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The Standing Committee shall be called on to report its doings since the last meeting.

The other subsisting committees that may not have reported shall be called on for reports.

The members who may have any business to propose shall be desired by the President to propose it.

The members generally shall then be invited, so far as time may permit, to make any oral communications on any subject having relation to the objects of the Society ; — and, for the orderly accomplishment of this purpose, the Society shall be divided into three sections, as nearly equal in numbers as may be, each of which sections, in regular sequence, shall be notified by the Recording Secretary, that the Society, at the next following meeting, will desire to receive from it such communications as are above suggested, and the officer presiding at the next meeting shall call upon each of the members of such section, in his turn, to offer any such communication or propose any such subject, after which the communication so made, or the subject so proposed, may be discussed by the Society generally. Provided, however, that, if the member proposing such subject prefer to do it in writing, the Recording Secretary shall enter it in the Records of the Society, and it may be discussed either at the time when it is proposed, or at any subsequent meeting.

ARTICLE 3. — Five members shall be a quorum for all purposes except the election of members, as hereinbefore provided, and excepting, also, alterations of the By-laws, which shall not be made unless nine persons are present, nor unless the subject has either been discussed at a previous meeting, or reported on by a committee appointed for the purpose.

ARTICLE 4. — At the request of any two members present, any motion shall be once deferred to a subsequent meeting, for discussion, before it is finally disposed of.

Article 5. — All committees shall be nominated by the chair, unless otherwise provided for.



The Officers of the Society shall be a President, who shall be, ex officio, Chairman of the Standing Committee; a Recording Secretary ; a Corresponding Secretary; a Treasurer ; a Librarian; a Cabinet-Keeper; and a Standing Committee of five; - all of whom shall be chosen by ballot at the Monthly Meeting in April, and shall hold their respective offices for one year, or until others are duly chosen in their stead. But at the regular Monthly Meeting preceding any election of officers, a Nominating Committee, consisting of three persons, shall be 'appointed by the chair, who shall report to the meeting at which the election is to be made a list of members for the places to be filled ; - no person being deemed eligible to more than one of the regular offices of the Society at the same time, and no more than three of the Standing Committee being deemed re-eligible.



The President shall preside in all meetings of the Society when present, and when absent, a President pro tempore shall be chosen by hand vote.



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ARTICLE 1. — The Recording Secretary, or, in case of his death or absence, the Corresponding Secretary, shall warn all meetings of the Society, by sending, through the post-office, notices of each meeting, at least four days beforehand, to all members living in Boston or in its neighborhood, and to such other members as may specially request him so to do.

ARTICLE 2. He shall keep an exact record of all the meetings of the Society, with the names of the members present; entering in full all reports of committees that may be accepted by the Society, unless otherwise specially directed.



ARTICLE 1. — The Corresponding Secretary shall inform all persons of their election as members of the Society, sending notice of the terms of their election to those chosen to be Resident Members, and issuing afterwards the proper diplomas.

ARTICLE 2. — He shall carry on all the correspondence of the

2 Society, not otherwise provided for, and deposit copies of the letters sent and the original letters received, in regular files, in the Library.



ARTICLE 1. The Treasurer shall collect all moneys due to the Society, and shall keep regular and faithful accounts of all the moneys and funds of the Society that may come into his hands, and of all receipts and expenditures connected with the same, which accounts shall always be open to the inspection of the members; and at the Regular Meeting in April, he shall make a written report of all his doings for the year preceding, and of the amount and condition of all the property of the Society intrusted to him.

ARTICLE 2. — He shall pay no moneys, except on vote of the Society, or on voucher of an officer or committee acting conformably to its laws or orders.



ARTICLE 1. — The Librarian shall have charge of all the books, tracts, maps, manuscripts, and other property of the Society appropriate to a library, and shall make and keep exact and perfect catalogues of each and all of them, doing whatever may be in his power, at all times, to preserve and increase the collections under his care.

ARTICLE 2. — He shall acknowledge each donation that may be made to the Library, by a letter addressed to the person making it.

ARTICLE 3. — He shall at every Monthly Meeting of the Society report all donations made to the Library since the last Monthly Meeting, with the names of the donors.

ARTICLE 4. - He shall keep a regular and exact account of all books taken out, with the names of the persons who take them, and the dates when they are borrowed and returned.

ARTICLE 5. — He shall be present in the Library, in person or by a substitute approved by the Standing Committee, at the regular hours appointed for keeping it open, and shall endeavor to render it useful to all who may resort to it.

ARTICLE 6.- Any member of the Society may take from the Library three printed volumes at a time, and keep each of them four weeks, with a right to renew the loan for four weeks more, unless some other member has, in that interval, asked for it in writing; but if he retains it beyond this second period, he must first obtain the written assent of a member of the Standing Committee, permitting him to do so, or he shall be fined ten cents a week for each volume so retained.

ARTICLE 7. At the written request of any member of this Society, the Librarian shall permit any person to visit and use the Library, at such times as the Librarian may be in attendance; such member becoming thereby responsible for any injury to the property of the Society that may result from such introduction of a stranger.

ARTICLE 8. - At the written request of any member of the Society, the Librarian shall deliver to any one person indicated in such request, but to no more than one person at the same time, any book or books belonging to the Society, which the member himself could take out; such member, by such request, making himself responsible that all the rules relating to the book or books so taken out shall be as fully observed by the person authorized to receive them, as if he were a member; and that any injury accruing to the property of the Society, in consequence of the privilege thus granted, shall be made good by the member at whose request the grant is made.

ARTICLE 9. — At the meetings in April, July, October, and January, the Librarian shall lay before the Society a list of the names of those persons, not members, who during the preceding three months, respectively, may have had access to the Library, by permission of individual members of the Society, with the names of the members at whose request the privilege was granted, adding a statement of each injury that may have been sustained by the property of the Society, in consequence of granting such permission, and the name of the member bound to make it good.

ARTICLE 10. — The Publishing Committee, for the time being, shall be permitted to take such books and manuscripts from the Library as they may need, in order properly to perform the duty assigned to them by the Society ; but the Librarian shall make an especial entry or record of whatever is so taken, and, as soon as the volume they may have in charge is published, he shall demand and obtain from said Committee whatever they may have so received. ARTICLE 11. — All manuscripts of the Society shall be kept

under lock and key, and be consulted or used only in presence of the Librarian, who alone shall keep the keys.

ARTICLE 12. - Persons not members of the Society, but engaged in historical pursuits, shall be allowed to consult the manuscripts belonging to the Society, provided an application in writing, stating the object or objects of the inquiry, be first made to the Librarian, and approved by a member of the Standing Committee, who shall make record of the same.

ARTICLE 13. — No manuscript and no part of a manuscript belonging to the Society shall be copied, except on permission granted by vote of the Society, after an application in writing specifying the manuscript or part thereof desired to be copied; and if any manuscript belonging to the Society shall, in consequence of such permission, be published in whole or in part, the fact that it was obtained from the Society shall be stated in its publication. But nothing herein required shall be construed to prevent the publication of names, dates, and other chronological memoranda, without special permission obtained as above required.

ARTICLE 14. — Manuscripts of a confidential nature shall be retained in a place of special deposit, and shall be consulted only under such regulations as may be prescribed in each case by vote of the Society.

ARTICLE 15.—No maps, newspapers, or books, either of great rarity or of constant reference, shall be taken from the Library, except by vote of the Society.

ARTICLE 16. — All members taking books from the Library shall be answerable for any injury done to the same, to such amount as may be deemed just by the Standing Committee, and any person neglecting to pay any fines, or assessments for damages, one month after he shall have received notice of the same from the Librarian, or otherwise abusing his privilege to the injury of the Library, shall, by order of the Standing Committee, be interdicted from access to the same.

ARTICLE 17. — All tracts, books, maps, and manuscripts, belonging to the Society, shall be distinctly marked as its property; and any such tract, book, &c., that may be presented to the Society, shall be marked with the name of the donor, and recorded as his gift.

Article 18. — The Library shall be open on all week-days, from nine to one o'clock in the forenoon throughout the year, and from three to five in the afternoon in winter, and from three to seven in the afternoon in sunimer, except during the fortnight before the Annual Meeting in April, when it shall be closed for examination; and all books that may be lent are hereby required to be returned previous to that fortnight, under penalty of a fine of one dollar for each volume not so returned.

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