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scripture the rod of iron by which he rules the nations, and breaks them to peeces like a Potters vessel ; and with this administration of his power on Earth (Right Honourable) hath he (who is the Lord of Lords and shall ere long appear as King and judge of all) betrusted you in these three Nations, having as a manifest token thereof put into your hand that iron rod, and to admiration hath strengthened and upheld your arm for the subduing, and ordering of the same.

There is yet besides this, another administration of Christs power on Earth, which compared with this, may be truly termed .heavenly and spirituall, it being that which suiteth with, and principally is exercised about the spirituall, or hidden part of man, to wit, his spirit, mind, and conscience, which is indeed the most naturall Lord and commander of the outward, it and all things belonging thereunto being but naturally subject, and readily obedient, from which very consideration it is, that it is more safe, and also more honourable, for the powers on earth to have one thousand souls to be subject to them for love and conscience sake, than to have ten thousand times ten thousand bodies seemingly subject, for wrath sake, and for fear of revenge; this spirit and great commander in man, is such a sparkling beam, from the Father of lights, and spirits, that it cannot be lorded over, commanded, or forced, either by men, devils, or angels, but onely leaving its first station, wherein it came so neer to the light and glory of God, it is now caused to possess death and darkness, and by that means is in a capacity by men and devils to be deceived, and so by perswasion to be mis-led. This spirituall administration of Christs power in and over the spirits and consciences of men, as it extends to all the inward and hidden motions and actings of the mind, so to all the outward manifestations of its powerfull commands in the outward man, in reference unto God, and especially unto such as appertain to the visible worship and service of God, who hath declared himself to be a Spirit, and will be worshipped in spirit and in truth, and seeks such, and onely such to worship him: This spirituall administration so far as it concerns the outward man, is managed not by a sword of steel (which cannot come

neer or touch the spirit or mind of man) but by the sword that proceeds out of the mouth of his servants, the word of truth, and especially as to the efficacy, and to the inward man, by the two-edged sword of the Spirit, that spirituall law and light with which these candles of the Lord are enlightned, and that by himself, who is that light that enlightneth every man that comes into the world ; and this spirituall administration of Christs power on earth in and over the spirits, minds, and consciences of the sons of men, and also over the outward man as to worship meerly, is committed into the hands of the Spirit of Christ, who is his vice-roy here on earth, and is only able to deal with spirits by way of convincing, converting, transforming, and as it were a-new creating of them, and so to translate them out of the Kingdome of darkness, in which they are by nature, into the glorious liberty of the Saints in light. Who is pleased also to make use of the mouths of his servants, and through them, as empty reeds, and crooked rams-hornes, to overturn the spirits, and spirituall strong holds of men and devils, and by them to convict, avenge, and execute the sentence written, which upon such as manifest the enmity that is in their minds in the highest degree even against the holy Spirit himself (the only sin unpardonable (for all other sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven) I say the written sentence that is to be executed upon such) is anathema maranatha, that is, accursed with this intimation, our Lord cometh, leaving them untill he meet with them; and otherwise than thus the servants of Christ cannot proceed, having express command not to strive, but to be patient, apt to teach, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves, & to wait if God at any time wil give them repentance to the acknowledgement of the truth; Thus if it please the Father of lights to give you (Right Honorable) to distinguish between these two administrations of Christ's power here on earth, and to leave that part to himself in the hand of his Spirit, which cannot be conferred on others, nor yet rightly managed but by the two-edged sword of that Spirit

, and wholly give up your selves to improve that part which belongs unto, and well suits with that sword which you are now betrusted with, it will much conduce to his glory, your

own praise, and the peace and settlement of these three Nations, over which the Lord hath set you.

And whereas Right Honorable, it is in your hearts, to propagate the Gospell of Jesus Christ; the thing is excellent that is in your hearts, and I hope the way to effect it is before you, which is, sith the Lord of hoasts hath said, that works of this nature are carried on, not by might, nor by power, but by his Spirit, therefore to give way to his Spirit for the effecting thereof: and to this end I humbly propose, that your way to further this glorious design, as to the might and power this Lord of Hoasts hath betrusted you with, is

i. Not so much as to touch his Anointed, and to do his Prophets no harm, their ointment being the Spirit of prophecy, and this Spirit of prophecy the testimony and witness of the Gospel of Jesus. And

2. As obedient and dutifull servants to that Lord of Lords, to suffer the Tares (which being by the adversary sown after the Wheat, must needs be ment, erronious, hereticall, and antichristian persons professing the Gospel, I say to let these tares) alone in that part of the field, or world, over which the great Lord of the harvest hath placed your Honors ; sith it is his pleasure they shall there remain to the time of the harvest, being the end of the world, and that out of his tender respect to the Wheat, lest in plucking up the tares (though evidently discerned by his servants) the Wheat should be rooted up also. And

3. To the same end not to give your sword, or power to the beast nor yet to suffer your power, neither in these three nations, nor yet in any forreign part of the world to be so misused by any to whom 'tis committed, as by vertue thereof out of an ignorant zeal, and blind devotion, pretending to pluck up the tares (which yet is contrary to the express mind of the Lord) to root up the wheat also.

4. To countenance and incourage (as through God's mercifull hand on your hearts in some measure you do) such as are faithful, and upright in the land, by this means shall a wide and effectual door be opened, and so shall the word of the Lord, which is the Gospel of Christ go forth, run and be glorifyed through all those parts of the world that acknowledge your power, and that which

is of God shall stand, encrease and be propagated, and
that which is not of God shall fall, decay, and come to
nothing. Thus shall you also accomplish the words of
the Prophets of old, in becoming nursing fathers unto the
servants, and children of God, who under you shall lead a
peaceable, and quiet life in all godliness, and honesty, and
shall be greatly obliged to improve their interest in the
father of mercies by their presenting to him constant
and earnest petitions, supplications, intercessions, and
giving of thanks on your behalf. And for the further-
ance of those worthy thoughts of your hearts, they shall
not cease to preach, and declare to great, and small what
they have seen, and felt, and heard touching the Gospel
of Christ, and to pray the lord of the harvest to send forth
faithful and painful labourers into his harvest; which is
also the constant, hearty, and earnest request of
Your humble and faithful



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To the Honored Magistracy, the Presbytery, and their dependency in the Mathatusets Colony in New-England, The Author wisheth repentance to the acknowledgement of the truth

as it is in Jesus Christ.


Onored Friends, for so without scruple or dissimula

tion can I call you ; some of you I honor for your parts, others for your places sake, and both for many good things I see in you, and for evils reformed by you; I call you friends, for my love to you (in truth) is unfained, neither are there (I bless the Lord notwithstanding the discurteous usage which I and my friends received from you) any evill thoughts in my heart towards you, because I judge you were put upon what you did by a zeal (I would not think, unto private or carnall interests but) towards God, thinking thereby to do him service; although I confidently believe, and therefore boldly do affirm that his soul abhors it; And that I


deal plainly with you as a friend, I will tell you what in my heart I think and judge, that such a zeal of God is not according to true knowledge, or knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ, which would soon take you off, and free you from that soul murdering, and blood thirsty lie. I hope you will not be offended to see this Narrative brought forth into the publick view, it being upon the point forst from me by your friends and agent here, seeing also the matter, which is contained therein is of no less than of publick concernment, was not done in a corner, is the fruit of your zeal, and that wherein I

suppose you glory and count your selves herein a worthy pattern for all that fear the Lord, to follow you, and with all their might to be conformed to; which if a truth, I then save

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