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The minutes of the previous session were read and approved.

The Committee on Credentials presented the following


The Committtee on Credentials, to whom were referred the Certificates of Lay Delegates, having examined the same, report the following as entitled to seats in this Convention, as delegates from the Parishes named, viz:

Connersvitle, Trinity-Wilson T. Dale.
Eransville, St. Paul's—John Crisp, CHARLES VIELE.
Indianapolis, Christ Church-Hon. JAMES MORRISON, GEORGE W. MEARS, M.

Lafayette, St. John's--Hon. ANDREW INGRAM, Isaac L. Beach, J. B. Falley.
Michigan City, Trinity-J. G. Sleight, Z. GOULD.
Madison, Christ Church-JAMES SIDDALL, FRED. HARPER.
Nere Albany, St Paul's-Hon. GEORGE A. BICKNELL, John H. STOTSENBURG.
Nor Harmony, St Stephen's-- DANIEL W. NETTLETON.
Tette llaute, St. Stephen's--J. T. Helm, Putnam Brown.
l'incennes, St. James-John B. G. Rand, W. P. Gould.
Worthington, St Matthew's-- Wiliam C. ANDREWS.


On motion of the Rev. Mr. Stringfellow, the Clergy present, not members of this Convention, were invited to honorary seats during its session. Whereupon, Rev. Theodore I. Holcomb, of the Diocese of Missouri, and the Rev. Messrs. W. G. Spencer and George F. Dougherty, of this Diocese, took seats.

On motion of Mr. Payne, the Amendment to the Constitution, proposed in 1860, was adopted, viz.:

Resolved, Tbat Article Second of the Constitution be amended by striking out the words, “ The first Wednesday in June," and inserting " The Wednesday after the fourth Monday in May.”

The Hon: Andrew Ingram gave notice that he would propose for consideration and adoptiou a Canon entitled :


Application was made on behalf of the Church of the Holy Communion, Valparaiso ; St. Andrew's Church, Warsaw; and St. Thomas' Church, Plymouth ; for admission into union with this Convention.

On motion, referred to the Committee on Admission of New Parishes.

Said Committee reported as follows:

The Committee on the Admission of New Parishes respectfully report that they bave examined the papers of the Parishes of the Church of the Holy Communion, Valparaiso; St. Thomas' Church, Plymouth; and St. Andrew's Church, Warsaw; and found them correct.

They, therefore, move that these Parisbes be admitted into union with this Conception. (Signed)


The motion was carried. Thereupon, James L. Lytle, Lay Delegate from the Church of the Holy Communion, Valparaiso, took his seat,

On motion, the proposed Canon on communicants deserting the communion of the Church, was taken up and indefinitely postponed

It was moved, by the Rev. Mr. Russ, that when this Convention adjourn, it adjourn to meet in St. John's Church, Lafayette.

Mr. Payne moved to amend by striking out “St. John's Church, Lafayette," and inserting - St. Paul's Church, Richmond.”

On motion, the original motion and substitute were laid on the table.

The Rev. Mr. Wakefield offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

WHEREAS, the Committee on Diocesan School for Boys, have, for several suc

cessive years, failed to report: Resolved, that the Committee be discharged.

On motion, the Convention adjourned until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.


Evening Prayer was read by the Rev. Messrs. Follis and Charlot; and a Sermon was preached by the Rev. L. W. Russ, Rector of St. John's Church, Lafayette, from Psalm LXXXV, 10.


THURSDAY, June 6th, 9 orlock A, JI.

Jorning prayer was real, from the beginning, by the Rev. Mr. Spencer, and from the Creed by the Rev. Mr. Battin.

The Convention was called to order by the Bishop of the Diocese.

On the calling of the roll, a quorum was found to be present.

George Ilowell, Lay Delegate from St. James' Church, Goshen, and Samuel Smith, Lay Delegate from St. John's Church, Crawfordsville, appeared and took their seats.

The minutes of the previous session were read and approved.

The Secretary announced that he had appointed the Rev. W. II. Carter as his assistant.

The Right Rev., the Bishop of the Diocese, then deliverell his address.

The Rev. Mr. Wakefield offered the following


On Differences between Ministers and their Congregations :

Sec. 1. In case of controversy berween any Rector or Assistant Minister of a Parish, and the Vestry of the same, the parties, or either of them, may apply to the Bishop, who shall nominate nine presbyters of this Diocese, entit:ei to seats in the Convention, and cause a list of their names to be served od the Rector or Assistant Minister and Vestry, who shall, within fourteen days after such service, return their respective lists, each party having the right of striking off two names; and shoulú this right not be esercised, or Loth parties strike off the same names, then the Bishop shall reduce the number of presbyters to five, three of whom shall constitute a quorum, and shall meet at such time and place as the Bishop may designate, and of which due notice shall be given to the parties concerned, in order that the grounds of the controversy may be fully stated.

Sec. 2. Should the Board, after due eramidation, decide that it is for the interest of the Parish that the Rector or Assistant Minister resign their interests in said Parish, they shall communicate their decision to the Bishop, who shall settle the conditions on which sucb resignation shall take place.

Sec. 3. Should the Rector or Assistant Minister refuse to comply within len days after the decision shall bave been made known to him, he shall be liable to suspension from tbe exercise of all ministerial functions, until he submits to said decision.

SEC. 4. And if the Vestry of the Parish refuse or neglect to comply on their part with the decision aforesaid, the said Parish shall be prohibited from a representation in the Convention of the Diocese until they shall bave performed their duty in accordance with the same.

The Convention unanimously resolved to consider the proposeil Canon; and, on motion of the Rev Dr. Foster, it was determined to take up and viccidle upon it by sections.

Section 1 was amended by the substitution of “ 7" for * 9," and “3” for “ 5," and was then adopted.

The Rev. Mr. Carter offered the following substitute for Section 2:

If it appear to a majority of the Board that there is no hope of a favorable termination of such controrersy, they shall recommend to such Rector or Assistant Minister to relinquish his connection with such Parish, on such conditions as shall appear to them proper and reasonable.

The substitute was adopted, as were also Sections 3 and 4. And then, on motion, the Canon, as a whole, with the amendments, was adopted.

The following Report was then read:

The Committee on Canons have had under consideration the proposed Canon, entitled :


And bere with respectfully report the same to the Convention, with the rec-
ommendation that it be adopted.


On motion said Canon was adopted as follows, viz.,


In case the Treasurer die, remove from the Diocese, or resign, tbe Standing Committee shall appoint a Treasurer to serve until the next succeeding Couvention, whose duty it shall be to receive and take possession of all money and evidences of indebtedness, books, papers, and property of which his predecessor as Treasurer, bad charge at the time of such decease, removal, or resignation.

On motion of Mr. Payne, the Convention proceeded to ballot for the Standing Committee of the Diocese. The Rev. Mr. Wright and Mr. Payne were appointed Tellers.

The Rev. Mr. Birdsall, from the Committee on Unfinished Business, reported, verbally, that they found no unfinished business to bring before the Convention.

The Standing Committee presented their


The Standing Committtee respectfully report their action, for the past Conventional year, as follows:

1860, JUNE 8th. The Standing Committee elect met on the call of the Secre

tary of the Convention, and organizód by the election of the Rev.

Horace Stringfellow, Jr., as President, and Jobn Love as Secretary. OCTOBER 5th. The Committee signed the Canonical Testimonials recom

mending the Rev. N. R. High for Priest's Orders. 1861, APRIL 8th. The Committee signed the Canonical Testimonials of Louis P. Tschifelly, for Deacon's Orders. (Signed)

H. STRINGFELLOW, JR., Pres't. JOHN LOVE, Secrelary.

On motion, the rules were suspended, and the Hon. Andrew Ingram was unanimously re-elected Treasurer of the Diocese.

Mr. Stotsenburg moved to amend Canon X, by striking out the 1st, 2d, and tth Sections, and also by amending the 3d section as follows, viz.:

By striking out the word “ Board," in the 12th and 13th lines thereof, and inserting the word “ Bisbop," in lieu thereof.

The Convention referred the proposcilamendments to the Comunittee on Canons.

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