop turneth to Apostles : praise thee. the People, and saith:

The goodly fellowship of the

Prophets : praise thee. ND the same Lord God Al

The noble army of Martyrs : mighty grant, that the praise thee. Clergy and Nobles assembled The holy Church throughout here for th great and solemn all the world : doth acknowService, and together with ledge thee; them all the People of the The Father: of an infinite land, fearing, God, and ho- majesty ; nouring the King, may by the Thine honourable, true: and inerciful superintendency of only Son; the divine Providence, and the

Also the Holy Ghost : the vigilant care of our gracious Comforter. Sovereign, continually enjoy Thou art the King of Glory: peace, plenty, and prosperi- O Christ. ty; through Jesus Christ our Thou art the everlasting Son: Lord, to whom, with the E- of the Father. ternal Father, and God the Holy Ghost, be glory in the to deliver man : thou didst not

When thou tookest upon thee Church, world without end. abhor the Virgin's womb. Amen

When thou hadst overcome

the sharpness of death: thou Then the Choir begins to sing the didst open the kingdom of hea. Te Deum.

Te Deum, and the ven to all believers.
King goes to the

Thou sittest at the right hand Chair on which his Majesty of God: in the glory of the Fafirst sate, on the east side of the ther. Throne, the two Bishops his We believe that thou shalt Supporters, the Great Officers, come: to be our Judge. and other Peers attending We therefore pray thee, help him, every one in his place, thy servants: whom thou hast the Swords being carried be redeemed with thy precious fore him; and there he sits blood. down.

Make them to be numbered with thy Saints: in glory ever

lasting TE DEUM LAUDAMUS. O Lord, save thy people: and

bless thine heritage. WE

E praise thee, O God: we Govern them: and lift them

acknowledge thee to be up for ever. the Lord.

Day by day: we magnify thee; And we worship thy Name:

SECT. XVI. ever world without end. Vouchsafe, O Lord : to keep

The Homage. us this day without sin.

The Exhortation beO Lord, have mercy upon us:


ing ended, all the have mercy upon us.


Princes and Peers O Lord, let thy mercy light

then present do their Homage en upon us : as our trust is in

publicly and solemnly unto thee.

the King.
OLord, in thee have I trusted:
let me never be confounded.

The Archbishop, first of the
kneels down before Bishops :
his Majesty's knees,
and the rest of the Bishops

kneel in their places : and the SECT. XV.

do their Homage together. for

the shortening of the ceremony, The Inthronization. the Archbishop suying :

Frederick King is listed up into his Throne by the Archbishops and one of the rest, I N. Bishop of Bishops, and other Peers of the N. repeating the rest audibly Kingdom; and being Inthro- after the Archbishop] will be nized, or placed therein, all the faithful and true, and Faith Great Officers, those that bear and Truth will bear unto you the Swords and the Sceptres, our Sovereign Lord, and your and the Nobles who had borne Heirs Kingsof the United King. the other Regalia, stand round dom of Great Britain and Ire. about the steps of the Throne; land. And I will do, and truly and the Archbishop, standing acknowledge the Service of the before the King, saith : Lands I claim to hold of you,

as in right of the Church. TAND firm, and hold fast

So help me God. and State of Royal and Impe. Then the Archbishop kisseth the rial Dignity, which is this day King's left Cheek. delivered unto you, in the Name Then the Prince of Wales, takand by the authorityof Almigh

ing off his Coronet, kneels ty God, and by the hands of us

down before his Majesty's the Bishops and servants of

knees, the rest of the Princes God, though unworthy: And as

of the Blood Royal kneeling you see us to approach nearer

in their places, taking off their to God's Altar, so vouchsafe the

Coronets, and pronouncing the more graciously to continue to

words of Hoinage after him, us your Royal favour and pro

the Prince of Wales saying : tection. And the Lord God Almighty, whose Ministers weare, and the Stewards of his Mys

N. do become your Liege teries, establish your Throne man of Life and Limb, and of in righteousness, that it may earthly worship, and Faith and stand fast for evermore, like as Truth I will bear unto you, to the sun before him, and as the live and die, against all manfaithful witness in heaven. A ner of Folks. nen,

So help me God

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Then the Princes of the Blood ing the Crown, as there shall

Royal arising severally touch be occasion.
the Crown on his Majesty's At the same time the Choir sing-
Head and kiss his Majesty'sleft

eth this
Cheek. After which the oiher
Peers of the Realm, who are

ANTHEM. . then in their seats, kneel down, put off their Coronets, and

Isa. xlix. 7, 9, 10, 11, 12. do their Homage, the Dukes Kings shall see and arise, first by themselves, and so the princes also shall worship; beMarquesses, the 'Earls, the cause of the Lord that is faithViscounts, and the Barons, ful, even the Holy One of Issererally in their places, the rael who hath chosen thee: first of each Order kneeling That thou mayest say to the before his Majesty, and the prisoners, Go forth : to them others of his Order who are that are in darkness, Show near his Majesty, also kneel. yourselves For he that hath ing in their places, and all of mercy on them shall lead them, his Order saying after him: even by the springs of water

shall he guide them. And I do become your Liege of Life and Limb, and of earth- way, and my highways shall be

exalted. Behold, these shall ly worship, and Faith and Truth I will bear unto you, to live and come from far; and, lo, these die, against all mannerof Folks. from the north and from the

west ; and there from the land So help me God. of Sinim. The Peers haring done their Ħ0- When the Homage is ended, the mage, the first of each Order,

Drums beat, and the Trumpets putting off his Coronet, singlý

sound,and all the People shout, ascends the Throne again, and

crying out : stretching forth his hand, touches the Crown on his Ma- God save King EDWARD. jesty's Head, as promising by Long live King EDWARD. that Ceremony for himself and his Order to be ever ready to

May the King live for ever. support it with all their pouver; The solemnity of the King's Coroand then kisseth the King's Cheek.

nation being thus ended, the

Archbishop leaves the King in While the Princes and Peers

his Throne, and goes to his are thus doing their Homage, Chair. the King, if he thinks qood, delivers his Sceptre with the Cross and the Sceptre or Rod with the Dove, to some one near

SECT. XVII. to the Blood Royal, or to the Lords that carried them in the The Queen's Coronation, Procession, or to any other that he pleaseth to assign, to

by the Archbishop of hold them by him.

And the Bishops that support. The Queen ariseth and goeth to

the King in the Procession the steps of the Altar, support-
may also ease him, by support- | ed by two Bishops, and there

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