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ment and with justice ; and with a revenue which the ages of eternity cannot exhaust. In this view, surely, he may think“ it not robbery to be

equal with God." And it is equally certain, that in this seeming emulation between the Father and the Son, to perform towards each other the highest acts of glory; if I may be indulged the expression, this outdoing of the Son, will never excite the jealousy of him whose " name is " Jealous;" that he shall thereby be eclipsed of the glory of “his eternal power and Godhead.”

This act, the same as his humiliation and exaltation, shews his glory; the essential and true glory of the only begotten of the Father; that he is full of truth and love. John expressed the the true sense of Jesus Christ's filiation, 2 Epis. ver. 3. By these words he evidently designed to fix the sense of this great article of the Christian faith, viz. that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father IN TRUTH AND LOVE.

In this high vo luntary sense, Jesus Christ is the Son of God; and in this consists bis true divinity. The whole divine exhibition shews that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, are one in nill ; essentially, unchangeably, and eternally, one in truth and love. And there is no obscurity respecting this fundamental article of our religion, of a trinity in unity; and there exists no difficulty in forming a clear conception of it, more than of any other article of revelation, excepting what has arisen from darkness respecting the true sense of a doctrine which is given to us in the Scriptures, line upon line, and in terms the most precise and expressive. If it does not appear from the Scriptures, that the Son possesses the same eternal and unchargeable fulness of truth and love as does the Father, then it does not appear that he is God equal with him; but if it appears that he is the brightness of his glory, and the express im

age of his substance, in this respect, then the doctrine of his true divinity, and proper deity, is established for ever.

The circle of divine dispensations being thus closed, by all authority and power being concentrated in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by him given up to the Father; and thereby a full exhibition being given of the truth that the Father and Son are one in truth and love; which truth of divine unity is the glory of God; the eternal state will then fully disclose; and the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, according to the method adoptod for the divine manifestation, and the order in which they have appeared in the declarative work, will be known and confessed by all, as the only name of authority; and in the full blaze of the whole perfect exhibition, will be adored by the blessed, as the living and true God, for ever and ever.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these

things that shall come to pass, and to stand “ before the Son of Man."


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