Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 22

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Obituary notices of deceased fellows were included in v. 7-64; v. 75 is made up of "obituaries of deceased fellows, chiefly for the period 1898-1904, with a general index to previous obituary notices"; the notices have been continued in subsequent volumes as follows: v. 78a, 79b, 80a-b- 86a-b, 87a 88a-b.


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Page 12 - it was resolved,—" That the thanks of the Society be returned to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed.
Page 537 - transmission. To test this inference the steamer was turned and urged back to our last position of inaudibility. The sounds, as I expected, were distinctly though faintly heard. This was at 3 miles distance. At 3| miles we had the
Page 350 - round, diminish to any required extent the intensity of the light in one pair of the complementary images, and at the same time increase that in the other pair. This is equivalent to the conditions of Helmholtz's experiments ; and the tints in question will be found to be produced.
Page 249 - motion in space could not be regarded as the sole cause of these motions. " There can be little doubt but that in the observed stellar movements we have to do with two other independent motions—namely, a movement common to certain groups of stars, and also a motion peculiar to each
Page 252 - appeared some time after among stars of a certain considerable size and but seldom among very small stars, that when I came to one nebula I found several more in the same neighbourhood, and afterwards a considerable time passed before I came to another parcel "*. Since the existence of real
Page 240 - one, formed at high temperatures, has the formula Co C1 2 ,2H 2 O, and is of a dark green colour; the other, which contains a much larger proportion of crystalline water, Co C1 2 ,6H a O, is produced at a low temperature, and its colour is generally brown, in cold weather inclining to red.
Page 490 - Stromboli appears to arise, as Mr. Scrope has suggested, from the exact proportion maintained between the expansive and repressive force. The expansive arises from the generation of a certain amount of aqueous vapour and of elastic fluids ; the repressive from the pressure of the atmosphere, and from the weight of the superincumbent volcanic products.
Page 12 - for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed." The Statutes relating to the election of
Page 347 - will be B, A, B', A; but since B and B' are complementary, their suppression will not affect the resulting tint except as to intensity, and the overlap will be effectively deprived of A alone ; in other words, it will be of the same tint as the image 0 would be if the combination Q,
Page 68 - loss by partial reflection, and still retain a sufficient residue for transmission. Of all the instruments hitherto examined by us the syren comes nearest to the fulfilment of this condition ; and its establishment upon our coasts will, in my. opinion, prove an incalculable boon to the mariner. An account of the observations made during the recent fog

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