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Gocdness of the Deity displayed in the Beauty of Creation. Dwight. 9

Night Season favourable to contemplation and Study. Dennie. 10

Colloquial Powers of Dr. Franklin.

Wirt. 12

An Apparition.

Club-Room. 14

Rural Occupations favourable to the Sentiments of Devotion.

Buckminster. 19

Reciprocal Influence of Morals and Literature.

Frisbie. 21

Evening Scenes on the St. Lawrence.

Silliman. 23

Franklin's first Entrance into Philadelphia.

Franklin. 23

Passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge. Jefferson. 25

Moral and intellectual Efficacy of the Sacred Scriptures. Wayland. 26

Character of Washington.

Ames. 29

Laboars of periodical Composition.

Idle Man. 33

Industry necessary to the Attainment of Eloquence.

Nare. 34

Ingratitude towards the Deity.

Appleton. 36

Resistance to Oppression.

J. Quincy, Jun. 37

Lafayette in the French Revolution.

Ticknor. 38

Poeta nascitur, Orator fit.

Monthly Anthology. 42

Intellectual Qualities of Milton.

Chanming. 43

National Recollections the Foundation of national Character.

E. Everett. 44

Extract from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Irving. 46

Reflections on the Settlement of New England.

Webster 51

Forest Scenery..



Influence of Christianity in elevating the female Character.

J. G. Carter 55

Necessity of a pure national Morality.

Beecher 57

Value of religious Faith.

Buckminster 59

Death of General Washington.

Marshall 64

The Lessons of Death.



Character of Chief Justice Marshall.

Wirt 68

Moral Sublimity illustrated.

Wayland 71

Eloquent Speech of Logan, Chief of the Mingoes. Jefferson 74

Fox, Burke, and Pitt.

A. H. Everett 75

Surprise and Destruction of the Pequod Indians. Miss Sedgwick. 81

Character of Fisher Ames.

Kirkland. 88

Reflections on the Death of Adams and Jefferson. Sergeant, 94


Dennie. 97

Escape of Harvey Birch and Captain Wharton.

Cooper. 99

Scenery in the Notch of the White Mountains.

Dwight. 107

Exalted Character of Poetry.

Channing. 111

Eloquent Appeal in Favour of the Greeks. North American Review. 115

Deaih of J. Quincy, Jun

J. Quincy 123

Danger of Delay in Religion.

Buckminster. 124

Bcenes in Philadelphia during the Prevalence of the Yellow Fe-

ver, in 1793.

C. B. Brown. 128




Importance of Knowledge to the Mechanic. G. B. Emerson. 133

Humorous Description of the Custom of Whitewashing.

Francis Hopkinson. 135

May you die among your Kindred.

Greenwood. 141

Description of a Death Scene.

Miss Francis. 141

The Rose.

Mrs. Sigourney. 145

Influence of Female Character.

Thacher. 140

Character of James Monroe.

Wirt. 150

The Stout Gentleman. A Stago-coach Romance

Irving. 153

Patriotism and Eloquence of John Adams.

Webster. 161

Description of the Speedwell Mine in England.

Silliman. 166

Effects of the modern Diffusion of Knowledge. . Wayland. 169

The Love of human Estimation.

Buckminster, 179

Extract from an Address on retiring from the public Service of the

United States of America.

Washington, 176

Speech over the Grave of Black Buffalo, Chief of the Teton Tribe

of Indians.

Big Elk Maha Chief. 179

Speech of Ho-na-yu-uus, or Farmer's Brother.


Abdication of Napoleon, and Retirement of Lafayette. Ticknor. 181

Extract from “ Hyperion."

J. Quincy, Jun, 185

The Sabbath in New England.

Miss Sedgwick, 190

Description of the Capture of a Whale.

Cooper. 192

Lake George.

Club-Room. 197

Ilypochondriasis and its Remedies.

Rusk. 205

Climate and Scenery of New England.

Tudor. 209

First and second Death.

Greensoood. 215

Posthumous Influence of the Wise and Good.

Norton, 217

Difficulties encountered by the Federal Convention.

Madison. 218

Reflections on the Battle of Lexington.

E. Everett. 221

Parpose of the Monument on Bunker Hill.

Webster. 223

Albums and the Alps.

Buckminster. 224

Interview with Robert Southey.

Griscom, 226


Irving. 228

Declaration of American Independence.

Jefferson. 230

Mementos of the Instability of human Existence.

Fitch. 234

Description of the Preaching of Whitfield.

Miss Francis. 238

Anecdote of Dr. Chauncy. :

Tudor. 240

Effects of a Dissolution of the Federal Union.

Hamilton, 242

Sports on New Year's Day.

Paulding. 245

Conclusion of “ Observations on the Boston Port Bill."

J. Quincy, Jun. 249

Necessity of Union between the States.

Jay. 23

Character of Hamilton.

Ames. 256

Morality of Poetry

G. Bancros 259

The Consoquences of Atheism.

Channing. 262

The blind Preacher.

Wirt 2013

The humble Man and the proud.

Thacher 206

The Son.-From “ The Idle Man."

R. Dana. 268

Neglect of foreign Literature in America.

American Quarterly Revier. 277

Death a sublime and universal Moralist.

Sparks, 279

Battle of Bunker Hill.

Autumn and Spring.

Cooper. 283

Paulding. 296

The Storm-Ship.

Irring. 298

Anecdote of James Otis.

J. Adams, 304

Interesting Passage in the Life of James Otis.

Tudor. 306

Close of the Lives of Adams and Jefferson

Webster, 310

Morals of Chess

Franklin. 312


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The Hospital in Philadelphia during the Pestilence. C. B. Broron, 316

Shipwreck of the Ariel.

Cooper. 319

Destruction of a Family of the Pilgrims by the Savages.

Miss Sedgwick. 29

The Emigrant's Abode in Ohio.

Flint. 336

Melancholy Decay of the Indians.

Cass. 337

Object and Success of the Missionary Enterprise. Wayland. 339

Mont Blanc in the Gleam of Sunset

Griscom, 343

Contrast in the Characters of Cicero and Atticus. Buckminster, 345

Scenery in the Highlands on the River Hudson.

Irving. 346

Eternity of God.

Greenwood. 350

Philosophy and Morality of Tacitus.

Frisbie. 355

The Village Grave-Yard.

Greenwood. 359

Influence of the Habit of Gaming on the Mind and Heart. Nott. 363

The Preservation of the Church.

Mason, 367

Modern Facilities for evangelizing the World.

Beecher. 368

Speech of the Chief Sa-gu-yu-what-hah, called by the white People

Red Jacket.


Extract from a speech on the British Treaty:

Ames, 373

Appeal in Favour of the Union.

Madison, 378

Grand electrical Experiment of Dr. Franklin.

Stuber. 380

Extrication of a Frigate from the Shoals.

Cooper, 383

Lafayette's first Visit to America.

Tickner. 393

Goffe the Regicide.

Dwight. 396

General Washington resigning the Command of the Army.

Ramsay. 397

Alexander Wilson.

North American Review. 403

Female Education and Learning.

Story. 407

Poetical Character of Gray.

Buckminster. 409

Republics of Greece and Italy.

Hamilton. 414

Professional Character of William Pinkney.

H. Wheaton, 415

External Appearance of England.

A. H. Everett. 417

Features of American Scenery.

Tudor. 421

Literary Character of Jefferson and Adams.

Webster. 422

Eloquence and Humour of Patrick Henry.

Wirt. 424

Valley of the Commanches.

Francis Berrian 425

Pleasures of the Man of a refined Imagination.

Idle Man, 427

Scene at Niagara.

Miss Sedgwick. 429

Procession of Nuns in a Catholic Hospital.

Miss Francis. 430

Grandeur of astronomical Discoveries.

Wirt. 434

Scenes on the Prairies.

Anonymous. 436

Eulogy on William Penn.

Du Ponceau, 439

Morbid Effects of Envy, Malice, and Hatred.

Rush, 440

Appearance of the first Settlements of the Pilgrims. Miss Sedgwick, 442

Description of a Herd of Bisons.

Cooper. 444

The Character of Jesus.

Thacher. 448

Recollections of J. Quincy, Jun.

J. Quincy. 450

The true Pride of Ancestry.

Webster. 451

A Slide in the White Mountains.

Mrs. Hale. 453

Token. 454

The lone Indian,

Miss Francis. 457

A Seene in the Catskill Mountains.

G. Mellen, 459

The St. Le rrence.

N. P. Willis. 460

I have seen an End of all Perfection.

Mrs. Sigourney. 461


Dennie, 464

Description of King's College Chapei

Silliman. 467


the Twins.




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Adams, J.

256, 375

Anthology, Monthly.


Bancroft, G.


57, 368
Big Elk Maha Chiof.

Brown, C. B.

128, 316

19, 59, 124, 172, 224, 345, 409
Carter, J. G.



43, 111, 2012

14, 197
Cooper. 99, 192, 283, 319, 383, 444
Dana, R.


10, 97, 464
Du Ponceau.


9, 107, 396
Emerson, G. B.

Everett, A. H.

75, 417

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44, 21



Farmer's Brotlar, (an Indian



Francis Berrian.

Francis, Miss. 141, 238, 430, 457

23, 312

21, 355
Greenwood. 141, 215, 350, 359

226, 343
Hale, Mrs.


242, 414
Hopkinson F.


Ware. •


146, 266, 448

38, 181, 393


209, 240, 306, 421



26, 71, 169, 339

161, 223, 310, 422, 451

Willis, N P.

Wirt. 12, 68 150, 263 421, 434

Webster, 512.

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Idlo Mao.

33, 427
46, 153, 228, 298, 346



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Goodness of the Deity displayed in the Beauty af

Creation.—Dwight WERE all the interesting diversities of colour and form to disappear, how unsightly, dull, and wearisome, would be the aspect of the world! The pleasures, conveyed to us by the endless varieties, with which these sources of beauty are presented to the eye, are so much things of course, and exist so much without intermission, that we scarcely think either of their nature, their number, or the great proportion which they constitute in the whole mass of our enjoyment. But, were an inhabitant of this country to be removed from its delightful scenery to the midst of an Arabian desert, a boundless expanse of sand, a waste, spread with uniform desolation, enlivened by the murmur of no stream, and cheered by the beauty of no verdure; although he might live in a palace, and riot in splendour and luxury, he would, I think, find life a dull, wearisome, melancholy round of existence; and, amid all his gratifications, would sigh for the hills and valleys of his native land, the brooks, and rivers, the living lustre of the Spring, and the rich glories of the Autumn. The ever-varying brilliancy and grandeur of the landscape, and the magnificence of the sky, sun, moon, and stars, enter more extensively into the enjoyment of mankind, than we, perhaps, ever think, or can possibly apprehend, without frequent and extensive investigation. This beauty and splendour of the objects around us, it is ever to be remembered, is not necessary to their existence, nor to what we commonly intend by their usefulness. It is, therefore, to be regarded

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